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3 Ways to Boost the Performance of Your Facebook Ads

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With more businesses looking to digital channels to maximize their brand and marketing efforts, here are some tips on how to improve your Facebook ads performance

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Creating Your Product Visuals: 5 Steps to Consider


What is Product Photography? Product photography utilizes different strategies to present goods compellingly and inspire possible customers to purchase such items.

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10 All-Important Skills That Successful Social Media Managers Have

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Looking for a social media manager or wanting to become one? These skills for social media managers are practically requirements! Social media managers can be an enormous asset to all businesses, brands, and organizations.

Podcast: Heart-centred leadership communications

Sherrilynne Starkie

I’m lucky to host the Being Human Is Good For Business Podcast. We discuss leaders, leadership communications and leadership strategies. In this latest episode we discuss heart-centred leaders.

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Facebook Will Now Enable Users to Broadcast their Messenger Rooms via Facebook Live

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Facebook will now enable users to broadcast their Messenger Rooms video chat conversations via Facebook Live, expanding the audience potential of Rooms discussions

Ignite Social Media Selected as a Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner

Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media, the original social media agency®, is honored to announce its new certification as a Preferred Partner in Facebook’s Marketing Partners for Agencies program.

How to Start a Facebook Live: Tips for Before, During, and After Your Broadcast

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If you want to go live on Facebook, this is your quick guide to getting everything squared away before you broadcast, creating true engagement with your live viewers, and scheduling your Facebook live video for future awesomeness. .

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Facebook Tests New Page Design Which De-Emphasizes Like Counts

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Facebook is testing a new Page format that would put more emphasis on followers and improve Page manage options

Is LinkedIn Premium Right for You?

The Realtime Report

Is LinkedIn Premium Right for You?

Instagram Live Collaborations: Tips and Examples to Inspire You

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Interested in expanding what your social media agency can do for your clients? Consider Instagram Live collaborations. Check out these how-to tips and examples of Instagram Live collaborations. . A successful live video is at creating trust, sparking engagement, and driving sales.

What Brands Should Know about Facebook and Instagram Shops

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The Current Online Shopping Landscape. In response to the global pandemic, buyers significantly have shifted their consumption behaviors. A recent study from the Boston Consulting Group found that eCommerce has grown more in the last eight weeks than in the decade before that.

Facebook Shares New Insights into Most Shared Posts on its Platform

Social Media Today

Facebook has shared some new insight on the content that sees the highest distribution across its network

What Does the Future Hold for Stories on Social


Stories are a perfect example of how social media and the way we consume content is changing. . When Instagram first introduced Stories to the app in 2016, 150 million people used the feature. .

Which 9 Businesses Are Thriving During The Pandemic?

The Realtime Report

Which 9 Businesses Are Thriving. During The Pandemic? SARS-COV-2 has changed up a lot of people’s lives starting in early 2020. These abrupt disruptions in schedules, priorities, work, and entertainment options haven’t just changed lifestyles, it has adjusted spending habits.

How To Set Up VPN On Windows 10?


A VPN , also known as Virtual Private Network , gives you online privacy and lets you anonymously browse through the internet. It encrypts your data by hiding your IP address so that your online actions are virtually untraceable.

Facebook's Rolling Out Touch ID and Face ID Lock Options for Messenger

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Facebook is adding new Touch ID and Face ID options for Messenger on iOS, which could help you stop people snooping on your private chats

Pinterest SEO: 12 Tips to Optimize Your Pins for Search


A strong Pinterest SEO strategy is one of the best ways to increase your reach and drive more sales. In fact, SEO on Pinterest is arguably more important than on any other social media platform.

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Has COVID-19 Killed Black Friday?

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The 2019 holiday shopping season became the first-ever trillion-dollar retail season in US history.

Blogging Every Day

Ari Herzog

This is the 1,526th blog post since May 2007. Granted, some of those were written by other people who contributed guest posts. The vast majority are mine. Suffice to say, I like blogging.

New Report Looks at App Usage Trends and Adoption of New Apps Over Time

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App analytics platform App Annie has released a new report which looks at the state of the app marketplace in 2020

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How To Use YouTube Music In Google Maps Navigation Mode


Driving somewhere on the long roads with some soothing music to go along is one of the best ways to regain peace of mind. You can take a longer route without worrying about the directions as Google Maps sorts it for you. What is making Google Maps an interesting application at present?

The Best Forgivable Loans for Small Business Owners

The Realtime Report

The Best Forgivable Loans for. Small Business Owners. Whether you are starting down the road of a new business or in need of some extra funds for expansion, finding a good small business loan will be a lifesaver.

How is Lean Data Management Better Than Big Data?

Having data lakes with a lot of information collected from customers seems like a favorable idea amongst most businesses but is it effective? It is not effective because it burns more resources without a high RoI.

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Pinterest Launches 'Make a Statement Mask' Challenge to Encourage Mask Use

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Pinterest is launching a new campaign to encourage face mask use by customizing your own face covering

Market Research and Analytics: one single world?


This is a guest blog written by Bruno Colin, CTO at Strategir , mentor in Market Research and Data for more than 30 years. Specialist in innovation and process optimization, he has worked at Nielsen, Mediametrie, Worldpanel, TNS y GfK. ESOMAR Council member for 4 years. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

How Companies Are Taking Advantage of Search Engines

The Realtime Report

How Companies Are Taking Advantage of Search Engines. Keith Stoddard. With search engines becoming a normal part of everyday life, search engine optimization is being utilized more and more.

Pandemic Realism

Ari Herzog

“People have their opinion about my reaction to things. I consider myself more a realist than an alarmist,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci on CNN. I know what he means. I’m also a realist. I accept life for what it is.

Pinterest Releases New Data on Rising Search Trends Amid COVID-19

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Pinterest has shared some new insights into search trends on the platform during COVID-19, which focus on positivity and wellness

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How to Use On-Screen Keyboard On Windows 10


You are in the middle of some urgent work and suddenly your Keyboard stops responding. And you do not have either enough time to get a new one. In such a situation comes handy Windows inbuilt on-screen Keyboard that can make your life easier when your physical keyboard is malfunctioning.

Our Itch To Share Helps Spread Covid-19 Misinformation

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Our Itch To Share Helps. Spread Covid-19 Misinformation. To stay current about the Covid-19 pandemic, people need to process health information when they read the news.

Realism and Pandemic Self-Help

Ari Herzog

“People have their opinion about my reaction to things. I consider myself more a realist than an alarmist,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci on CNN. I know what he means. I’m also a realist. I accept life for what it is.

Facebook is Launching a New Investigation into Potential Algorithmic Bias in its Systems

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Following on from its recent civil rights audit, Facebook is launching a new investigation into potential bias within its algorithms

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How to Create the Best Google My Business Posts


If you’re a brick-and-mortar business you’re probably already familiar with the ups and downs of turning digital marketing into real foot traffic. Today, we’re looking at one of the simplest and most direct ways to stay in touch with your customers: Google My Business posts.

10 CEOs to follow on social media


In this list, I gathered the exceptions: social media accounts of the CEOs who do well on social media and whose example you can follow if you want to build a personal brand, gather followers, and have an account that adds to, if not replaces, the brand's account

The November Choice

Ari Herzog

Vote for America or vote for Hell. The choice is yours. Which will it be? P.S. Please register to vote. Related Stories Keisha Lance Bottoms for VP Secession Reform. Political election


TikTok Launches 'Creator Fund' to Pay Platform Influencer for Their Efforts

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TikTok will pay its top creators as part of a new initiative to further solidify its market presence

What if Your Personal Loan is Rejected

When it comes to finances, most people are not great at it. If everyone knew how to work with their money, they would all be millionaires. Although there are other factors at play that are beyond your control, you should be able to grow your money if you have the knowhow.