Sun.May 26, 2019

9 Key Steps in Implementing an Effective Social Media Strategy

Social Media Today

Here are some key steps that all businesses need to take to implement an effective social media marketing strategy

4 Reasons People Fear Science

Forbes Social Media

Four reasons people may fear science


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Instagram Adds Alternate Stories Color Notifier for Pride Month

Social Media Today

Instagram is adding a rainbow Stories color ring for Pride Month

We Keep Forgetting That We Didn't Want Democratic Social Media

Forbes Social Media

As rumblings grow for Facebook to turn back into a democracy, we would do well to reflect on the 2009-2012 chapter in the site’s history and what it means for the future of representation in our digital walled gardens that increasingly control the global flow of information

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The 2019 State of Content Marketing [Infographic]

Social Media Today

This new report looks at how marketers see the state of their industry, with a specific focus on content marketing

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Human-Made: Technologies Of The Body

Forbes Social Media

Technology today both imitates the human body and extends abilities to our bodies. This article explores the uses and abuses of technology designed around the human body from Henrietta Lacks to the present day


Demand Generation: 6 Proven Strategies To Grow Your Revenue

Koka Sexton

Suppose you’re taking a new product to market. How can you find potential customers? Where do you direct your marketing strategies? What should you do to align your marketing and sales teams? This is where demand generation comes in. What Is Demand Generation?

Are We Retreating From Algorithms Or Recreating Community?

Forbes Social Media

This retreat from the global commons to local community is a return to the interest-based and geographically-defined roots upon which societies rested prior to social media’s attempts to rip individuals from their community context and redefine them merely as faceless members of a global whole