Sat.Jun 15, 2019

Facebook Announces Updated Ranking Factors for Post Comments

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced a couple of new considerations for how it ranks comments on posts

3 Things You Should Know About Real Estate Mediation

The Realtime Report

3 Things You Should Know About Real Estate Mediation. As the alternative to going to court, real estate mediation resolves different problems. For instance, you bought a home and after a month or so later, grey water starts flowing back.

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New Research Underlines the Ongoing Mobile Usage Shift, Highlights Audience-Specific Considerations

Social Media Today

A new study from Pew Research has highlighted some important marketing considerations in regards to how different audiences are accessing the web

The One Big Design Mistake made by Non-Designers (and how to fix it)

Socially Sorted

Let’s get real and talk about the single biggest design mistake made by non-designers. It’s not what you think and many of us fall into the trap of doing it. And I have 3 easy ways to fix it.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Google Gives Search Icons a New Look, with Visual Indicators on Each Element

Social Media Today

Google has updated its category icons in search results, making it easier to visually see what each element relates to

Google 171

6 Types Of Influencers And How To Identify A "True" Influencer

Forbes Social Media

Tamara McCleary, a top influencer, explains how marketers can find and leverage these 6 types of influencers (hint, they aren't always celebrities) to harness the "potency of a diverse group of influencers to get the word out" about your brand

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Could AI Enable The Idea Of 'Reverse Fact Checking'?

Forbes Social Media

What if we required every social media post to provide external attribution for its claims and used deep learning algorithms to compare the statements in the post to their original material they cite as their source? Could this “reverse fact checking” largely curb the spread of digital falsehoods

Is 'Governance By Twitter' Destroying Cooperation?

Forbes Social Media

Could the increasing use of short-form social media platforms be destroying the very cooperation and collaboration that is so vital to a healthy and functioning democracy