Periscope Adds Highlights Trailers, Embedded Tweet Support, Android Auto-Play

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Periscope announced the launch of Highlights, which automatically generated short trailers containing highlights for every Periscope broadcast, as well as the ability to play Periscope broadcasts in embedded tweets and auto-play live broadcasts in Android.

Embedding Facebook Posts Good For Businesses

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Last week, Facebook announced posts would now have an embedding option for users. Following the example of Twitter and their own Instagram, Facebook is now allowing users to share a post containing a video, pictures or hashtags by using an embedding code.

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Embedding Latitude, Longitude and NAP Data into Image Files to Help Local SEO

Bill Hartzer

If you would like to see an example of this, save the image above to your hard drive. Then, right-click on the photo and select “properties” You will see all of the data that I saved/embedded in the image file.

PB152: Challenge – Create a Piece of Embedded Content for Your Blog


Embedded Content Challenge. One of the things I noticed as I did that analysis was that over the last 12 months, some of the most shared pieces of content that we have published were actually posts where we embedded some curated pieces of content. Let me give you another example.

Free Tools for Monitoring Hot Search Trends

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Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Free Tools for Monitoring Hot Search Trends by Adam Sherk on October 1, 2009 This week Google started embedding a Hot Trends graph at the bottom of search results pages for queries that fall within their top 100 fastest-rising search terms, as seen in this example screenshot: While checking out search trends is interesting for users, it can also be valuable to publishers.

The El Show Episode 27: Embedded Journalism

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Episode 27 of the El Show featured Ike Pigott , and his recent discussions of embedded journalism. Examples of storytellers: Ebay, Verizon, etc. How can embedded journalists overcome corporate distrust? Can people trust embedded journalists?

New Instagram Embedding – Great News for Businesses on Instagram!


The new Instagram embedding tools and features made available this week are offering businesses on Instagram some incredible new ways to share their content. New Instagram Embedding feature – What it means for your business on Instagram. The new Instagram Embedding in action.

How Much Google News Traffic Do Publishers Get? Here’s Data on 80 News Sites.

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The figures include traffic directly from Google News and well as traffic from embedded news oneboxes in the regular Web search results.

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10 Ways to Advertise your YouTube Channel (With Examples)


There will be some video and photo examples to help you along though! A simple post about a paragraph long that explains your newest video, with that video embedded, should be enough. The post 10 Ways to Advertise your YouTube Channel (With Examples) appeared first on Devumi Blog.

F8 2016: It’s a Good Time to Be a Publisher on Facebook

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Better Embedded Posts. Not only do publishers have more control over the look and size of the embedded post (it also adjusts automatically for mobile), it loads twice as fast as the old version. Embedded Live Videos. They are embedded the same way as instructed above.

Twitter, Facebook Suit Up for UEFA EURO 2016

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For example, simply include #ENG or #TogetherForEngland , and your tweet will be brought to life with the inclusion of a football containing the St. Finally, the social network shared several Facebook Live videos leading up to the tournament (embedded below).

PB152: Challenge – Create a Piece of Embedded Content for Your Blog


Embedded Content Challenge. One of the things I noticed as I did that analysis was that over the last 12 months, some of the most shared pieces of content that we have published were actually posts where we embedded some curated pieces of content. Let me give you another example.

Donald Trump’s Temperament Was Top Social Moment on Facebook, Twitter During Debate

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Facebook shared some examples (embedded below) of how Facebook Live was used during debate coverage, from CNN , ABC News , Fox News , BuzzFeed , The New York Times , NowThis and NBC News.

Instagram’s New Algorithm – What You Need to Know


Facebook Instant Articles was also released last year, which is a great way for Facebook to avoid the standard embedded browser mechanics that so many apps rely on.

Twitter Dashboard to Shutter Feb. 3

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The social network announced in a series of tweets (embedded below) that Dashboard will be shuttered Feb. For example, if you work at a cafe, you may see a tweet from a customer who has a question about your hours.

A Marketer’s Guide to Starting Out on YouTube

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It can also pull in videos that are embedded in your website. If you want to see what video marketing done right looks like, check out these 14 great examples. Just look at this example from Mirabeau Wine – this is just a man demonstrating how to open a bottle without a corkscrew.

“Digitally Mature” Companies Make More Money

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These companies are “using technologies like social media, mobile, analytics and embedded devices to change their customer engagement, internal operations and even their business models.

Does Google Freshness Update Make Online Reputation Management More Difficult?

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Unfortunately a recent example that illustrates this concept in action is Joe Paterno and the terrible events that allegedly took place at Penn State. To be clear, Joe Paterno is very serious example and I am not implying that he should have an ORM team helping to clean up his search results.

Can You Really Use Twitter for Sales?

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Below is an example of a promoted tweet from T-Mobile. Think of them as embedded landing pages within your tweets, except they’re much more concise and require much less work from your followers,” states John Bonini , marketing director at IMPACT Branding & Design.

How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Every Major Social Network

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Embedded Posts & Video Player. Here’s an example of a request he might send. This post was originally published in 2016 and has been updated with the latest tips and tricks to grow your following on every social media network.

Twitter Adds Conversation Ranking, Direct Reply Count to Mobile Apps

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Twitter announced via a Twitter Support tweet (embedded below) that it has added conversation ranking and direct reply count to the replies section of its apps. A feature Twitter introduced on desktop in June 2015 has finally made it way to the social network’s mobile applications.

7 Creative Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

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By embedding Instagram pictures into a blog post, a few important things start to happen: You create a relationship between the places you and your brand are showing up. You can also give them an example of how they can benefit from connecting outside of the newsletter.

7 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Social Media

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A great graphic or embedded video is as important for the success of a post as the text. For example, #socialmediatips connects posts that are about social media. Everyone wants a shortcut to social media success but sadly there is no “easy button.”

Using Structured Data? Your Website Could Lose Traffic to Google

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Let’s take, for example, a site like Stack Overflow, a site that is a “language-independent collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers.” Let’s look at a specific example.

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How to Build Trust in Your Brand Using Video

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It takes less time to engage the user than reading, and the user is then engaged until ready to follow an embedded call to action. Check out this excellent example of a customer testimonial video for Delcam, a CADCAM software solution company. This is a guest post by Neil Davidson.

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How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

This video by Inspired Bicycles is a great example of using the resources around you to create a video that works for your niche audience. Below is a YouTube Video about embedding: Search engines. This is a guest post from Neil Davidson.

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How to Craft the Perfect Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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The way to get the most engagement on Instagram is very different than Twitter for example, – even for the same exact article or topic! Some examples of this include: Adding hashtags to posts on Twitter and Instagram.

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YouTube Subscriber Strategies for Nonprofits


An example: The End the Awkward campaign by the Scope team has the right idea here. Take this video from the WWF as an example: They created it for YouTube, and included a message in the video description aimed at YouTube viewers. YouTube collaborations can be a perfect example of this.

How to Convert Blog Visitors to Social Media Followers

For example let’s try tweeting from Canva’s blog. You can gain more credibility and followers at the same time by embedding social media posts, of people praising you, on your website. An example of a site making the most of this is Live Chat. Post by Adi Englander.

Audio 360: Facebook Brings Spatial Audio to 360-Degree Videos

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Finally, Thakur and Nair provided examples of Audio 360 in videos (embedded below) from President Barack Obama and Mariachi Flor de Toloache. Facebook is bringing 360-degree audio to its 360-degree videos.

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Why You Need a Social Media Policy in Your Organization


A good example of how to handle customer feedback is the so-called Social Media Triage that is an “if this, then that” flow chart embedded into your Social Media Policy.

12 Strategic Ways to Use Pinterest Marketing

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Embedding pins on your blog is easy and a great way to get more repins. Here’s an example of a post I shared on Google+: 10. Pinterest is fun and boosts creativity but at its social media heart, Pinterest is marketing. Very smart marketing!

17 Productivity Tools for the Ultimate Business Gain

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For example, you can have a look at my calendar. The forwarded email goes into my Remember the Milk, which is embedded into my Gmail pane through an awesome plugin. It has a pretty cool and completely customizable CRM that is embedded directly into Gmail.

Scaling Social Media by Changing Your Mindset

Justin Levy

If done correctly, social media becomes embedded into most functions within the business ranging from customer support to sales to email marketing to communications to product marketing and so on.

Four Storytelling Methods

Geoff Livingston

Personification, third person storytelling, embedded journalism, and metaphors are just four ways to enliven content. Well executed, the person and their audience can share experiences together (Example: Beth’s Blog ). Image by Gaelic Arts.

How Emails Are Evolving into Mailable Microsites

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Here are some examples of new email functionality that we need to pay attention to: Product and Content Browsing. For instance, views of videos embedded in emails are typically 30% to 100% more than views of videos where email subscribers have to click through to the landing page to view it.

Link Building Tactics for Publishers

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For example, creating a large extended footer with links to every site in your network, with anchor text that is clearly for SEO, is not the way to go.

Everyone Can Now Create Twitter Moments: Here’s All You Need to Know

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Here’s an example of how a Moment looks when it’s shared within a tweet: Cool to see @ProductHunt experimenting with @TwitterMoments. ⚡️ “Snapchat Spectacles and Circular Video A great example of this in action comes from Twitter itself.

68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Twitter, Facebook

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Several celebrities and public figures took to Twitter to share their preparations for Emmy night, and examples are embedded below. The video from the red carpet, via the Emmys/Television Academy Facebook page , is embedded below, along with the 360 video of Kimmel’s monologue, which appeared on the pages of Jimmy Kimmel , ABC and Emmys/Television Academy.

The Intersection of Online Communities and Learning Management Systems


Because social learning is already a standard practice for best-in class communities, meaning the embedding of live learning opportunities into the community as part of an organization’s stable of engagement tactics. This post originally appeared on Online Community Results.