Mon.Dec 03, 2018

Facebook Attribution: View Top Sources for Conversions

Jon Loomer

Facebook quietly launched Facebook Attribution last month, a free tool that gives marketers “ a more holistic view of the customer journey, both on and off Facebook. ” “Holistic” is a fancy way of saying “complete.”

The path to happiness and well-being. #MindfulSocial With Rick Hanson

Janet Fouts

On the #MindfulSocial podcast this week I talk with Dr. Rick Hanson, Ph.D. about learning to actually change the structure of our brain through positive neuroplasticity and ways we can learn from our experiences to have more well-being, happiness and emotional balance in our lives.

A Marketer’s Guide to Decoding Social Media Algorithms in 2019

Buffer Social

Social media algorithms play a very important role in the ability for marketers and business owners to make an impact online. And although algorithms are often difficult to understand, we need to learn to work with them and not against them if we want to find success.

The Future of Analytics: 6 Predictions

The Realtime Report

The Future of Analytics: 6 Predictions. By Dr. Beverly Wright. Analytics have become an important part of the decision-making process for many companies in the past few decades, particularly with corporations using data assets as a core competency and point of origin.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Mixing Business with your Personal Life on Social Networks


Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great places to engage both your professional network as well as your personal. However, most people separate business and personal on social media and I think that's a mistake.

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Social Networks And Populism: Cause AndEffect?

Forbes Social Media

There seems to be mounting opinion linking the increase in populism in countries all over the world with the popularization of social networks, a technology that within a few years has come to monopolize a good part of our time, our thoughts, our relationships, and even how we consume news. NASDAQ:FB

Lilly Pulitzer's CEO Shares How The 60-Year-Old Company Has Evolved

Forbes Social Media

Lilly Pulitzer celebrated its 60th anniversary this year and I spoke with Lilly Pulitzer's CEO Michelle Kelly about her career path, leading a predominately female team and how the company has continued to evolve

Team 70

Tumblr Announces Ban On Adult Content Starting Mid-December

Forbes Social Media

One of the web's most popular blogging platforms says it will no longer host any adult content or nude images, with very few exceptions