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Instagram Engagement Rates Will Drop If You Keep Doing This

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As Instagram becomes more popular, cutting through the noise as a business and getting in front of your ideal customer can become a little harder to achieve. In this post we’ll go over some habits to drop if you want to increase Instagram engagement rates for your brand or business.

Popular Social Media Topics of 2016

Ignite Social Media

2016 has been a very eventful year, especially in the world of social media marketing. Networks died, new features were rolled out and our own agency went through an exciting leadership change.

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Social Media Recap: December 2016


Kicking things off for December, a Five by Five report via Business Insider shows that… Read More.

How To Start A Mobile Marketing Strategy

The Realtime Report

How To Start A Mobile Marketing Strategy. Have you considered mobile marketing as part of your advertising strategy? If you haven’t, you probably should, because mobile ads can often be one of the best ways to communicate with an audience.

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The 10 Best Social Media Roundup Blogs of 2016

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How do you choose what social media news you read each day? With a gazillion social media marketing blogs out there, you could easily spend hours a day reading best practices posts — and getting a crazy headache in the process.

3 Tips for Using Social Media for B2B Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

Guest post by Larry Alton. Social media can be a great business tool to use for marketing, sales, PR, customer service, and HR.

B2B 260

3 Inspiring B2B Social Media Campaigns


B2B companies often feel handicapped in their efforts to market on social media. Typically, they… Read More.

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Instagram Hashtag Mistakes You Want to Avoid

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Hashtags are an essential part of marketing on Instagram, so you want to make sure that this is something you get right. Hashtags must be carefully thought out, well researched, and exceptionally engaging if your followers are going to use them.

RIP: Social Media Networks & Features that Died in 2016

Ignite Social Media

Needless to say, a lot of newsworthy events happened in 2016. The social media space saw many changes as well. Social media networks constantly have to improve and evolve in order to stay relevant.

Favorite Instagram Accounts of 2016

Jenn's Trends

Anyone who uses Instagram for more than a few seconds has their favorite Instagram accounts. We’re all drawn to different accounts for different reasons and we follow all sorts of different accounts. I have my faves for business, social media, celebrities, friends, and more.

Social Sidekick 1/15-1/22: Social Holidays, Themes, and Noteworthy Events


Congratulations! You've made it to the first long weekend of 2017. Honor the legacy of… Read More.

How Serious Is Snapchat’s Power, Really?

Convince & Convert

Editor’s Note: This post is one of Convince & Convert’s Top 10 Posts of 2016. Image via Unsplash.

Bye Bye Buy Buttons | Social You Should Know

Ignite Social Media

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2016 we’re also saying Bye Bye Buy Buttons, checking out my big 2017 Facebook “Prediction” and taking a look at Snapchat’s big move with the NFL. All this and more in this week’s Social You Should Know. Bye Bye Buy Buttons.

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Social Media for Real Estate Agents: Get More Clients


Real estate, like almost every other professional field in the world, has undergone a major disruption. The digital era is with us, and thanks to that fact social media for real estate agents has taken over most forms of online marketing for this field.

How the Story of Good King Wenceslas and Boxing Day Traditions Apply to Your Business

The Social Media Hat

While you may not have read the lyrics of the Christmas Carol very closely, when we do, we find real life and business lessons in those verses! Let's take a look


5 Tips for Sending Effective Cold Emails That Will Generate a Response

Social Selling Masters

The overall effectiveness of email marketing has been debated over the past few years. Some conclude that cold emails are simply ineffective and potentially a waste of time.

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10 Standout Social Media Marketing Examples From 2016

Sprout Social

With the year coming to a close, it’s time set your eyes toward 2017. What social media tactics and strategies do you have planned for the new year? In order to help get those creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a list of some of the top social media marketing examples of 2016.

What to do After Buying LinkedIn Followers for your Company


Just like other social media platforms, followers play an important role in the success of a company on LinkedIn. In particular, the more followers you have, the more prominent your brand becomes. This is why companies often turn to buying LinkedIn followers.

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5 Tips for Sending Effective Cold Emails That Will Generate a Response

Koka Sexton

The overall effectiveness of email marketing has been debated over the past few years. Some conclude that cold emails are simply ineffective and potentially a waste of time. The truth of the matter is that cold emails can be enormously effective, but they need to be planned out extensively.

Top 10 Travel Marketing Conferences of 2017


We’ve put together our list of the 10 must-attend travel marketing conferences of 2017 for anyone looking to network with top travel professionals, learn about emerging trends, and build out an innovative tourism marketing strategy that speaks to today’s travelers. The NY Times Travel Show : New York City, NY (January 27 – 29 2017).

How to Optimize Your Social Media Workflow

Sprout Social

Managing your social media workflow in the constant chatter of Tweets, Likes and Direct Messages can be tough. A social media manager’s work is never done and it seems like a new task gets added to your checklist every week.

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ProBlogger Most Popular Posts on Social Media 2016


Well it’s no secret, and probably not much of a surprise, to find that Facebook dominated the search results in social media this year on ProBlogger!

When Technology Knows More Than You

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What really gets you excited about technology? Personally, it's one simple (yet complex) thing: technology blows my mind when it knows (and does) more than a human ever could. Maybe this is why stuff like YouTube , Twitter , etc. never really blew me away.

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017 [Infographic]


December brings cold weather and anticipation of the coming year’s blockbusters. Although generally unswayed by… Read More.


3 Surprising Truths about Recruiting


On Association Success this past month, Jamie’s been writing all about recruiting. Check ’em out! What We Can’t Admit About Recruiting. I think we can all agree that the hiring process can be frustrating, on both sides of the equation.

Your Epic End-of-Year Blog Audit Checklist: Where You’ve Been and Where You’re Headed!


It’s time. There’s not a single day left of 2016 to blog on! You’ve done all you can, and you should be proud – no step, no matter how small, is too small. Had a gangbusters year? Good on you! Had a small year? I bet you’re further than you used to be!

If Your Agency Is Not Consulting, Then What Is It Doing?

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For marketing agencies to survive, they must start looking more like the consultants. This is one of the bigger themes that seems to be cropping up lately in the marketing industry. It's happening for a bunch of reasons. There is a large push from brands to develop in-house marketing capabilities. This is not only a smart move, but a strategic one as well. For years, marketing was seen not as a profit centre, but an expense.

How Team Sprout Uses Message Tagging for Product Development

Sprout Social

As our business has grown so has our customer base. As exciting as this is, the need to stay on top of brand-to-customer communication has become even more important. While it may seem overwhelming to think about managing customer feedback, you don’t need an entire customer service department to organize and address customer queries. Here at Sprout, we believe that open communication between consumers and brands creates progress.

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Making Sure Your New Website Theme is Social-Friendly


You’ve launched your new web theme, and you need to make sure it’s going to convert visitors. Social shares are going to make or break your SEO, traffic generation, and your sales funnels. So, it’s time to make sure your new theme is social friendly. What is a Social-Friendly Theme?

ProBlogger Most Popular Posts on Monetization 2016


I have a feeling this post will be a popular one! Blog monetization continues to be a growing trend, and it’s one of the main reasons people visit ProBlogger – to find out how to get started, what kinds of income to explore, and how to make more money!

Display Advertising Is A Failed State

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Display advertising has a huge problem. It's all going to come to head in 2017. There is only so long that this charade can go on. When someone says that the 30-second spot is dead or that television advertising (or newspaper advertising. or radio advertising) is dying because of online advertising, they could not be more incorrect.

#141: Where Should I Spend My Money As I Build My Online Business?

Amy Porterfield

Of the hundreds of online tools and resources out there— and there are hundreds—it’s tough to know where to spend money and where to save. My team and I have used many and have found the ‘tried and true’ tools that will assist you for the long run and give you the resources you need […]. The post #141: Where Should I Spend My Money As I Build My Online Business? appeared first on Amy Porterfield | Online Marketing Expert.

Build Core Strength with a Modern Marketing Team


This is a guest post by Vivian Swertinski at Informz. This is the second in a series of posts with great advice about content marketing – read the first one here. ———-. The importance of having strong core strength is key to maximizing balance, flexibility, and growth.

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ProBlogger Most Popular Posts on Finding Readers 2016


Earlier posts this week include the most-read ProBlogger articles on creating content , monetization , and social media. How to Get 10x More Traffic Without Spending a Dime on Advertising.

The Persistence Of Brands

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"Nobody wants to be branded anymore," said Aaron Levine, head designer for Abercrombie & Fitch. Well, if that line from the Wall Street Journal 's article, Crocodiles (and Polo Ponies) Go Missing as Scalpel-Wielding Consumers Revolt , doesn't make your marketing brain stand up and take notice, who knows what will? There's nothing (really) new in this article. It's a meme that rises to the mass media every few years.

4 Easy Infographic Template Tools for Stunning Infographics

Socially Sorted

Want to use easy Infographic Template Tools to create stunning infographics… but don’t know where to start? . Infographics are a proven way to attract attention and traffic to your website over many years. .

PB173: How to Use Quotes in Your Blog Content Legally and Ethically


Using Quotes in Your Blog Legally and Ethically. In today’s lesson, I want to talk about using quotes on your blog.