Thu.Apr 15, 2021

Facebook Adds Scheduling for Stories, New Ad and Business Discovery Options

Social Media Today

Facebook has launched some new business tools, including Stories scheduling

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5 Tips for Perfecting Your Business Strategy on Pinterest

Ignite Social Media

Last month, Pinterest hosted the first-ever Pinterest Presents summit for advertisers that included some promising news for the platform’s future, such as seeing a global audience growth of 40% year-over-year in 2020 for two unexpected demographics, Gen Z and men.


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Child Health Experts Call on Facebook to Abandon Plans for an 'Instagram for Kids'

Social Media Today

A group of child health experts have called on Facebook to abandon any plans for an 'Instagram for Kids'

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How to Create a Brand Community: A Step-by-Step Process

Social Media Strategies Summit

Build a strong brand and you will get yourself a strong community of loyal customers and brand advocates. Or, is it the other way around? Some might argue that a strong community is what makes a brand stronger and loyal customers are the best way to promote a brand.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Facebook May Soon Offer Campaign Budget Optimization Across Platforms, Not Just Ad Sets

Social Media Today

Facebook is developing a new system that would enable advertisers to automate optimal ad spend across multiple platforms

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Facebook Launches New Legal Action Over Attempted Domain Name Abuse Scams

Social Media Today

Facebook is taking legal action against a company that's been looking to use lookalike domain names to dupe users

Media Company ‘Space Hero’ Signs A Space Act Agreement with NASA

The Realtime Report

Media Company ‘Space Hero’ Signs A Space Act Agreement with NASA. Space Hero Partnerships LLC has signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA for a feasibility study of a proposed Space Hero mission to the International Space Station.

Facebook Adds New Volunteer Features for Earth Day, Shares New Data on Climate Change Awareness

Social Media Today

Facebook has added some new volunteer features for Earth Day, and published new data on climate change awareness

How to find a profitable niche market for your blog

So, you want to start a new blog? We get it – it’s fun, and you can let your creativity roam free. Plus, you can earn real money with it. But then the reality hits. What should you blog about? Is there a target audience for your blog?

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

How To Run Windows Software On Chromebook


Want to run Windows apps on Chromebook? Here’s how you can do that. Up Until 2011 when shopping for a new computer, users only had two choices: macOS and Windows. But with the launch of Chromebooks that run on Chrome OS, things are changing.

10 Ways to Find Ideas to Boost Social Media Engagement

Social media is being used by many small and large businesses around the world. The reason is the rapid growth of technology-loving audiences. Currently, almost everyone is using a smartphone to do many regular activities like ordering food, buying groceries, etc.

File Explorer Is Slow on Windows 10? Here’s The Fixes!


Microsoft introduced new features which are not only user-friendly but also innovative. However, not all of them are required as they could slow down the File Explorer search. Here we will discuss the major reasons for File Explorer’s slow search results and ways to solve them.

How To Repurpose Your Digital Content

Welcome to this week’s social media quick tip. This week I want to show you how to repurpose your existing content. Do you struggle to find time to create fresh content for your website or blog? One key to maintaining a steady stream of quality content is to re-purpose what you already have.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

5 Ways Brands Can Use Clubhouse and Other Social Audio Apps


According to a recent study by eMarketer , 2% of US adults are using Clubhouse. While the number itself might seem small, the fact that it's “invite-only” and available only on iPhones is impressive.

#372: How Much Does It Actually Cost To Start & Successfully Grow A Biz with Jamie Trull

Amy Porterfield

How Much Does It Actually Cost To Start & Successfully Grow A Biz with Jamie Trull In this episode, she and I help you get clear on finances and the secrets to saving money, so you can run a successful (and lucrative) business.

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Snapchat Shares Insights on How Users are Planning for Both Mother's and Father's Day [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Snapchat has shared some new insights into how users are planning for both Mother's Day and Father's Day to help marketers plan their campaigns

Not just for data scientists: Why your entire team needs access to social business intelligence

Sprout Social

After a year of transformation, businesses are going all-in on social— 90% of executives see social becoming the primary communication channel for connecting with customers, according to recent findings in the Harris Poll on behalf of Sprout Social.

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How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

The Rise of Social Commerce [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Social commerce is on the rise, with more options available, and more people growing to expect in-stream buying options

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PearPop Just Raised $16 Million From Alexis Ohanian, Snoop Dogg, Amy Schumer And Others To Monetize TikTok Clout Sharing

Forbes Social Media

The company was started by a 24-year-old model, prolific venture capitalist and talent manager Guy Oseary and a lawyer turned children’s toy founder.

10 Things You Should Know about Blogging (from Someone Who Didn’t)


The post 10 Things You Should Know about Blogging (from Someone Who Didn’t) appeared first on ProBlogger. This post is based on episode 100 of the ProBlogger podcast. As you probably know, when I first started blogging I was very much a novice.

Facebook Under Investigation For Massive Data Leak

Forbes Social Media

The Irish Data Protection Commission has launched an investigation into the massive leak of Facebook user data online. Cybersecurity /cybersecurity Innovation /innovation Cybersecurity /cybersecurity Social Media /social-media technology

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8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

#372: How Much Does It Actually Cost To Start & Successfully Grow A Biz with Jamie Trull

Amy Porterfield

[insert shownotes] Here’s a glance at this episode… [Insert transcript brief] Click here to listen! Rate, Review, & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts “I love Amy and Online Marketing Made Easy.” ” <– If that sounds like you, please consider rating and reviewing my show! This helps me support more people — just like you — move […].

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New Adobe Report Reveals Demand For More Representative Emoji, But Inclusion Runs Deeper

Forbes Social Media

As we rely upon emoji to reflect our sentiment, the more accurate they represent us, the more helpful they are. A new study by Adobe finds that users want more representation as current characters aren’t cutting it.

Social Media Debate: To Pack Or Not To Pack The Supreme Court

Forbes Social Media

The debate has taken on a life of its own on social media where the hashtag #ExpandTheCourt has been trending. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

Restoring Public Trust In Technology And Media Is Infrastructure Investment

Forbes Social Media

Inauthentic content—both inadvertent and deliberately deceptive—is increasing. The "Content Authentication Initiative" partners technology company Adobe, the New York Times, Twitter, and other firms producing and publishing content to help consumers make more informed decisions about what to trust.