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The #1 Reason You’ll Want to Use Google+

Almost Savvy

If you’re still wondering if you ought to bother spending time getting to know yet another social network, I’ve got one big reason you might want to give Google+ a try.

Official Publisher Profiles on Digg One Year Later: Followers up 720%

Adam Sherk

It has been a year since I took at look at the followers and activity of News Sites on the New Digg so I thought I would see how those official profiles are faring today.

Digg 125

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Is It Time To Reconsider Sentiment Scoring?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Precaution While Working On Link Building - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

An important part of working on Social Media is to understand about Links and Link Building. Links are like little veins or tracks that guide the Search Engines crawlers [programs / scripts / algorithms] to go and check out the Site / Blog /Social Profile. Search Engines have built their algorithms in such a way that if you start to spam and paste your Link across without a relevant reason then your Site / Blog can be flagged and quarantined. Sometimes banned as well.

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The Biggest Mistake Brands Make When It Comes To Social Media

Twist Image

What is the biggest mistake that brands make when it comes to Social Media? Without question, this is the number one question I get asked in interviews, at speaking events and at roundtable forums (in fact, it happened today during a panel conversation for Connected For Business Magazine ). You can shore up the many little instances, fumbles, mistakes and blunders into this one concept: The Social Contract.


Myrland Marketing

Follow @NancyMyrland I’ve been sharing my link to Google Plus invites this week, which prompted a visitor named Julie to ask if I had any tips on where she should start. I figured that as long as I was sharing this with her, I might as well expand upon it and share it with you. [.]. Social Media Uncategorized 1st Steps in Social Media Facebook Google Plus Basics Google Plus How To Google Plus Profile Google Plus Where Do I Start? Google Profile Google+ Search Engines Social Networking

Don't Forget About Marketing

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It's commonplace to hear non-Marketers give advice like "forget about marketing " to up and coming businesses. This is a big mistake. This is a stupid mistake. This is advice being given by people who don't even know and/or understand what the definition of Marketing is. In almost every case where I see mention of the "forget marketing and focus on your product," commentary, the individual writing this statement is confusing "marketing" with "advertising."

Price 38

What we can learn from blog firestorms.

Akamai Marketing

Interesting, isn’t it? Social media can be such a fantastic place – full of thoughtful, intelligent people. Fun people. So thoughtful, fun and intelligent that its easy to imagine the whole world is cheering you on.

Dollar General Coupon Matchups – Week Of 01/07- 01/13

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Customer Service: The Cultural & Geographical Differences b/w India & Western World

The Marketing Blog

This post isn’t meant to criticize our culture or our organizations. Neither is it meant to be a rant which is the outcome of frustration while dealing with a service provider!

Social Media’s effect on the UK riots should surprise no one.

Direct Marketing Observations

According to HitWise , Twitter accounted for 1 in every 170 UK Internet visits yesterday; by their estimates, there were over 3.4 million visits to the Twitter homepage from the UK population alone. This is the world that we live in now. WE are the media.

Customer Service: The Cultural & Geographical Differences b/w India & Western World

The Marketing Blog

This post isn’t meant to criticize our culture or our organizations. Neither is it meant to be a rant which is the outcome of frustration while dealing with a service provider!

How Can SEO Hurt Your B2B Business?

PWB Marketing Blog

Your site may have content that is the greatest thing since the invention of fire, but if people can’t find it in a search engine, your site practically doesn’t exist. Unfortunately many businesses invest a lot of time and money in creating a great website but don’t take the time to optimize it for search engine visibility. But starting SEO before you cover the basics can hurt your business. An Ineffective Website Can Alienate Customers. SEO can hurt your business if you have a poor website.

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All Polls and Surveys Are Not Equal

Geoff Livingston

Image by renaissancechambara. In Washington, polls and surveys drive policy decisions, particularly around campaign season. For a presidential election, Gallup polls are considered accurate within four points, and this has yet to be proven wrong.

What My PR Degree Would Look Like Today

Waxing UnLyrical

I finished my masters degree in PR and corporate communication at the end of 2009 – only 19 months ago. However, as a young professional continuing to learn every day in the professional environment, I wondered what my degree might look like were I to embark on it all over again tomorrow.

3 Blogs That Remain Missed

Ari Herzog

Photo by ppdigital. Nothing lasts forever. David Mullen once wrote a blog about communications , Andrea Hill wrote a blog about digital interactions , and Warren Sukernek wrote a blog about Twitter. That was then and this is now. None of their blogs exist today.

Take 5 Minutes to Make WordPress 10 Times More Secure


This guest post is by David Wang of The ClickStarter. Hacktivist groups Lulzsec and Anonymous are on the prowl again. Their actions have generated lots of attention for hacking, and you can be sure that many bored kids and shady characters are interested to start hacking too.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Using Social Media to Give a Shit to a Good Cause


Tweet At Mindjumpers, we have just been informed about a great new non-profit organization, , which is about making people give a shit and support a good cause by using your social networks.

Does Removing Your Website from Google Hurt Your Search Engine Rankings?

Bill Hartzer

Yes, I know, that is an interesting question to ask. And you may be wondering, specifically–why would I ask a question like this? And then try to answer it. Well, it may seem like a no-brainer. Upon first thought, you might think that this is one of the dumbest questions.

What Is Crowdsourcing?

Small Business Mavericks

Crowdsourcing is a relatively new term. A concrete definition hasn’t been settled on, but many people who use it generally use it to mean the “outsourcing&# of work generally performed by an employee or a contractor to a business’s customers or the general population. An organization puts out an open call for volunteers and receives input, feedback, and ideas into the production process. So now that you know what it is, can you use crowdsourcing for your small business?

We live in strange times…

The Way of the Web

It’s been a strange couple of weeks, both personally and given the events occurring across the country. My personal situation is changing radically, I’ve had some unfortunate news about some family members, and it’s been hard to collect my thoughts on anything not immediately related to my work whilst mainstream media, Twitter and Facebook have been constantly churning with updates, responses and reactions to the civil unrest.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Formstack Review

Convince & Convert

embedded video. feature description. use case description. contest. - how would you use it? - 2 winners, discount code for all. social media strategy

Gettin’ unique with QR codes


Living in a city like New York, you are surrounded by some of the most creative advertising and marketing in the world.

How to Use Blogging to Get Clients Flocking after You


This guest post is by Onibalusi from I have been writing for others as a freelancer for over seven months now and within that period I have made over $20,000 just by writing for others. I keep on getting new client requests every month and due to an agreement with my current and main clients, I have rejected almost ten clients in the past six months.

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A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.