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Learn to Write Better Code: C# Tips For Beginners

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Learn to Write Better Code: C# Tips For Beginners. Writing good code is hard enough for the most experienced programmers. If you’re just starting out, programming can look like a daunting task. Luckily, C# is a relatively easy to understand programming language. It’s also incredibly popular. Due to its popularity, there’s plenty of documentation and assistance online to help you get a grasp on C# programming.

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Facing Keyboard Lag In Windows 10? Here’s How To Fix


We all know that a keyboard is the input source that helps you type any sort of text, like letters, numbers or special characters on the text editors or other programs. The functionality is quite simple: you hit any key of your keyboard and the same is typed on your computer screen, without any lag. But what if suddenly you start experiencing a lag in between the character you typed on the keyboard and the text that appear on the computer screen. Annoying, right?

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Twitter Spear Phishing Attack Highlights Security Weaknesses Of Social Media

Forbes Social Media

In this most recent attack the hackers used the Twitter accounts as part of a rather simple bitcoin scam, but what is worrisome is that it could have been used to impact the stock market, discredit individuals during an election year or even cause an international incident. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media innovation socialmedia

How to Troubleshoot Internet Not Working With A VPN Client


Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are helpful for ensuring your protection and examining your security on the web. Today, VPNs have become a must-have requirement for almost everyone. VPNs ideally work by directing your web connection through a server from an area of your preferences. This has the impact of hiding your identity online by allotting you a transitory IP address. VPNs can let clients get to content which is normally open just from explicit geographic areas.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

What Happens If The Atlantic Hurricane Season Runs Out Of Names?

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Here's what happens if the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season runs out of names. Science /science Innovation /innovation Science /science Social Media /social-media Editors' Pick editors-pick innovation science

Fix Google Search Address Bar in The Chromium Version of Microsoft Edge


Not every one of those revamped, received, or updated versions of software works perfect always & we all have seen it. From bug issues to glitching , all of these software have given us nightmares. Sometimes, only restarting the software solves the issues & other times, well, let’s just say we are out of luck. From Windows to Mac, & Android to iOS , we all have had our good share of troubleshooting the problem or simply, restarting the device itself.

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TikTok Responds to Possible US Ban: "We're Not Planning on Going Anywhere"

Social Media Today

After US President Donald Trump announced that he would be banning TikTok, the company has issued a public response to th speculation

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ByteDance Agrees To Divest U.S. Operations Of TikTok After Trump’s Threats: What’ll Happen To The App 800 Million People Love?

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Trump said he'd ban TikTok, so ByteDance agreed to divest its U.S. operations of the popular app. Here are three scenarios that could happen next. Enterprise Tech /enterprise-tech Innovation /innovation Enterprise Tech /enterprise-tech Social Media /social-media Innovation