September, 2009

11 Tips To Thrive on Twitter | Almost Savvy

Almost Savvy

twitterfollowme After my post on 11 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Me to Unfollow You on Twitter, many asked that I put together some tips highlighting the best way to get started on Twitter. I'm very happy to oblige

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All of Seth Godin's Free ebooks in one place | Shuaism

Josh S Peters

You read that right, I've compiled all of Seth Godin's free ebooks in one big awesome list. Seth Godin is a fantastic source of constant information and wisdom. His blog is incredibly insightful and he produces books and ebook left and

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Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement?

Adam Sherk

Now that the improved Facebook Pages have been around for a while I wanted to check the level of engagement that major news sites are achieving with them. Most news sites have an official Facebook Page now, with the typical approach

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How I Increased My Twitter Following by 45% In One Week

Jason Yormark

I've been fascinated by the art and science of building a relevant network of Twitter followers in the past few months. Like I've written before, I didn't really spend a large amount of time with Twitter until May of this year

When You Hit the Wall | Justin Levy

Justin Levy

This was originally posted on (a client project) but thought these tips could be useful to you over here as hitting-the-wall well. You can always feel it coming. You sit in front of your computer and stare at it blankly

Social Media will Disrupt every Function in your Company

Buzz Marketing for Technology

We are at an interesting inflection point with Social Media today. One that threatens to disrupt and reinvent every function in your company over the next few years. Social Media already has changed Marketing forever.

Directory of All Things Twitter – Finally!

Almost Savvy Twitter can be confusing, especially when you're just getting started. The Twitter website itself is fairly simple. It allows you to post messages (or “tweets”), view tweets from people you're following and run a search on

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Google News Optimization Tips

Adam Sherk

This week Google put out a video to give publishers more information on how Google News works and how best to optimize for it. I pulled out some of the more useful tips, combining information from some of the slides with additional

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Vanns Community Manager Update: I Turned The Opportunity Down

Jason Yormark

Because so many of my family, friends, friends of friends, etc. came out in hordes to support my Vanns Community Manager role video application, I felt it was important and appropriate to write a follow up for everyone

Rhapsody Thinks Outside the Box

Justin Levy

A few days ago I saw a tweet fly by from Todd Defren mentioning something to do with Jay-Z and Rhapsody. Since I'ma HUGE fan of Jay-Z I followed the link. The link took me to this amazing Rhapsody commercial promoting Jay-Z's new album

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Do You Fear Internet Marketing & Social Media

The Social Media Incubator

Social media is getting as hot as a high-efficiency furnace, blowing steady streams of information everywhere. The fear of losing control keeps them bound within their normal marketing box. That fear could be keeping your company from

Adventures in Social Networking with Mom and Dad | Almost Savvy

Almost Savvy

teens computer On this blog, I spend most of the time discussing best practices when using social media to connect and share information online. Every now and then, our enthusiasm can get the best of us

Will Facebook Be the Next AOL?


Remember AOL ? And the plethora of free AOL CDs that filled your mailbox, were inserted into your favorite magazines and maybe even offered at the dry cleaner and the auto parts store? I think Facebook is on its way to becoming the next AOL. Just without CDs.

Sports Teams: Times Have Changed, Adapt!

Freelance Social Media

I cannot help but remember Bob Dylan's song “The Times They Are A-Changin'” when I think of how some sports teams are handling social media. The Texas Tech football program is the most recent example of the mishandling of social media

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Twitter Auto DM: Just Say No!

Jason Yormark

The absolute #1 pain in the neck Twitter nuisance for me these days are the hordes of Twitter auto direct messages I receive after following someone. It has practically made Twitter DM a useless tool for me. If anyone actually sends me

Twitterville Video Book Review

Justin Levy

Today I review Twitterville by Shel Israel. I enjoyed reading Twitterville because Shel does a great job of telling the stories that have come to make Twitter what many of us love. The book doesn't provide you with a lot of tactical

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Content Aggregators are Killing Content Creators

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

This is a guest post from Josh Schnell, founder of and web developer. Somewhere down the line, an exploitation has to occur in order for a financial profit to be realized. This is no less true for the world of social

The zizzazz incident

Josh S Peters

zizzazz is a maker of powdered energy supplements that come in a little pouch and you then add them to water or other beverages and help give it a bit more of an energy kick. So what does this have to do Social Media, Internet Marketing

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McLuhan, Socrates and Edith Wharton On Social Media


In an effort to better understand the social media phenomenon, it often helps to turn to experts in the field. But I’m not talking about social media gurus or mavens, or people with 20,000 followers on Twitter. I’m referring to smart, articulate people from other fields who have something profound to say that might help us put social media into perspective. And all but one of them are dead. Publication is a self-invasion of privacy.” Marshall McLuhan.

Indians in Social Media (2009) «

The Marketing Blog

By-and-large most of us would agree with that Social media is still in a nascent stage in the Indian context and there is a lot that remains to be explored in the Social media space. Having said that the ripples in the social media wave

Google Wave Invites Coming

Freelance Social Media

Google announced that they're going to let 100000 users into the Google Wave Beta today. I have my fingers crossed for one and If I or Jacinta get in we'll let you know all about it. I'm super excited about this new addition to the

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The Week of Gov 2.0 – Longing for More

Social Media Strategery

Image Courtesy of Flickr User Alex Dunne. We've already had the Summer of Gov, but September 7-11 was the Week of Gov. With the Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase on Tuesday and the Gov 2.0 Summit on Wednesday and Thursday, plus a multitude of happy

Web Hosts Hijacking 404 Error Pages on Live Web Sites

Bill Hartzer

Some web hosting companies have now taken it to a new low: they are monetizing (making money) from your web site without your knowledge. Web hosts are now hijacking their customers’ 404 error pages and putting up a slew of paid ads: advertisements, when clicked, make the company money.

Twitter Auto DM: Just Say No!

Jason Yormark

The absolute #1 pain in the neck Twitter nuisance for me these days are the hordes of Twitter auto direct messages I receive after following someone. It has practically made Twitter DM a useless tool for me. If anyone actually sends me

Panel: Brand Management in the Social Media Jungle


I’ll be participating Wednesday, September 23, 2009 from 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM (PT) in a panel discussion titled Brand Management in the Social Media Jungle. We’ll talk about the opportunities and risks of managing a brand in the world of social media.

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The Nightmare Public Relations Professional and How to Stop Him

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

This is a guest post I wrote for new media and PR expert Brian Solis, but I also wanted to share it with my readers. Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge just published an excellent book, Putting the Public Back in Public Relations

Tweetpeats: When Twitter Meets Television | Freelance Social Media

Freelance Social Media

I love television. I also love Twitter. So, why not combine the two? TwitterVision? FOX Broadcasting Company is ready to utilize the social media

Why You Should Sack Your Social Media Agency Now?

Atom Thought

What are people not doing in the name of Social Media Marketing! Creating funny videos, writing dummy comments, pasting banners on facebook, making false promises, expecting unexpected, the list is endless

Why I Do Not Use Yahoo Search

Bill Hartzer

First off, let me explain that I have always been a fan of Yahoo! I mean, ever since I first heard the Yahoo! Yodel, I was hooked. I know that Yahoo! Search has always had their quirks and they recently have stated that they’ve not really been a “search destination&# , Yahoo! is a portal.

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Royal Challengers Bangalore Fanatic Fans Challenge «

The Marketing Blog

Good friend Nidhi Makhija who works for a digital agency called Experience Commerce just sent me an email about the social media campaign for IPL's Royal Challengers Bangalore, called the RCB Fanatic Fans Challenge

A New Spin on Word of Mouth Marketing


Today I went into Border’s and practically talked a guy into buying my book. I was with my wife and daughter, and as we generally do when we visit a book store, we went to the business and marketing section to make sure my book was in stock.

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A Closer Look at Fan Engagement on the Fox News Facebook Page

Adam Sherk

My post on Facebook Page engagement for news sites has drawn some interest in the fact that Fox News averages many more “likes” and comments per update than any other news site, despite having significantly fewer fans than CNN

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Google Wave Invites Being Sold on Ebay

Freelance Social Media

Invites going for as much as 72 bucks? This has to be breaking Googles Terms of Service. Google Wave Invite on Ebay. This content from: Freelance Social Media. Google Wave Invites Being Sold on Ebay. Bookmark to

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Social Product Innovation: 2 Ways

Buzz Marketing for Technology

There are 2 ways in which you can use social media to innovate when it comes to developing new products. 1) Product led innovations – here companies like Dell and Salesforce have led the charge in using tools to help them prioritize new product features with IdeaStorm and IdeaExchange (respectfully).

Search Engine Optimization Horror Story Contest Launched

Bill Hartzer

Do we really need another Search Engine Optimization (SEO) contest ?

#102: Trim Expenses, Daily Time Management, and Can you hear me?

Taylor Marek

Limited Time offer! Save 20% NOW on BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2009 registration with the code “BWESEP20″ (Offer ends 9-20-2009)Intense week here at college, yet cranked out another episode. Enjoy…Sponsored by GoToMeeting, try it FREE for 30 days: [link] I actually had to go without lunch today in order to record this episode, but I [.]. Limited Time offer!

Could you go social-network-free for one day a week?


What if the preferences for your favorite social network allowed you to pick one or more “blackout days” during which you could not log on? Could you get by for a full 24 hours, or more, with no access to Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed or any of your other favorite social media tools? And you can’t cheat and use TweetDeck to access Twitter. The API would be shut down, too.).