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Unknown Facts About Plagiarism


People usually think that understanding the concept of plagiarism is very easy! Especially when we talk about students, we see that they often take plagiarism and plagiarism checkers to be one of the most well-understood and explored topics in their immature career.

Pinterest Publishes Listing of Top 100 Trends for 2020, Based on User Behavior

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Pinterest has published a new listing of rising trends which are likely to gain even more traction in the year ahead

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The 5 Most Important Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2020


If you want to be successful on social media in 2020, you need to base your strategy on the latest real-word data and social media trends. That’s why we interviewed more than 3,000 marketers toward the end of 2019. We also spoke to dozens of industry specialists.

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LinkedIn Publishes its 2020 Emerging Jobs Report

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LinkedIn has published its 2020 Emerging Jobs Report which looks at the positions that are seeing increased demand based on LinkedIn data

How to Use Pinterest for Business: 8 Strategies You Need to Know


Are you currently using Pinterest for business? If not, it might be time to put some stock into the idea—especially now that the company has gone public under the very apropos ticker “PINS.”. Pinterest offers businesses a fairly unique proposition.

Oculus Rolls Out Hand Tracking in VR, Eliminating the Need for Gloves or Controllers

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Facebook-owned Oculus is launching the next phase of VR connectivity with hand tracking

Avoid These 10 Big Mistakes When You Schedule Social Media Content

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Scheduling social media content offers tons of benefits—except when it doesn’t. Avoid these 10 major social media scheduling mistakes. Scheduling social media content helps improve your work productivity, but automating your publishing workflow needs to be done thoughtfully.

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Facebook Adds New, Interactive Features for Portal Smart Speaker

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Facebook is adding some new, interactive features into its Portal smart speaker devices

How to Use Google My Business to Get More Customers


Google My Business is an easy and cost-effective way to make your business more discoverable both online and in real life. This comprehensive guide will show you how to get the platform up and running and working for your business immediately. Table of contents.

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Facebook Faces Ongoing Challenges Around Message Encryption and Election Security

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With the 2020 US Presidential Election looming, Facebook continues to face challenges with its privacy tools and ad transparency features

How to Properly Disclose Sponsored Instagram Posts According to the FTC


With the recent spat of FTC crackdowns on Instagram partnerships, a lot of people are wondering how to stay safe when sharing sponsored Instagram posts. Is using the hashtag #ad enough? What about sponsored Instagram Stories? Do you have to disclose a partnership even if you weren’t paid?

Instagram's Now Testing its New Layout Options for Instagram Stories Frames

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Instagram is now testing its new layout mode for Stories, providing a range of ways in which to present images within your Stories frame

A 10 Step Guide To Creating A Social Media Marketing Plan

Webbiquity SMM

Guest post by Marvellous Aham-adi. There are almost 3.5 billion social media users in the world. With so many people—from every country, every age, and every profession—marketing professionals have ramped up their use of social media marketing over the past decade.

Google Launches 'Google Shopping 100' to Highlight Trending Products Based on Search Data

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Google has launched a new listing of the top 100 product trends in a range of categories based on Google search volume increases over the past year

The Best Instagram Stories of 2019

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Instagram Stories was one of the most dynamic social media channels in 2019. So much happened with Stories — from new developments with the product to strong returns on Stories ads and organic reach. Over 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. I’m definitely among that group.

Pinterest Launches 'Pinterest Trends' Beta to Showcase Rising Interests

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Pinterest has launched a new tool called 'Pinterest Trends' which will provide insight into the most popular search terms on the platform over the previous 12 months

15 Ways a Content Calendar Helps Your Business [FREE 2020 Template + podcast]

Pam Moore

Hey content marketers, digital marketing and social media managers! I have a few important questions for you. The answers to these questions will make or break your content marketing success online. Do you have a plan with goals and metrics for your content?

7 best social media audit tools in 2019


Social media audits pose a great opportunity to help you understand the relationship your brand has with its audience. It helps you identify gaps and gives you more clarity on how your brand performs across several social media networks. Why perform a social media audit?

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10 Ways Edtech Advances Are Shaking Up Education

Forbes Green Tech

Edtech is challenging how, what and where students learn

The Most Inspiring Immigration Stories Of 2019

Forbes Social Media

Immigrants succeeding against the odds and people opening their homes to refugees are among the most inspiring immigration stories of 2019


Rumors And Hoaxes Continue To Spread Fast On Social Media, And Why It Is Unlikely To Stop

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Earlier this month rumors spread across Facebook that men driving white vans were part of an organized human trafficking ring. Due to the overwhelming amount of posts on Facebook and other social media platforms warnings about white vans were taken very seriously – including by those in government

Social Media Is Failing To Eliminate Fake Content

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Authored by researchers at the NATO Strategic Command Centre of Excellence in Latvia, it found that it’s surprisingly easy to purchase tens of thousands of comments, likes and views on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

Cooking With Weed, From B-Real To Netflix: The Story Of Dee, The Happy Chef

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For the latest edition of my series “Cool Cannabis Careers,” I spoke with Dee Russell, The Happy Chef, about how to become a cannabis chef, her story with Cypress Hill's B-Real, her appearances on Netflix, and more

This Chrome Extension Brings Instagram Posts’ Likes Back

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To get around the hidden likes blockade, SocialInsider Co-founder Andrei Serbanoiu created a Google Chrome plug-in that reveals the likes on an Instagram post hiding the like count

Raissa Gerona On The Success Of Revolve’s $1.5 Billion IPO, #Revolveawards And The Next Decade.

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Raissa Gerona, Revolve’s Chief Brand Officer, speaks on Revolve's IPO, #Revolveawards and the next decade for the brand

Apple, Microsoft, Google And Many Other Tech Giants Are Quick To Respond To Support Questions On Social Media. When Will Someone Start Organizing It All?

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In some ways, it makes sense that tech support would occur in real-time on social media