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Audience engagement strategies for success

Sherrilynne Starkie

“Most people look at engagement as a program. I look at it as a system. Most look at is as tactical. But if we start with the tactics…we often miss the bigger picture,” explained Priya Bates, president of Inner Strength Communications in an interview for IABC Ottawa’s The Voice Podcast. “Communication is operational as opposed to philosophical. I like to make it very clear. Really define what it is we are trying to do?”.

Wireless Speakers Are A Great Choice For Your Home

The Realtime Report

Wireless Speakers Are A Great Choice For Your Home. How often do you entertain in your home? Is movie night a regular occurrence over the weekend? Does every sports fan on the block come to your house to watch the main event? If so, you could probably stand to upgrade your speakers. Today, we’re going to look at the advantages of choosing a wireless speaker system for your home entertainment center. Convenience.


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Public Relations Trends: How to Explode Your PR with Visuals


Visual content is one of the public relations trends that has exploded recently. Put simply,… Read More.

Trends 131

3 Things You Must Know for a Successful Social Media Marketing Career

Pam Moore

Are you a digital or social marketer wanting to progress in your business and marketing career? Do you find yourself getting stuck, getting passed over for promotions? Do you often find it hard to win budgets, grow your team or simply justify your own job? Or it could be you are having a hard time landing or even keeping the job in the first place. If this is you, then you definitely landed on the right blog post and podcast today. Social media is not a band-aid for a broken business.

Skills 130

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

4 Ways to Effectively Use Instagram Polls

agora pulse

If you have ever used stickers on Instagram stories, you know how many options there are. Remember when Instagram released selfie stickers and geostickers ? Instagram hasn’t stopped there. Recently, the company launched a new interactive sticker called Instagram Polls. Instagram Polls is still such a new feature that you might be stumped on how to use it and gain value from it for your business. Here are four ways to use the Instagram Polls feature, with examples. Create a Sense of FOMO.

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10 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media


With social media, the personal is the professional. If you rely on your online presence… Read More.

How to Hire and Partner with a Social Media Marketing Agency for Maximum Success and ROI

Pam Moore

Hiring a social media marketing agency is a big decision. Same goes for a digital marketing or branding agency. Understanding how to partner with your agency can make or break your success in both the short and long term. Unfortunately many business and marketing leaders think they can quickly hire a social media agency to generate some fast buzz and a viral video. They then hope that like magic, all of their business problems will be solved. The truth is that social media is NOT a silo.

ROI 129

The What, Why, and How of Social Media Data


From conferences to a Google Adwords campaigns, every marketing activity is measurable and quantifiable today. Yet, when it comes to social media, the majority of marketing leaders – namely, CMO’s – still struggle to evaluate the channel’s effectiveness in terms of ROI. How much revenue has been generated from the LinkedIn posts you sent out … Social Media Marketing Social Media Data

Data 99

7 Tools for More Effective Management of your YouTube Channel

Razor Social

Did you know that online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020? Another staggering statistic is that more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Video is growing and will continue to grow rapidly. Now’s the perfect time to take advantage of this growth and leverage video to boost your content marketing results. If you have a YouTube channel or are thinking about creating one, this post will help.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Brand Hijacking: Criticism, Commentary, or Harmless Fun?


In an age where anyone or anything can go viral on social media, many influencers… Read More.

Audience Marketing 101: Your #1 Competitive Weapon for 2018 – FREE Webinar

Pam Moore

Ready for a real competitive edge in 2018? While your competition is arguing about which social network is going to win… Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, I'm going to help you build an audience first marketing strategy and plan to zoom right past the competition. There's a ton of buzz about audience marketing being the NEW BIG shiny thing for 2018. Trust me, you'll see it listed in almost every 2018 predictions blog post that gets published.

Marketing Tips That Will Help You Find Clients

The Realtime Report

Marketing Tips That Will Help You Find Clients. As you near the end of your online bachelors of accounting and you start to give serious thought to your career in the field, it may be that you’ve decided to go the route of opening your own business. Perhaps you like the idea of working with individuals preparing and then filing their state and federal taxes. If that’s the case, then why not open your own company.

Tips 81

Meme, Myself, and I: A Brand’s Guide to Using Memes

Ignite Social Media

Comedy clubs and Saturday Night Live are great and all, but have you noticed how funny the internet is lately? Just take a scroll through Facebook and Twitter, and you’re guaranteed to find a post that immediately makes you LOL and then tag your best friend. One of those funny posts is likely to be a meme, which feels like the world’s largest inside joke.

Meme 78

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

How To Easily Boost Pinterest Reach with Tailwind Tribes (For FREE)

Socially Sorted

Tailwind Tribes just became your little secret for skyrocketing Pinterest reach and traffic to your blog. In this post I share the one thing I believe you should be prioritising on Pinterest right now – Tailwind Tribes. We’ll dive into what they are, how they. // Read More. The post How To Easily Boost Pinterest Reach with Tailwind Tribes (For FREE) appeared first on Socially Sorted. Pinterest Social Media Strategy Tools Visual Content Tailwind Tailwind Tribes

Google loves adaptive web design, so why aren’t more using it?


People love their phones. In fact, they love them so much and the ease of being able to whip it You're reading Google loves adaptive web design, so why aren’t more using it? originally posted on Kikolani , authored and copyrighted by Ariel Rule. Recommended Posts. The Ultimate Guide to 160+ Business and Digital Marketing Conferences in 2016. Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 25 Content Marketing Resources. Featured SEO adaptive web design. digital agencies web design

Top Tips For Getting Your Business Loan Approved

The Realtime Report

Top Tips For Getting Your Business Loan Approved. If you need a loan and you have bad credit, it’s bad. There’s no denying the fact that you could be in a better situation. However, you shouldn’t despair because you can still get a personal loan. It might be harder, but it’s doable, and in this article, we’re going to give you a couple of tips that will help you get one step closer to achieving this goal. Consider A Secured Loan.

The New LinkedIn Career Advice Feature Brings Professionals Closer To Great Mentors


Getting advice from the leaders in your industry is always a great help to your career. LinkedIn is now helping you get those words of wisdom easier with its new LinkedIn Career Advice feature. Professional advice delivered right to you Career Advice lets LinkedIn users connect with potential mentors from within their respective industries. To […]. The post The New LinkedIn Career Advice Feature Brings Professionals Closer To Great Mentors appeared first on Devumi.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

New Feature: Facebook Creative Split Testing

Jon Loomer

Creative split testing of Facebook ads just became a whole lot easier with the update of Facebook’s built-in split testing feature. Don’t confuse this update with the dynamic creative feature (which is also amazing). Facebook creative split testing is a great way to run tests to determine your best performing ad without audience overlap. Let’s take a closer look… Facebook Split Testing.

You had questions… Audiense Insights has the answers!


A common objective amongst several of our clients whilst using Audiense Insights is to identify influencers. However it seems this common objective is not exclusive to our client base but also informed users. Whilst surfing Quora we discovered the question: Who are the influencers in industry X?, to be fairly frequent. With Audiense Insights in hand we set to work on getting those answers! Our findings…. Influencers in Marketing. Who are the most prominent influencers in the world of marketing?

Options To Consider When You Need Money Quickly

The Realtime Report

Options To Consider When You Need Money Quickly. If you’re like most people, you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need money quickly. This could be for any number of reasons, such as an unexpected medical bill, an electrical repair or even an issue with your vehicle. The reason is not really that important. What is important is the fact that you need money now. Some of the options that you can consider for getting the funds you need are highlighted here. Ask Friends or Family Members.

What AdWord’s keyword is best for me?

Marketing to Serve

Whether you are a Google AdWords veteran, or you have just made the decision to enter the online advertising world, an understanding of Google AdWord’s keyword types is crucial. Keywords can help you optimise your campaigns. Whether it’s increasing the amount of clicks you receive or increasing efficiency through higher CTR and lower cost per conversions. It is always a good idea to refresh yourself on what each keyword type can do. What is a Google AdWord’s keyword?

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Facebook Domain Verification: Edit Link Previews

Jon Loomer

Back in September, I provided three tips on how you could continue to edit link previews when creating a Facebook post. This functionality had otherwise been taken away in an effort to combat fake news. One of the methods I shared with you was claiming link ownership… At the time, I was frustrated that I didn’t have the ability to claim link ownership. Later I’d find that the path to claim link ownership simply moved.

Three NHL Teams to Follow on Social Media

Ignite Social Media

Greetings, hockey fans! While the NHL doesn’t have the massive audience of the NFL , hockey fans are a dedicated bunch and love following their favorite team(s) on social media. As an NHL season ticket holder for the last 12+ years, I can attest first-hand to just how engaged hockey fans can be on social.

Team 65

Social Media Case Study: How GoPro Conquered YouTube One Awesome Video At A Time


GoPro is one of the most popular camera brands on the market today. Their success owes a lot to the brand’s huge presence on social media. Lets dive into the action and discover how GoPro pull it off in this social media case study. What GoPro does on social media Unlike most electronic brands, GoPro […]. The post Social Media Case Study: How GoPro Conquered YouTube One Awesome Video At A Time appeared first on Devumi.

The Best Drape and Blind Software for Retailer and Manufactures

Social Media Marketing

Businessmen dealing with drape and blinds for home furnishing will be beneficial to the software. Even the individuals with drape and blind software can get the proper estimate of the cost. The manufacturers are too much fed-up with the manual system of calculation. The paper-driven system such as spreadsheets has certain limitations. But, we have now introduced the software which will create an ease in getting an appropriate variety of drape.

The Silent Rise of LinkedIn to 500M Members: What Marketers Need to Know for 2018 [SSM069]

Buffer Social

What if I told you that LinkedIn, a social media platform that is now 14 years old, is the next big opportunity for marketers and brands? While much of the focus over the last few years has been on perfecting our Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies, LinkedIn has been silently growing their user base to more than 500 million users. The reason for this sudden growth? LinkedIn is no longer known only for their résumé and job searching capabilities.

Don’t Hate Twitter’s New Rules

Ignite Social Media

Ahh, Twitter. The social network that some love, some hate, and some love to hate. Twitter has long been in the news for the trolling, harassment, and overall abusive behavior that has plagued them for years. Over the last year or so, the hostile social and political climate seems to have reached an apex (please?) on Twitter and the platform is taking steps to make it a more welcoming place to be for everyone.

Effectively Using Social Media Automation to Boost Your Brand


Social media doesn’t turn off. You need to keep your accounts continually active to keep the interest of your followers. Automation can be s helpful tool for this if you use it right. Get it to work the way you need by knowing how to implement social media automation correctly. Using social media automation Your […]. The post Effectively Using Social Media Automation to Boost Your Brand appeared first on Devumi.

The 10 Top Social Media Conferences of 2018


Navigating the digital and social media landscape can be overwhelming. As tools and technologies evolve, trying to keep up can make your head spin. Luckily 2018 offers a plethora of insightful conferences to help you stay on the cutting edge of the industry. Going to social media marketing conferences is a great opportunity to network and learn from social media marketing professionals from all over the world.