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Does Social Media Improve Google Organic Search Ranking?


If you manage a website, you know the importance of search engine rankings. Since more than 90% of all online traffic is driven by search results, search engine optimization can be vital to businesses. If your site appears on the first page of Google results, it can make a huge difference in brand recognition, sales, and [.]. Google Infographics Search Social Media Google Search Statistics

The Future of Association Publishing


Thanks to Association Media & Publishing for this interesting video. Do you have any thoughts about the future of publishing? You know we do. photo credit ). Content Strategy

6 Reasons to Make Your Big Idea Small

Convince & Convert

Brad Van Orden is the most interesting man in the world. It’s not the Dos Equis guy, it’s Brad. Sheena Navigates the Market in Nebaj, Guatemala. A former product engineer for WL Gore & Associates, Brad is an expert telemark skier, mountain biker, mechanic, cook, humorist, and explorer. I got to know Brad and his wife Sheena when I lived in Flagstaff, AZ (where they’re from).

Pinterest: Blocking Spammers

Laurel Papworth

Pinterest chooses not to let users block spammers, encouraging users to report the spammers to them instead. Talk about making a rod for your own back! I never know whether to be amused or irritated when I see new social networks repeat old errors. In Pinterest’s case, they refuse to give users tools to manage their own networks. Background. Spammers can tag you in Pins, meaning you get an email each time “Weight loss- how I lost 20lbs” or “Viagra special offer!!” ” over and over and over. Oh Joy. Oh Bliss. Impact – Customer Service. Impact: Legal.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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9 Steps to Take When You Loathe Your Own Blog


This guest post is by Ryan Barton, author of Smart Marketing. You’ve got an editorial calendar, you’ve scheduled blog posts weeks in advance. Look how professional you are. Well done. You’re an inspiration. You press Publish and bask in retweets, praise, and a flood of comments. You’re “resonating” with your “tribe.” ” You’re prolific. You’re a cocky so-and-so. Then it hits: the loathing. You’re exhausted. You’re ignoring your calendar. You can’t be bothered to think about new topics. It lacks moxy. Narrow your focus.

Tips 10

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #99

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93Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? "Nathan Morris makes a good case that 60 years of suburban dreams have ended, and that we'll no longer crave the suburbs. Technology, infrastructure, and lifestyle changes might turn the countryside into a ghost town the way the flight from urban cores has abandoned some cities." " (Alistair for Hugh). Startups, this is how design works. "These days, it's all about the interface. " (Alistair for Mitch). What's a floppy disk? what does the menu bar say?'

Take a New Road with Your Blog


This guest post is by Lars Holdgaard of Gode Karakterer. So you have a blog which has some kind of self-defined success. You are maybe making a good portion of money and you can see the visitors numbers rising. Your position in Google is also doing better and better every month, and everything is progressing. But maybe it doesn’t feel right. You can see the results, but it still doesn’t feel right. Writing every blog post feels like a pain, and you postpone it as much as possible. Actually, you would much rather just write about something else. Let’s take a case. He wrote that book in 2007.