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Facebook Canvas Custom Audiences: How to Create

Jon Loomer

Facebook quietly rolled out a big update for brands utilizing Canvas: The ability to create audiences of people who have engaged with that content. Let’s take a closer look at Facebook Canvas and the importance of Facebook Canvas Custom Audiences. What is Facebook Canvas?

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10 Brands Killing It On Instagram in 2016

Talkwalker SM

With over 500 million monthly active users , Instagram has become a prime target for brands trying to reach new audience segments. After all, an image is worth a thousand words (and works in several languages). Yet how do you make the most of this social network?

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10 Tips to Be a Social Media and Digital Marketing Rebel

Pam Moore

Why is it so many smart social media and digital marketers claim they want to lead or are already leading their industry and niche? They write blog posts, record and publish videos, live streams, webinars and podcasts teaching and preaching others how to build a unique brand.

How to Measure Influence: 12 Communications Pros Design Their Ideal Algorithm


For each significant purchase decision they make, Google research found the average shopper used 10.4… … Read More.

5 Reasons Listening to Influencers Will Better Inform Your Content Strategy

Ignite Social Media

Of what use can influencers be to our brands? This is an important question, but one that rarely yields a response beyond the obvious, they have influence.

#BeatTheBuzz: 9 Ways To Extract Value From Social Media


Social media keeps changing and has become the perfect place to engage with customers. From a place where people catch up and share their feelings, it is now, the holy grail of marketing for brands and businesses. But… how can we approach it properly?

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5 Important Facebook Metrics and How to Improve Them

Convince & Convert

Determining the success of your Facebook activity isn't hard—you just need to know where to look, and what your metrics are telling you. Social Media Strategy facebook marketing facebook metrics facebook strategy social media metrics social media strategy

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5 Rules You’re Probably Breaking with Facebook Page Management

agora pulse

“Facebook Jail” is the term I use to describe the solitary place where Social Media Managers are sent without their brand page, advertising account or fan engagement. This is the reality that many face when they break the rules set by the house of Facebook.

How to be a Guest Blogger on 10 Popular Websites


Becoming a guest contributor on a popular website is a great way to build your… Read More.

How to Be Memorable and Drive Results During a Twitter Chat

Convince & Convert

Twitter chats are a golden opportunity to discover new ideas and collaborators. Become an all-star Twitter chat participant with these tips. Social Media Strategy social media engagement social media strategy twitter chat twitter engagement twitter strategy

4 Quick Tips To Start Driving Relevant Traffic On Twitter


This is a guest post by Nikolay Stoyanov. Social networks are one of the best ways of driving traffic to your website and share important messages with an audience that’s relevant to your brand. Twitter is no different.

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How NewFire Media Gets More Clients with Agorapulse

agora pulse

NewFire Media is a strategic digital media agency in the southeastern corner of the United States. The agency delivers dedicated expertise in online advertising, social, mobile, video and intelligence.

Why Minimalism and My Blog Lack Copyright

Ari Herzog

In the fashion industry, there is trademark protection but no copyright protection. You can copy any clothing or accessories and sell it as your own design. You can’t copy the trademark label. It’s the same in the food industry. You cannot copyright a recipe.

Cryptocurrency: How to establish trust?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

I’ve had a great time chatting with cryptocurrency expert Alex Tapscott about the future of digital money, and how it may (probably) change our lives.

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Facebook Revamps Their Offers Section and Instagram Stories Gains Traction | Social You Should Know

Ignite Social Media

Facebook recently launched a new offers section, YouTube is rolling out some new non-video features and Instagram Stories is Snapchat’s new rival, all in this week’s Social You Should Know. Now It’s Easier for Brands to Distribute Coupons on Facebook.

Are you violating copyrights on social media?

Janet Fouts

Image sharing is a huge part of social media, before you eagerly use images you've found, be aware of the copyrights and laws that may apply, and what to do about it. Social Media Tips and Tricks Social Media Tools copyright images

Editorial or Advertising?: Native Ads and Disclosure


Google’s ads have changed at least 10 times in the past decade, so it comes… Read More.

How ‘Google AMP’ & ‘Facebook Instant Articles’ Integration With WordPress Will Transform The Internet?


A decade back, it just used to be about keywords, keywords, and keywords. Simply stuff the keywords all around the page and you’re good to go online. But then suddenly, various important parameters start making buzzes. And one fine day, everyone started talking about the speed.

The Importance of Off Channel Social Listening

Ignite Social Media

It’s quite easy for brands to know what their customers want by seeing what they are saying on their social channels. People voice their love and disappointment for products or companies openly and for the most part they desire for the brands to notice them.

How to Get Twitter Influencers to Notice You (In a Good Way!)

agora pulse

If you are convinced that getting the attention of Twitter influencers is going to take your business to the next level , and you have taken the time to find who the influencers are , you may be wondering what to do next. They get pitches and requests every single day, much of it spammy.

Sidekick 9/25-10/1


Football, pumpkin spice, and everything nice: that's what October content calendars are made of. Usher… Read More.

Influencer outreach? What you need to know first.

Janet Fouts

So, you want to find some social influencers and bloggers to help get the word out on your brand do you? Here's how. Social Media Tips and Tricks influence influencer outreach

Cats Versus Dogs… Of Instagram

Ignite Social Media

Full disclosure, this blog post was fueled entirely by a pro-dog agenda. My wife and I have a bit of a menagerie: 1 dog, 2 permanent cats (1 foster cat), and 3 chickens. As a result, the cute faces of our animals end up on my Instagram channel. Sorry cat people, but I’m 90% a dog person (100% animal lover). With this bias, I post photos of our dog ( #adventuresofmork ) more frequently and receive a decent number of engagements relative to my following. Redecorating gardens is hard work.

Finding Social Media's Place In The Marketing Universe

The Social Media Hat

How does social media integrate into our overall marketing plan and strategy? To answer that, we will first explore all of the different ways in which businesses can effectively use social media to promote and grow their business.

Instagram Zoom: How to Get the Most From Instagram’s New Feature (Plus Inspiration From 10 Awesome Brands)

Buffer Social

Over the past six months, Instagram has released some exciting updates, from a new logo to longer videos and even a new way to share everyday moments with Instagram Stories. Recently, Instagram announced another interesting (and long-awaited) feature: the ability to zoom in on photos and videos.

It’s Time to Jump Off the Influencer Marketing Bandwagon

Jenn's Trends

I’m gonna go out on a limb, and likely ruffle some feathers with this post. But I’m ok with that. You see, one of the things “we” marketers tend to do is find something valuable, give it a name, and exploit the crap out of it. Welcome to “influencer marketing” This has been the buzzword… The post It’s Time to Jump Off the Influencer Marketing Bandwagon appeared first on Jenn's Trends.

Why the ‘All About Them’ Brand Strategy Works Every Time

Convince & Convert

A good brand makes people feel good. A great brand makes people feel good about themselves by employing an "All About Them" strategy. Social Media Strategy audience engagement brand identity brand strategy customer conversion politics

A Tools Guide to Live streaming on Facebook

Razor Social

If you’ve crawled under a rock recently, you may not have noticed the dramatic growth of Facebook Live and live streaming. For everyone else, it’s no secret.

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How ‘Google AMP’ & ‘Facebook Instant Articles’ Integration With WordPress Will Transform The Internet?


A decade back, it just used to be about keywords, keywords, and keywords. Simply stuff the keywords all around the page and you’re good to go online. But then suddenly, various important parameters start making buzzes. And one fine day, everyone started talking about the speed.

How Nescafe Dolce Gusto Quadrupled Engagement by Listening to Coffee Lovers on Social

Talkwalker SM

How do you build a social brand that truly resonates with your customers ? That was the question face by Nescafe Dolce Gusto and digital agency Lion & Lion.

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The Implications of Voice Search on Video Marketing and SEO


Voice search is a quickly expanding area of mobile technology. This new approach to the traditional internet search can have a huge influence over the amount of times a site comes up in search engine results, and the volume of search traffic directed towards it.

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How to Create the Ultimate Social Media Content Strategy

Sprout Social

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you dive head first into the social media pool. Floundering around with no purpose to your social media promotion is ineffective and time-consuming. What you need is a strategy to increase the effectiveness and engagement of your content.

Blogger Outreach ~ Make it tough for Influencers to ignore you!


You know as well as I do that blogging has grown into a real business and its success largely depends on the quality of your readers and the people you interact with. So if you connect with top bloggers and influencer, that’s sure to expand your reach big time.

How To Plan And Market Your 9/11 Sale

The Social Media Hat

Actually, DON'T! No business should be trying to take advantage of a day like 9/11 to promote themselves. Read why, and what you should do instead

5 Copywriting Techniques That Affect SEO

Writtent Blog

It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking copywriting and search engine optimization (SEO) are two separate things. Copywriting is for the user; it’s all about getting them to take action. SEO is for search engines; it’s about appealing to their algorithms.

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Pinterest for Business by the Numbers – Should Your Business Have an Interest in Pinterest?

Pam Moore

Do you have an interest in Pinterest? How about Pinterest for your business? Would you like to tap into a social network that can help you generate leads, sell more product or services and deliver you more blog or website traffic than Twitter? If yes, you can’t ignore Pinterest.

Reach vs Impressions: Understanding Engagement Terms

Sprout Social

From emojis to abbreviations , social media marketing has a language of its own. Understanding comes with experience, but there are some terms that still seem to confuse everyone—even the most fluent of marketers.