Wed.Apr 25, 2012

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Is Blogging Dead or Are Companies Not Trying Hard Enough?

Spin Sucks

When I speak to CEO organizations , I typically run through a series of quick slides that show where technology is right at this moment.

Humanize Does Not Mean Touchy-Feely


Obviously, Maddie and I are making a strong case for making our organizations more human, but based on some reactions we’ve been getting from people (who haven’t yet read the book, in their defense), there is a misperception that needs clarifying.

How To Change Your Facebook Page Name


Facebook has finally made changing your Page name a bit easier. Here’s how to do it. View your Page’s Admin Panel, click the Help link, then scroll down and click ‘Request a name change for your Page.’

Saving the Millennial Workforce from Bad Perceptions

Spin Sucks

Today’s guest post is written by Molli Megasko. . I love 60 Minutes just as much as my grandma does, but unlike my grandma I’m only 28. So you can imagine my distress when they aired a segment on the Millennial generation shown in an unfavorable light.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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Two Things That Should Rock Your World

Twist Image

Well, is the Web dead? Of course, the Web isn't dead, but it is changing in ways that many of us have (sadly) been ignoring. As more and more brands still struggle with the browser-based Web (and this includes everything from website development to social media and e-commerce), the Web as we've known it evolves.

Gushcloud: Mobilizing Social Media Marketing


Tweet. SXSW is a sizzling hub for the rising stars of social media. Consequently, representing Mindjumpers at this year’s conference included meeting with a variety of these passionate and engaged newcomers in the social media ballgame (see my blog post on , April 3 rd 2012).

Why Bloggers Need to Build a Subscriber List


This is a guest post by Christine Brady of Insightful Mommy. If you have been blogging for any length of time, you have no doubt heard the phrase list building or building a list of subscribers. But what does building a list of subscribers have to do with blogging you may be wondering…. As bloggers, your focus is much like mine – creating great content to share with our readers, staying active on social media, connecting and promoting your blog.

List 37

How to influence the influencer

Engaging Brand

Democratisation of the web, does not mean there are no's s just that the gatekeepers have changed. Publishing has moved from editors to google algorithm engineers! Article sharing has moved from editors to bloggers. Awareness has moved from the world of advertising to the word of mouth. Gossip has gone from the Friday night leaving do to Twitter and social networking.local to global. The gatekeepers have changed but there are two differences.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

The Return of the Blog Roll

Geoff Livingston

Image by Rod Senna Surely you have seen the many studies, articles and posts (see Gini’s take) — including a couple on this blog — over the past few months about corporate blogging’s decline. In thinking about the matter, I decided to reverse my personal decision to exclude a blog roll here. The best way [.].

Facebook’s Trending Articles – adding irrelevance into my network

The Way of the Web

Facebook started testing ‘Trending Articles’ roughly a week ago, but they’ve appeared in my own account for the first time today. Now below the latest update from my network, I get a block displaying 5 articles read by someone connected to me, like so (name of friend removed as who knows whether they want it displayed publicly).

Is Your Website Too Focused On Selling?

Small Business Mavericks

The concept of being in business is to sell – that could be a product, a service, or perhaps even a concept. This may sound a little strange – are you too focused on selling? I know that is why you are in business, however, if you focus too strongly on selling, you may be missing other opportunities. Generally speaking, traffic from search engines convert at between 2% and 10% depending on your product/service.

Essential SEO Settings for Every New WordPress Blog


This guest post is by Karol K of ThemeFuse. Some bloggers, designers, and WordPress developers have a kind of love-hate relationship with SEO. I know—some people tend to be overly focused on everything SEO-related, and they just keep blasting us with the next “crucial” SEO advice every day. On the other hand, some people tend to completely overlook it, and act like there’s no such thing as SEO. The truth is that neither of these approaches is the right one.

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Are You Hiding From Your Customers Online?

The Social Media Incubator shared recent study findings that showed two-thirds of small and midsized businesses are not providing adequate contact information and links to their social media channels.


Introducing Blekko, the Self-curated Search Engine


This guest post is by Philip Rudy of ImageWorks Studio. Have you used Blekko yet? It’s the search engine that prides itself on human curation.

Cartoon of the day

Jeff Esposito

[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Cartoon of the Day Cartoon comic non sequitur Wiley Miller

What’s the Best Type of Affiliate Site? [Case Study]


This guest post is by Anshul Dayal of Nichsense Niche Marketing. Once upon a time, making money with affiliate marketing and AdSense was a question of following this step-by step recipe (circa 2009): Find a product to promote on Clickbank or other affiliate networks. Find a low-competition keyword.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

WEBININE: How to Build an Email Sign-up Form That Works

Convince & Convert

Chris Sietsema is Social & Digital Operations Lead at Convince & Convert. He also runs a digital agency called Teach to Fish Digital where he provides insights on search, social media, email marketing, and analytics.

Come Help Me Celebrate My 40th Birthday with @CharityWater


Tomorrow is my birthday…. and it’s one of those ‘big ones’…. I’m turning 40!