Sat.Mar 31, 2012

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing [Infographic]


The Web has empowered consumers in many ways, giving them new methods for finding, researching, and buying products. Marketing communication as a two-way dialogue emerged in response to these changes in behavior. People no longer rely solely on TV/newspaper/magazine ads, billboards, direct mail, email, banner ads, and other traditional outbound marketing channels to learn about new products. [.].

Making Data More Human


The title of this talk says it all, really – Making Data More Human. “Jer Thorp is an artist and educator from Vancouver, Canada, currently living in New York. Coming from a background in genetics, his digital art practice explores the many-folded boundaries between science and art.”

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Horizontal Marketing

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Warning: this going to sound self-serving: Marketing has to stop being a vertical within the business and must become horizontal across all business lines. Period. End of sentence. Businesses, fundamentally see the concept of social business as a fad. As if, suddenly, the employees within the organization will no longer be connected to one another and no longer engaged on a smartphone or tablet (meaning they are not only hyper-connected but completely untethered).

Lightweight infographics: outsourcing original thinking


We have become a generation of inspirational stamp collectors. With the proliferation of lightweight infographics posted on Pinterest and Facebook, we have outsourced the personal tweet and the status update. We are present at a pivotal moment in the decline of modern civilization. The preeminence of these prepackaged ponderings is a

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Plagiarism … or Inspiration?


This guest post is by Dawn Walnoha of Brandsplat. In all writing, blogging being no exception, there is a fine line between borrowing ideas and plagiarizing content. Since the issue is not clearly defined the same way everywhere, it is open to interpretation. And that means the line is somewhere in a gray area between the black and white of honest content and dishonest theft.