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Why You Need a Social Media Policy in Your Organization


In a previous post called Implement a Social Media Policy: Make Your Employees Brand Ambassadors , Marina introduced what a Social Media Policy is and briefly described why it is important for your organization. In this article, I’m going to elaborate further on the importance of a policy and point out the main reasons why it’s crucial for you as an employer, for your employees and for your brand to have such a policy. Protecting your brand and business.

Is Social Media Marketing Effective?

Direct Marketing Observations

Thanks to the folks at MDG. Social Media marketing roi social media


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Do Your Career a Favor, Be Replaceable

Waxing UnLyrical

Last February I wrote a post about Taking Time Off When You Work In Social Media and recently reaped the rewards of putting that advice into action. I had two challenges: Finding someone capable of doing the work. Leaving behind a workload my backup could realistically do in addition to their other responsibilities. I didn’t train someone over the course of a few days to take over for me, I familiarized them with what I do little-by-little over the course of the year.

Can Social Media Disrupt Your Life Or Career? 5 Tips For Managing The Timesink

SocMed Sean

Social media offers a lot of great opportunities and access to information.

Tips 219

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Where Orange County: Stealth Buzz Marketing?


I had never heard of Where magazine until this week when images of its unfortunate Fall 2012 cover showed up all over the internet. The placement of the model's head obscures the "e" in "Where" to make it appear that the magazine's title is Orange County Whore. My initial reaction was

Top 5 Posts From The Condescending Corporate Brand Page On Facebook


Have you heard of the Condescending Corporate Brand Page on Facebook? If not, I’d recommend giving it a “Like” – just don’t be like it. The page was created to spoof (and shame) efforts some brands have launched on their Facebook pages. They describe themselves as “a big corporate brand using Facebook. So look out for us asking you to like and share our stuff in a faintly embarrassing and awkward way.”

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Under Armour #WhatsBeautiful Campaign Targets Women Via Social Media

The Realtime Report

Women now account for 30% of sales for athletic apparel brand Under Armour, and women’s apparel is the fastest growing segment of their business. New marketing efforts reflect this shift, and are aimed directly at the female demographic — with social media as the primary tool for reaching out.

3 Emails Your Customers Should Be Getting, At Minimum

Cody Ward

Customers want to engage with brands they actively spend money with. This is apparent through rise of social media and the interaction with companies across all industries. Therefore, as your company’s marketing leader, it’s up to you to initiate those interactions and continue the conversation by always being front-and-center. A great tool for doing this in a non-invasive way is email.

3 Reasons List Posts Are Guaranteed Blog Traffic Boosters


Admit it. You looked, didn’t you. You were intrigued by the headline, and you wanted to see what this was all about. You wanted to see what the three reasons were — I nearly called them 3 secrets — and whether you could pick something up. What if there was really only one secret? Don’t worry, there are three.). Would you be disappointed? Would you hate me for tricking you? And what if the headline had been “Boost your Blog Traffic” instead?

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A Job, Career or Labor… What’s the Difference?

Waxing UnLyrical

Yesterday, we in the U.S. marked Labor Day (which the rest of the world marks on May 1 , but of course, we have to be different… ). In this country, it’s the unofficial end of summer, a long weekend (longer for me since I took half of last week off, which was terrific, since my brother and his girlfriend were visiting from the U.K. Today is also his birthday, so happy birthday, baby brother!), the time for several sales (though, really, is any time not a time for a sale these days?).

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Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Social Networking Stats: Twitter’s US Mobile Ad Revenues Top Facebook’s, #RLTM Scoreboard

The Realtime Report

The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week. Facebook: 955 million active users. via CNET. Twitter: over 500 million users. via Twopcharts. Qzone: 576 million active users. via TechCrunch. Sina Weibo: over 300 million users. via Bloomberg Businessweek. Renren: over 170 million users. via iResearch iUser Tracker. LinkedIn: 174 million members. via CNET. Google Plus: 170 million “people who have upgraded” via Google. Tumblr: 72 million blogs. via Tumblr.

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9 Startup Learnings You Should Not Miss!

Atom Thought

Harbinder Narula is an online and mobile VAS specialist who has served at various senior levels with companies like Google, Times Group, Buongiorno and Aryty. He was the first business development hire for Google India where he initiated the GOOG short code on mobile and then went on to lead Content Partnerships for Google in. Interviews & Columns

Is Bing The Best Search Engine?

Small Business Mavericks

Bing keeps trying to convince, by one way or another, that its search results are better than Google’s. They’ve tried just about everything they can think of. But they have one more card to play (or maybe not), and they’re playing it pretty heavy right now. This is probably the best idea that Bing could come up — a blind search engine test.

Facebook Message Ends with Sender Receiving Free Custom Phone

The Social Media Incubator

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be “lucky” and receive free things in life? Some times all you have to do is ask! This past May, a Facebook user named Shane sent a message to Samsung expressing his love of Samsung products and asking for a free Galaxy S3 phone. Hoping to get a little more recognition for his message instead of being overlooked, Shane included his own drawing of a dragon.

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How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

3 Ways Mobile Apps Can Reward Customer Loyalty

The Realtime Report

This is a guest post by Anita Brady, the President of 123Print. Loyalty apps reward your customers for returning to, and spreading the word about, your online business. Though the phrase is a product of the ever-growing web lexicon, most people are actually pretty familiar with “loyalty apps.”.

15 Tips for Improvement for ESL Writers


This is a guest post by Denise Gabbard. As an American and native English speaker, I nonetheless still make style or grammar mistakes in my writing. I can only imagine how confusing and difficult English must seem to those who grew up speaking a completely different language. I began thinking about this when one of my blog’s readers asked how they could improve their writing skills, and their difficulties with grammar and sentence structure were apparent.

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How Google Celebrated My Birthday

Ari Herzog

Google is fond of drawing doodles for momentous occasions. Every day when you visit the Google homepage you see the hand-drawn or animated creation above the search box. They are fun to see and, when you click them, you can learn more about the person or occasion celebrated. Today is my birthday. The personalized doodle was announced in October 2010.

Google 118

Psychology of social networking

Sherrilynne Starkie

We tend to over think some things in life and here’s proof. Do you suffer from high levels of narcisim or low self esteem? Or, maybe you use Facebook, because it’s just a fun way to keep in touch with friends? Related posts: Are professional communicators normal? Infographic: Twitter facts. Wikipedia rules the waves. Click here to start to receive my newsletter. PLEASE LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE. Related articles.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

Only 66% Of Companies Agree: Social Media Poses Significant Risk To Brand Reputation

The Realtime Report

Two-thirds of companies agree that social media poses a significant or critical risk of damage to their organization’s reputation. This begs the question: what planet are the other 34% living on? Moreover, many companies have not yet implemented policies, procedures or training to help mitigate those risks.

Book Review: The B2B Social Media Book

Webbiquity SMM

With The B2B Social Media Book: Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and More , authors Kipp Bodnar of HubSpot and Jeffrey L. Cohen of Salesforce Radian6 have literally written the book on social media best practices for B2B marketers.

B2B 165

How To Anticipate What Your Blog Readers Want From You Next


This is a guest post by Nathalie Lussier. “You’re a mind reader! You always seem to know exactly what I need at the right time.” ” That’s what I hear from my blog readers on a consistent basis. Photo Credit: Tom Giebel. So what’s my secret? Am I really a psychic when it comes to blogging topics or video training tutorials, or do I just know a couple of different ways to tap into what my audience needs?

Forums 113

Ten Things Your Boss Should Be Saying to You

Social Media Strategery

In my last post, I talked about the ten things you should be saying to your boss. Now it's time to look at the other side and share ten things that your boss should be saying to you. "What "What do you think?" " Your boss should value your opinion and contributions and frequently ask for your input. He/she should understand your unique perspective and solicit it often.

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Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Social Networking Grows 52% Among India’s Internet Users But Reaches Just 6.3% of Population

The Realtime Report

The use of social networking sites among internet users in India has grown nearly 52% since 2011, with more than 76 million people now using social networking sites in the country. But while the country has millions of social network users, only 6.3% of total consumers (out of the country’s population of over 1 billion) are using these sites. This number pales in comparison to the US, where nearly 50% of the population uses social networking sites.

Hubspot 3 launches

Janet Fouts

The Hubspot brand is well known for blog posts chock full of actionable information about marketing online. Whether it’s how to create a landing page that really converts, fine tune your email marketing , or how to make sure nobody misses your next webinar , Hubspot puts out great inbound content to learn from. When I tell people I’m a Hubspot partner, the universal reaction is “Ooooh, I love Hubspot, they get it!”

A Look at the New Twitter Advertising Platform


This is a guest post by Gregory Smith. The social-media giant, Twitter recently released their advertising platform for brands. I provided some valuable screen-shots on RxSEO. And while I’ve been trying to figure out what I was going to publish for you folks over here on Kikolani today, I’ve decided to mix a little of this, with a little of that. I have something very special for you. Hold on to your seats, as I unfold. Twitter PPC Strategies and Promoted Accounts.

4 Ways to Include Calls to Action on Videos

Convince & Convert

Video has an important place in your overall content marketing strategy, and YouTube’s rise in popularity has taken a front seat in social media marketing news. I shared 4 Mistakes You Make When You Post Video on Your Blog in my last Convince & Convert post, with number four being neglecting to include a call-to-action (CTA). Here are four ways to address the lack of CTAs in your video marketing. Edit CTAs Directly Into Your Video. One of the most basic and effective ways to.

Video 98

#LoveCapeTown Campaign Shakes Up “Fam” Trip With Crowdsourced Tips for Travel Bloggers

The Realtime Report

Cape Town Tourism’s most recent marketing initiative used a clever combination of travel blogging, crowdsourcing and social media to draw attention to the city, ranked 23rd among the top 25 travel destinations worldwide in TripAdvisor’s 2012 list of Traveler’s Choice Destinations. Cape Town — #1 on that list of destinations, just after hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup — has worked to sustain high visitor growth, capitalizing on the approximate US $1.8

Poor Social Responsiveness Risks Tarnishing a Brand’s Image

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

This is a guest post by Corey Northcutt. Social media has instigated a leveling effect on marketing. Now, small and medium businesses can compete with the big guys when it comes to getting their brand out there and establishing awareness where it matters.

A Personal Post & Invitation


It’s not too often that I post something completely personal on my blog, so I hope you don’t mind the interruption to your usual blogging and social media tips! Just in case we’re not connected on Facebook, I wanted to invite you to a unique event. My husband and I are expecting our first baby blogger this December. Since our friends and family are spread out throughout the world, we have decided to against tradition and throw an online baby shower!

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4 Ways to Include Calls to Action on Videos

Convince & Convert

Video has an important place in your overall content marketing strategy, and YouTube’s rise in popularity has taken a front seat in social media marketing news. I shared 4 Mistakes You Make When You Post Video on Your Blog in my last Convince & Convert post, with number four being neglecting to include a call-to-action (CTA). Here are four ways to address the lack of CTAs in your video marketing. Edit CTAs Directly Into Your Video. One of the most basic and effective ways to.

Video 96

Which Social Media Sites Are The Riskiest?

Small Business Mavericks

According to one survey , Facebook is the riskiest social media site for businesses online. It’s not really surprising. One negative message about your brand going viral can really put a damper in your business’s trust among consumers. But the rest of the results of the survey are quite interesting. Here are a few gems I found while perusing the results. 43% of businesses found video sharing sites to be slightly risky.

Sites 93

5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling


Photo Credit: Being a self-made entrepreneur often means long work days and nights on the road , making the act of staying ahead through continued education and networking a nearly impossible task. Luckily, there are conferences, meetups and other events aimed at people in exactly your circumstances in cities all around the world!

Travel 116