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PRs compared to Mao, Pol Pot and Stalin

Sherrilynne Starkie

PRs as compared to Pol Pot? There is a new study out that shows that PR professionals feel that serving the public interest is as important as their duty to their employers and clients.

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Streak: Possibly the Best CRM System for Small Business

Waxing UnLyrical

Remember when someone would say “CRM” and (y)our eyes would glaze over? CRM, public relations and small business.

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[COMIC] Parenting In The Age Of Social Media

SocMed Sean

Parenting is tough. Image courtesy of bbaunach via Creative Commons. That moment when our new bundle of joy is delivered with that fresh baby smell is absolutely amazing but, unfortunately, each child it isn’t accompanied with a handbook or instruction manual.

Clarity, Control, and Performance Reviews


Social media has thrived under the mantra “Clarity over control.” ” In Humanize , Maddie and I make the argument that we should be applying that principle (and others from social media) to the way we lead and manage our organizations.

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Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Five Ottawa Facebook pages worth checking out

Sherrilynne Starkie

Five Ottawa Facebook Pages worth following. View more lists from Sherrilynne Starkie. Facebook Featured Ottawa listly Lists Social Media Social network

5 Community Management Tips on Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD

Waxing UnLyrical

In addition to being Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD for all you hashtag fiends), today is also the day: Henry VIII died (1547, and women all over England breathed a sigh of relief).

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Humanize this.


Interested in the the global conversation around Humanize-related themes? Follow our Scoopit page. Want to nudge your culture and processes in the right direction to succeed in a social world? Bring us in. Humanize

5 Ways To Ensure You Don’t Get Hired

Jason Yormark

If there’s one area that I have had a tremendous amount of experience around, is in the hiring process. When I was at Microsoft, there was a period of time, where that was practically all I was doing as Microsoft Advertising was in a hiring frenzy back in 2006 or so. Literally 30-40 phone, and in person interviews not to mention all the reviewing of resumes.

What Playing the Oboe Taught Me About Building My Own PR Practice

Waxing UnLyrical

I came into communications via a rather round-about path: I enrolled in a Bachelor of Music program for oboe performance. It was through my love of music that I discovered my passion for branding, public relations, and social media.

9 Reasons QR Codes are Bad for Your Brand

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in QR Codes. The tale of the QR code is a sordid story. The QR (Quick Response) code was originally the trademark name for a two-dimensional barcode system.

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The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

FAO: Manufacturing Associations


We’re working with the National Association of Manufacturers on a quarterly webcast series with the NAM’s chief economist, Dr Chad Moutray. Our role is to monitor the internal chat and integrate the discussion with Twitter.

What’s In My Gear Bag: 2013 Edition

Justin Levy

While there are many benefits to travel, one of the difficulties is staying productive while you’re on the go. Sure, we have technology that enables us to accomplish our work from wherever we are. What takes time to develop, though, is our ideal workshifting set-up.

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Three Tips on Hiring a PR Firm

Waxing UnLyrical

Last week Ryan Derousseau was kind enough to publish a Q&A with me on what businesses should take into consideration when hiring a PR firm. He asked some very thoughtful questions, and I did my best to answer as thoughtfully. Image: janetmck via Flickr, C C 2.0.

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Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps

Convince & Convert

Over the past four years at Convince & Convert, we’ve continued to refine our social media strategy process. Here’s one of the latest iterations, presented as a keynote speech to ESTO (Educational Seminar for Travel Organizations) last Fall.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

LAST CHANCE to bring SocialFish in at 2012 rates


Are you an association or nonprofit who’s been doing social media work for a while? Do you need a “gut check” to make sure you’re on the right track? Do you need recommendations for growth or infrastructure improvements?

17 Irresistible Small Office Concepts on Pinterest

Atom Thought

Friends, here are 17 small office and workspace concepts that will inspire you to create one for yourself. So, click here and immerse yourself in the irresistible inspiration of being yourself. Related Posts: 9 Top ‘Jugaads’ on Pinterest! Technology Marketing in Digital Age!

#measurePR: Measuring the Networked Nonprofit with Beth Kanter

Waxing UnLyrical

Seeing as how Katie Paine helped us kick off the 2013 #measurePR season … … and seeing as how she and Beth Kanter recently co-authored a book – Measuring the Networked Nonprofit – on how nonprofits can use data to change the world… … I thought it only fitting that Beth help us continue the conversation – if she were free. Despite a hectic travel schedule, and recovering from the ‘flu, she graciously agreed to visit with #measurePR. And so began one of the most fun chats I’ve ever moderated (and I’ve moderated a LOT!). What is interesting about Katie and Beth is that they are classic examples of two leaders who are each stellar in their fields. And who keep wanting to know, “What’s next?” “How can we do better?” “How can we help our communities do better?” So while they didn’t know each other a decade ago, through the beauty that is social media, they are now fast friends (and, in fact, the reason I know Beth is because Katie introduced me to her many years ago). So, once they got to know one another and each’s shared passion for changing the world through what each did best … what else would they do but write a book together? D’uh! Beth’s visit to #measurePR was an absolute joy. She inspired so many people who were new not just to the chat, but to measurement in general, not to be afraid of it. And that is one of the greatest gifts one can give. A few excerpts… and a shout out to Darth Vadar right at the start!: #measurePR Q1 A1 – p3.I thought measurement was Darth Vadar, hated it.But felt it was imp. learned so much from @ kdpaine I LOVE IT NOW. — Beth Kanter (@kanter) January 22, 2013. on what it is about measurement that appeals: A1: I found it fascinating to actually show that your efforts are in fact producing results #measurepr — Rachael Seda (@rachaelseda) January 22, 2013. on the best tools to use: @ joannafarley1 #measurepr in the words of @ kdpaine don’t focus on tools, most imp. one may be a spreadsheet!! — Beth Kanter (@kanter) January 22, 2013. Beth also shared a great summary of tools often used by nonprofits from her blog, as well as a case study (among many!) on using data and social media for social justice outcomes (“Glenn,” in particular, cracks me up). Also check out a recent post that is chockfull of information on using Facebook promoted posts (don’t dismiss it without reading it!). You can download and read the full transcript of #measurePR for Jan. 22 with Beth Kanter , if you like. It was such a joy to have her – thank you, Beth! And if you have more questions for her, how about leaving a comment below? And do join us for the next chat. It will be on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 12-1 pm ET, with Geoff Livingston , who recently co-authored Marketing in the Round with Gini Dietrich , is one of the forces behind the upcoming xPotomac on Feb. 25 (disclosure: I am working with Geoff and Patrick Ashamalla on marketing the event, but also speaking there and think it will be dynamite). Till then, happy measuring! #measurePR: Measuring the Networked Nonprofit with Beth Kanter is a post from: Waxing UnLyrical. Author information Shonali Burke Principal & Grand Poobah at Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Head honcho of Waxing UnLyrical, Shonali Burke is Principal and Grand Poobah at Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Based in the Washington, D.C., area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™. She also loves bacon, cooking, dogs, ABBA and Elvis. Wouldn't you like to be in her kitchen? Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn #measurePR: Measuring the Networked Nonprofit with Beth Kanter. Events Measurement MeasurePR Shonali Burke beth kanter measurement and ROI measuring the networked nonprofit PR measurement social media measurement

How to Choose a Home Page Layout for Your WordPress Website


This is a guest post by Jon Dykstra. One of the most important elements I look for when choosing a WordPress theme for a new website, is finding a theme with the right home page layout. When referring to home page in this article, I’m really referring to the front page.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.



You coming? We’ll be there!! xPotomac , a fab conference featuring leading voices in the field of digital media & communication, is coming up on February 25 , at the Source Theatre, at 1835 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009.

2013: The Rise of Customer Service Marketing (and Techipedia’s New Direction)

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The social media marketing landscape has changed in the past 3 years. With intermittent signal, you’ll struggle to build momentum around your product or service. If you don’t do it right, you might not even want to do it at all. Social Media is an Answer but it’s Not THE Answer.

Linkedin Replaces Applications With Features

Janet Fouts

Long time power users of Linkedin have been using Linkedin Applications to enhance their profiles with deeper information and sharing opportunities. Now some of those applications are being replaced and the site is slowly moving accounts to the new system.

How to Unleash the REAL Power Behind Guest Posting


This is a guest post by Mauro D’Andrea. You are trying guest posting and results are good… From your last guest post you got both traffic and a decent amount of email subscribers. The same is true for some of your other guest posts. But, you feel that you are missing something.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

3 Steps to Building a Solid Media List

Convince & Convert

Image via Ever land a cover story from a Twitter pitch? Newsjack breaking news from a Facebook feed? Secure a blog column on a critical e-zine website? If not, it’s time to kick up your PR skills a notch or two.

List 130

Study: Hispanic Consumers 21% More Likely to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Bill Hartzer

In a recent study by NM Incite, it was revealed that Hispanic social media users are 21% more likely than the average U.S. social media user to use social media for customer care and customer service.

Study 123

The Difference Between SEO & SEM

Cody Ward

Originally posted here on USSCO Speaks blog. It’s hard to keep track of all the digital marketing buzzwords that are flying around the internet today. Especially, if those words are thrown into acronyms that further decode their meaning. For those of you just starting to dabble in online marketing, we wanted to provide a quick explanation as to the difference between SEO and SEM. First off, what do they stand for? That would certainly help.

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How to use Internal Site Search Data to Figure Out If You’re Giving your Readers What They Want


This is a guest post by Hannah Smith. Whether you’re blogging for personal, professional or business; Google Analytics can offer a wealth of data – where your visitors are located, the search terms they used to find you, how much time they spent on your site and so on.

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7 Local SEO Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make


Imagine spending 20-30 hours a week on your website and realizing that you’re still not receiving any profitable traffic. You’re at your wit’s end working and spending your hard earned money on your website’s local SEO rankings, yet nothing seems to be working.

SEO 167

Are Ads Coming to Google+ ? Probably Not Very Soon

Bill Hartzer

By now I’m sure you’re aware of all of the Facebook Ads that are all over the place. Not only can you advertise on Facebook’s sidebar, you can also promote posts. Google+ , though, seems to be different. Will we see Google AdWords ads on Google Plus anytime soon?

Social Media Lessons from the “Open Source” Movement

Convince & Convert

Chris Moody, Red Hat @cnmoody.

Shift Your Focus Away From Blog Posts and Proceed With Your Projects For a Change!


This is a guest post by Timo Kiander. When you started blogging, it used to be fun and exciting: You were writing posts, connecting with other bloggers and finding new and exciting blogs to comment on.

4 Translation Apps for iPhones


The vexing lack of communication brought upon mankind since that Babel thing is nearly solved. The creative developers that bring you the following iPhone apps are leading the way.

iPhone 159

Happy #CMAD – 10 Articles You Should Read


So, today is the day when Community Managers all over the world should feel a bit more appreciated.