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3 Ways to Use Video in Remarketing Campaigns (and Why You Should)

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If you’re looking to take your online ad campaigns to the next level, video retargeting might just be what you're after

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing 


Are you getting the most out of your Pinterest marketing strategy? . There are over 300 million users searching and sharing inspiration on Pinterest every month — that’s a huge, engaged audience with real purchasing power! .

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How to Spot a Bad Influencer

Waxing UnLyrical

Guest Post by Andriana Moskovska. Influencer marketing has really blown up over the last few years, but it’s far from a new concept. After all, celebrity endorsements are as old as the concept of celebrity itself.

How B2B Tech Marketing on Twitter is Changing (Research)

Webbiquity SMM

Twitter and LinkedIn remain the top two social networks for B2B marketers. Twitter offers some specific capabilities (such as lists ) that make it uniquely valuable for B2B companies. That said, there are some disturbing signs developing for Twitter (and the B2B marketers who rely on the platform).

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Health And Safety Tips For A Better Work Environment

The Realtime Report

Health and Safety Tips for a Better Work Environment. Do you know why workplace health and safety is important? Even if your company has safety guidelines in place, are people abiding by the rules? Workplace hazards impact the wellbeing of employers and employees alike.

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Where Should You Place Your Instagram Hashtags - in the Caption or in the First Comment? [Study]

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A new study has looked at comparative Instagram post reach rates when hashtags are placed within the main caption and in the first comment

YouTube Best Practices

Ignite Social Media

YouTube is one of the more unique social media platforms. It’s not the app you’d first think of when logging in to see what your friends are up to, but it is a huge platform for consuming content from influencers, vloggers, and amateur creators alike.

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Data Scientist Qualifications: How and Why You Should Become One

The Realtime Report

Data Scientist Qualifications: How and Why You Should Become One. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Every free app, website or profile created is paid with a currency we now know is our personal data.

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Facebook Publishes New Report on the Benefits of Combining Facebook and Outdoor Advertising

Social Media Today

Facebook's latest research report looks at the benefits of combining Facebook ads with outdoor promotions

How to solve the #womenintech problem


I recently gave a talk as part of Meltwater’s Women in Tech initiative at our Shack 15 data science hub in Shoreditch.I asked a group of Meltwater female managers and… Read More >>>. Marketing

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Top Online Social Media Courses Your Social Media Manager Should Take

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We’ve rounded up the top online social media courses for social media managers to learn best practices and tips/tricks. With these courses you can reduce your time searching for answers, spark innovative ideas and ultimately improve your social channels. The best part? Our favorites are free!

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19 use cases of audience intelligence within different campaign phases


LinkedIn Provides Tips on How to Maximize Company Pages

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has published a new list of the most followed company pages on its platform, along with notes on what they're doing to boost their performance

Inside the World of Dog Influencers


It’s undeniable—people love their pets. More than 68 percent of Americans own a pet and 95 percent of those who have pets at home consider them a part of the family.

How to Create a B2B Video Marketing Strategy


Way back in 1980, The Buggles famously sang that “Video Killed the Radio Star.” It would not be the last decisive victory for this plucky media format.

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Four Things To Look For In A Manufacturing Partner

The Realtime Report

Four Things to Look for in a Manufacturing Partner. Setting out to find a new manufacturing partner is a rather stressful experience that many companies are faced with doing.

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Facebook Announces New Business Tools for Messenger Interactions

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced a new set of business interaction tools for Messenger, including new lead gen and appointment booking options

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Importance of UGC and Creating Brand Advocacy

Ignite Social Media

Cultivating UGC for your brand not only saves you time, energy and recourses but helps create brand advocacy by making it easy for your customers to share what they love about your brand to the world. Why UGC Works. 75% of users say that user-generated content makes messaging more authentic.

UGC 101

What to Post on Instagram: 15 Creative and Engaging Ideas


Good Instagram post ideas promote your brand. Great Instagram post ideas promote your brand and engages your followers—all while giving them something they can’t help but share with others. But it’s not enough to just post any picture or video.

New Study Reveals Consumer Attitudes Toward Customer Support During Holidays

The Realtime Report

New Study Reveals Consumer Attitudes Toward Customer Support During Holidays.

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Facebook Adds More Page Badges to Encourage Engagement

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Facebook has added some new Page badges as it seeks to encourage greater participation and engagement

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How to Get the Best Out of Content Marketing World 2019: Advice From the Experts

agora pulse

Content is the fuel that fills up social media’s tank. What you write, what images you share, what audio you produce, what videos you create—all that’s content. Without content, all your social media channels would be nothing but empty little spaces.

August Social Trends

Ignite Social Media

With the ever-changing landscape of social media, it can be difficult to stay up to date with the latest social media trends and news. We’re going to cover off on the top three social media trends and news of August. Let’s dive on in! Growing Popularity of Social Shopping.

Most Popular Digital Marketing Jobs

The Realtime Report

Most Popular Digital Marketing Jobs. UX Designer roles have risen in popularity; online interest peaked in January 2019. Data Analyst is currently the most popular – most searched for – job in digital marketing.

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Will Instagram Business Profile Reach Follow the Same Path as Facebook Pages?

Social Media Today

New reports suggest that Instagram is being pushed to increase ad exposure, which could have implications for ad performance and user satisfaction

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New! Schedule Videos to Pinterest with Later


Today we’re happy to announce that you can now schedule videos to Pinterest with Later! . Bring the power of video to your Pinterest boards, from how-to videos to makeup tutorials, showcase your content in the best light with video Pins. .

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How to Use Pinterest Video – Create Video Pins Now!

Socially Sorted

Want to create Pinterest Video? This post will get you started. Yes, you can upload video pins directly to Pinterest so that they catch attention on the Pinterest feed. In this post, I’ll share what you should create and how to share them. Girl eating popsicle by. // Read More. The post How to Use Pinterest Video – Create Video Pins Now! appeared first on Socially Sorted. Pinterest Social Media Strategy Social Video Visual Content video Video Marketing

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A Guide on How to Set Up Apple ID on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac

The Realtime Report

A Guide on How to Set Up Apple ID on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Who isn’t familiar with Apple? If anything, they are one of the largest companies in the world. To give you a better idea, they have a market value of over $900 billion.

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5 Indisputable Reasons Why You Need a Blogging Strategy

Social Media Today

Building an effective blogging strategy can help boost brand awareness, website performance, and ultimately, conversions. Here are some tips

Join Us for Our “Facebook Groups for Brands” Webinar

Ignite Social Media

There are new opportunities within Facebook Groups for brands; however, Groups aren’t a fit for every brand.

How to Find a Fantastic Agency for Your Social Media Marketing

Buffer Social

Some of the very best brands on social media get by with a little help from their friends — agencies and consultants and strategists.

11 Awesome Places to Sell Your Handmade Items

The Realtime Report

11 Awesome Places to Sell Your Handmade Items. Are the sales of your handcrafted goods a little low? Expanding your sales platforms can instantly boost your performance, putting more money in your pockets. But where do you start?

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Facebook Brings 3D Photos to Android Devices

Social Media Today

Facebook is finally expanding its 3D photos feature to Android users

11 best social media listening tools


Social media listening goes beyond just looking at your emails and notifications for @mentions of your brand. About 30% of the tweets that mention brands neglect to use their Twitter handles. . This indicates that you missed out on looking at 30% of possible engagement for your brand.

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Instagram Hacker Confirms 1 Million Account Takeover Attack

Forbes Social Media

A prolific hacker has revealed how he could take over any Instagram account in just ten minutes using this million-user attack mode

Fatal Four: The Four Most Common Causes of Fatal Workplace Injuries

The Realtime Report

Fatal Four: The Four Most Common Causes of Fatal Workplace Injuries. The fatal four OSHA workplace injuries account for over 50% of work-related deaths every year. In fact, by eliminating these hazards, over 500 workers’ lives could be saved annually.

New Study Shows that Text Messaging is the Most Popular Form of Digital Interaction in Emerging Markets

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A new study from Pew Research has found that text messaging is the most popular form of digital interaction in emerging markets

Study 170