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10 Content Marketing Tricks That Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

Waxing UnLyrical

Guest Post by Monika Jansen. There’s a lot of noise out there. You are drowning in emails, ads and brand messages – and so are your prospects and clients. The best way to stand out from the noisy crowd is by employing a few tricks of the content marketing trade.

Facebook API Changes Mean You Can No Longer Auto Post Tweets to Facebook

Social Media Today

You can no longer automatically post your tweets to Facebook, finally ending a major social media curse

API 139

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You’re Wasting Your Time on Social Media

Webbiquity SMM

Guest post by Francesco Montesanto. At some point today, a social media marketer is going to get fired. The reason? They were hired to create socially engaging posts designed to elevate brand reach, skyrocket shareability, and go viral.

8 Social Media Automation Features You Need to Start Using Right Now

agora pulse

Social media automation can be evil. I wrote about it here: Why Social Media Automation Will Eventually Kill Social Media (Unless We Do Something About It ). But it can also be a life saver. In the above blog post, I mostly got angry at the “set it and forget it” mentality some people promote.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Digital Marketing Versus Social Media: What’s the Difference?


Digital takes the cake in the modern marketing world and social media is an important slice. But, they’re not entirely the same thing.Digital marketing is a cool Generation X who… Read More >>>. Social Media

5 Social Media Automation Tools to Help You Manage Your Time More Efficiently

Social Media Today

Social media automation, used the right way, can save you time and amplify your results. Here are five social media automation tools worth exploring

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Back to School with Snapchat

Ignite Social Media

With a new school year right around the corner, Snapchat has made it a little easier for brands to ace the start of a new school year with the release of a detailed set of tips on how to better use the app for Back to School marketing.

5 Film Festivals Using Social Media the Right Way


Film Festivals Using Social MediaWhile there is a breadth of marketing channels available for businesses and brands to promote events, social media remains one of the very best. Film festivals are… Read More >>>.

Film 121

Facebook Adds Activity Dashboards in Facebook and Instagram to Help Users Track Time Spent

Social Media Today

Facebook has added new activity dashboards to both Facebook and Instagram t help users track the time they spend in each app

How To Make A Poll On Instagram Stories (That Engages Us To Action)

Socially Sorted

Wondering how to make a Poll on Instagram Stories that engages us to action? There are many ways to use Polls on Instagram in Stories, and in this post I’m going to show you how to make a poll on Instagram that encouarges us to take action! Polls are a great way to increase. // Read More.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

6 Old School Marketing Tactics That Still Work on Social Media

Buffer Social

It seems like everywhere we look there’s some new social media or marketing tactics being touted as the next big thing.

Facebook for Small Business Owners – 5 Killer Tips

Jason Yormark

By now, most small business owners are well aware that using the social media can be crucial for getting your message out to the masses, and for engaging with your target audience to promote brand recognition and loyalty. Most are also probably aware of the fact that Facebook is the 800lb. gorilla when it comes to social media marketing, simply because it has more than 1.5 billion users who login on a daily basis.

Facebook has Removed a Cluster of Pages Found to be Sparking Political Divides

Social Media Today

Facebook has removed a cluster of Pages which were found to be part of a new political misinformation campaign

Facebook Paid Reach: Why Your Reporting May Miss the Complete Picture

Jon Loomer

I’ve written previously about reporting on reach using Facebook Insights, both at the Page Level and the Post Level. Now we’ll dive into reporting on Facebook Paid Reach using Facebook Ads Manager.

Report 100

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Smart Alternatives to Payday Loans

The Realtime Report

Smart Alternatives to Payday Loans. The path of least resistance is usually a dead-end street. In no circumstance is this truer than that surrounding payday loans. While they might appear to be rather benign at first glance, they can add up to big money rather quickly.

How to utilize Ad Retargeting on Social Media

How often do you find existing or prospective customers coming to your platform, but then not really taking any affirmative action? You see them poking around your landing pages, looking at your products or services, and then moving on, without presenting you with a new conversion.

Facebook Announces New Digital Literacy Resources for Teachers and Businesses

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced a new set of digital literacy education tools to help better educate young people on online dangers, and provide more training to businesses

How to use social data to describe your audience and customer personas


Identifying, segmenting and defining audiences – and customer personas – is no longer a task that should be left to the arbitrary opinion of the members of the marketing team.

Data 88

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

How to Fund a Start-Up Business

The Realtime Report

How to Fund a Start-Up Business. Starting your own business means taking your destiny into your own hands. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you want to start or what industry it is in. There are a few steps every new business owner must take.

How To Find Every Facebook or Instagram Ad Comment On Every Ad Account

The Social Media Hat

Tired of missing ad comments, or having to click back and forth across multiple ads and ad accounts? Here's the solution

New Report Looks at Best Influencer Marketing Strategies, and Platforms of Focus

Social Media Today

CPC Strategy has released a new study which looks at the most effective influencer marketing approaches in social

CPC 131

UPDATE – How to connect your Facebook Group


In order to connect a Facebook Group to your Postcron account, we’ll need to authenticate through your personal Facebook Profile that has “Admin” role on the Group you’re looking to connect. It is not possible to connect Groups that you are only a member of.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

117 | The Lost Christmas Episode

Taylor Marek

Hey, turns out that this episode was recorded on December 28, 2017 and I lost it! Don’t worry, I found the audio file and it is back! Show Notes: We have a special guest on this episode and we go through our Top 5 Movies & Video Games of 2017. What are your picks? Let us know in the comments! Get In Touch With The Show! Message me on Facebook | Tweet me on Twitter | Send me an email. Outro Music Credit: Epic Song by BoxCat Games.

Capitalize User Reviews With These 5 Key Insights


From brutally honest to ragingly hilarious, customer reviews are without a doubt a great source to get consumer opinions about a product or service prior to committing to a purchase. Research has found that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Facebook Releases New Report on the Benefits of Using Social in Combination with SEO

Social Media Today

Facebook has released a new report which looks at the value of using social advertising to compliment your SEO efforts

Report 126

3 Engaging Ways to Rethink Your Social Video Strategy

Socially Sorted

Vertical Video, Social Video, Live Video, Short Video, Square Video. is it time to rethink your Social Video Strategy? There are so many types of social video right now that it can be hard to know where to start. In this post I break down some key ways to rethink your. // Read More.

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Free Ebook Generates Millions of Dollars in New Business


Last week I posted about the value of free content vs putting a gate that requires an email address and other personal information to get the content. Many people commented about my strategy of totally free content on my post Really, Truly, Actually Free Content and on social media.

eBook 79

Micro vs Macro Influencers: Who’s Right for Your Campaign?


Influencer marketing has proven to be a valuable method for marketing a brand or product, with some of the key outcomes being: improving brand advocacy, increasing awareness, reaching new audiences, and improving sales conversion.

9 Subject Line Tips to Crush Email Open Rates

Social Media Today

Here are nine key tips to optimize your email subject lines, and boost your open rates

Tips 125

Employee Advocacy Checklist: Launching a Program from A-Z


Tapping into the power of employee advocacy offers tremendous benefits for your B2B brand and employees alike. Cost-effective and ROI-positive, employee advocacy allows the marketing team to amplify the company’s message on social media, increasing brand awareness and generating more sales leads. Likewise, a strong employee advocacy program benefits employees as well, positioning them as […]. Employee Advocacy Content Marketing Social Engagement Social Media Social Selling

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Storytelling on Social Media: How to Do It Better

Sprout Social

The most common problem that brands have marketing themselves on social isn’t rooted in product strength or the quality and structure of marketing plans. It’s that we’re failing at the social media storytelling game.

How Should Your Company Be Monitoring Regulatory Changes?


What does your company do to stay ahead of new and changing regulations? Is it consistently finding new methods and sources of monitoring? Every organisation should be able to answer these questions to ensure they keep up with today’s legislative landscape.