Sat.Nov 03, 2018

Instagram and Snapchat Look to Boost Voter Participation with New Tools

Social Media Today

Both Instagram and Snapcha are looking to boost voter participation in the US mid terms with new stickers and prompts

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3 Easy Things to Post on Instagram Stories (When You’re Stuck for Ideas)

Socially Sorted

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck for things to post on Instagram Stories? Here’s 3 ways you can post existing Instagram posts from your feed or stories. You’ll never be stuck for ideas again! BY DONNA MORITZ | 4 NOVEMBER, 2018 Instagram is a creative wonderland. // Read More. The post 3 Easy Things to Post on Instagram Stories (When You’re Stuck for Ideas) appeared first on Socially Sorted. Instagram Images Instagram Stories

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Hackers are Looking to Sell Private Facebook Information, Another Facebook Data Issue

Social Media Today

A hacker group claims to have data from over 120 million Facebook accounts, including private messages and personal information

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A New European Satellite Launching This Week Is Important For Weather Forecasts

Forbes Social Media

The new European MetOp-C satellite will help with U.S. and global weather forecasts


Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

China's Tencent Releases its Own Variation of Snap Spectacles, Which May Actually Help Snapchat

Social Media Today

Chinese social media giant Tencent has released a new set of smart glasses which resemble Snapchat's Spectacles - and could have implications for Snap's device

Cellphones And Cancer Risk: How To Use Your Cellphone More Safely

Forbes Social Media

A National Toxicology Program (NTP) study found that the radiofrequency radiation from cell phones can cause cancer in rats, but here are the caveats

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