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The Value of Nonprofit Mentors in 2017


The nonprofit sector is a strong and vibrant community full of people willing to help each other out. And now more than ever, it’s important to come together and work as allies and mentors. The value of being mentored seems pretty obvious: new skills, confidence, friendship, etc. They get stuff done. And they make a bigger impact. But do you really need a that trusted ally? The goal?

Three Ways to Ensure Your Influencer Campaign Doesn’t Offend Customers

Spin Sucks

Marketers want influencers to enjoy the best possible experience in hopes of generating positive coverage. But these efforts can quickly spin out of control. Michael Innocentin talks about how carefully choosing social media influencers can help generate interest for your brand. The post Three Ways to Ensure Your Influencer Campaign Doesn’t Offend Customers appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Social Media Reporting Tips (From Your Boss)

Simply Measured

I spend a lot of time analyzing stuff. I analyze personas, lines of business, channel performance, conversion rates, and interest in specific products and solutions. I segment content by topic, type, and delivery method to see what’s performing the best. I roll analysis up into reports that I share with my direct reports, my peers, and my boss. I’m a marketer. This comes with the territory.

How to Find Your Dream Job

Spin Sucks

How do you find your dream job? Is there a strategy you should use? What exactly is a dream job? This and more are tackled by Erika Heald here. The post How to Find Your Dream Job appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories I Work for Spin Sucks and I Am Not a PR Expert The Six Criteria Necessary for Professional Growth Create Your Own Online Courses with Teach and Grow Rich.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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Setting Up Your Browser to Increase Your Productivity


As bloggers we spend most of our work time staring at our browser. How we have a browser set up can have a significant impact on our productivity in two ways: It can help us eliminate distractions. It can help up keep focused on our key activities. Below I am sharing four ideas you can implement to your browser, which will boost your productivity. Set your browser start up page. My Google Calendar.

All You Need to Know About Instagram Takeovers: How to Host a Takeover in 6 Simple Steps

Buffer Social

Even though Instagram takeovers seem trendy now, they first started to gain popularity back in 2012 with brands like General Electric, Burberry and Food Republic inviting Instagrammers to take over their feeds for a day. What started out as a fun way for brands and Instagrammers to collaborate, has now transitioned into one of the valuable aspects of any Instagram marketing strategy. Wrap up.

Multimedia direct messages at scale, for a world of richer experiences


Twitter research shows that tweets with videos enjoy more engagement than GIFs and photos, and that video adverts are almost twice as memorable on Twitter than other platforms.* With video clearly such an effective engagement mechanism, we’re pleased to announce that, from today, our enterprise clients can also execute multimedia direct message campaigns, at scale, on the Audiense Connection Platform. No surprise, then, that the capability of the platform to execute personalized direct message campaigns is one of its popular and most frequently used features. product launches. competitions.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts Through Sprout Social in 6 Easy Steps

Sprout Social

Building a successful brand image is about being at the right place at the right time. And currently that right place looks a lot like Instagram. With an estimated 70% of brands on the network, it’s no wonder why companies continue to look for ways on how to schedule Instagram posts and ultimately produce great content. How to Schedule Instagram Posts Using Sprout Social. Want to give it test run?

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Top Mobile Tech Trends For 2017

The Realtime Report

Top Mobile Tech Trends For 2017 By Andrew Gazdecki. The year 2017 will be a one of massive growth for the mobile market. Technologies have evolved to make app building cheaper and easier across the board. Just about every business now has the capability to develop mobile apps to serve their needs. Having a mobile presence can help grow any business or organization in countless ways. Final Thoughts.

5 Ways to Reach Your Audience on #ValentinesDay

Simply Measured

It’s Valentine’s Day, and countless people worldwide do something romantic to celebrate their love: gifts, flowers, cards, dinner, movies. On this first major gifting event of the year, consumers in the U.S. alone spend over $18 billion , which is about $137 per person who participates in this holiday. There are over 275K mentions of #ValentinesDay on Twitter so far in the U.S., https://t.co/ddxRlNbFEp

The #GetSocialSmart Show Episode 007: How to Create Meaningful Engagement

Katie Lance

It’s episode seven of The #GetSocialSmart Show! This whole month is about showing the love. This particular episode is about meaningful engagement. How do you create meaningful engagement with your clients, your potential clients, your prospects? How do you show them the love? All right, I’ve got three quick tips for you today. Tip number one, is be intentional. Guess what?

5 Ways to Reach Your Audience on #Valentinesday

Simply Measured

It’s Valentine’s day today, and countless people worldwide are going to do something romantic to celebrate their love: gifts, flowers, cards, dinner, movies. In this first major gifting event of the year, consumers in the US alone are going to spend over $18 billion , which is about $137 per person who participates in this holiday. 2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download. https://t.co/ddxRlNbFEp

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

It's Not Easy To Be A Loving Brand These Days

Twist Image

Be careful what you wish for. Never has a sentiment been so true like it is for brands these day. We have never lived in a more politically-driven and open-social environment at the same time. Brands should be spinning like a top (in fact, a lot of them are). If you think back to the early days of social media, there was a commonly-held sentiment that brands came into social media kicking and screaming (for the most part). This is a fact. Some would say that this made companies and brands much more human. and that's a good thing, right? In theory, this is not a good thing. it's a great thing.

A Comparison of Social Media Live Video Platforms

Ignite Social Media

When you think of live video, Facebook may be the first platform that comes to mind. They’ve certainly made the biggest push for it over the past year or so. But, there are plenty of other platforms that are worth considering. Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, and now even YouTube are all getting in on the live video feature. Paid Promotion. This is a big one. How they stack up: Fan Interactions.

Calculating Your KPI Correctly: Which Measurement Is Best for Your Campaign?


Facebook’s advertising strategy basically boils down to: Show people ads they want to see and… Read More.