Wed.Jul 08, 2020

TikTok Opens its Self-Serve Ad Platform to All Businesses

Social Media Today

TikTok is opening its platform up to all advertisers with its new, self-serve ad buying platform

What Is the Difference Between a Resume and a Cover Letter?

The Realtime Report

What Is the Difference Between. a Resume and a Cover Letter? Around 40 million Americans are now unemployed following the Covid-19 crisis. Unless a job asks you to submit an online application, you’ll send both a cover letter and a resume.

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Facebook Adds New, Free Courses in Effective Community Management

Social Media Today

Facebook has added a new Community Management education stream to its free Blueprint program

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Tesla on social media: the chaotic force of Elon Musk


Tesla is the first brand that comes to might when the conversation turns to electric cars. Let's talk about it

Facebook's Civil Rights Audit Raises Significant Concerns with the Platform's Political Policy Approach

Social Media Today

An audit of Facebook's approach to civil rights has raised serious concerns with the platform's policies, in particular, it's decision not to fact-check political ads or take action on comments from political leaders

How to Find and Target Your Social Media Audience (Free Template)


Developing a clear understanding of your social media target audience may be the most important thing you do as a social media marketer. Your target audience informs all elements of your social media strategy.

Facebook Removes More Accounts Due to Manipulation Efforts, Including New Push by Right-Wing 'Proud Boys'

Social Media Today

Facebook has removed another set of accounts for 'coordinated inauthentic behavior', including a new group linked to the right-wing Proud Boys in the US

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Google Adds New Knowledge Panel Insights to Google Image Results for Added Context

Social Media Today

Google is adding new Knowledge Panel information listings to Google Images results, helping to provide more context about visual entries

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Beyond the Pandemic

Ari Herzog

Four months ago, Ed Yong, a staff writer at The Atlantic , wrote a 5,453-word essay about the end of the pandemic. While many of his medical, scientific, and economic perspectives likely need updating (such as the President’s then-popularity), there are two concepts that struck me.

Twitter's Working on a New Subscription Service, Which Could Provide New Options for Prominent Users

Social Media Today

A new job posting has pointed to Twitter's development of a new, subscription-based offering - though how that would function is unclear

Find Free, On-brand Stock Photos with Later


Finding content to share on social media just got easier. Starting today, you can find free, on-brand stock photos with Later’s new Unsplash integration. Now you can gather, edit, and schedule high-quality stock photos in minutes to build an eye-catching feed. And the good news?

Accidentally Deleted Photos From iPhone? Here’s How To Recover Them!


Have you deleted pictures from your iPhone accidentally and unable to recover them? Worry not, there is always a solution for each problem that arises and similarly, you can resolve this issue as well.

Social Media Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020


Statistics show trends without which it is impossible to achieve success in any social or marketing campaign

How to use Audacity in the creative way?


Audacity, a very popular name among music enthusiasts to record, edit or mix audios. So far, we all knew this amazing software only for its basic uses. But do you know it can be used to bring more creativity out of it.

A Social Listening Snapshot of Singapore's General Election 2020


Between the daily online rallies, and the myriad of memes sprouting up in the wake of each live broadcast, Singapore’s General Election 2020 is shaping up to be the first truly digital one, as social distancing measures continue amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

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How Hootsuite Integrates Our Paid and Organic Social Strategy


Organic and paid social—they’re the peanut butter and jelly of marketing. Together, they’re an unstoppable duo—a classic combination that can win over any crowd. Unfortunately, these two worlds often work in silos as separate teams or even separate departments.

Katie Price Gunning For Internet Trolls Who Abuse Disabled Son

Forbes Social Media

Former model, reality TV star and mother to a disabled son Katie Price has called on the government to bring in stricter penalties for those who abuse disabled people online. Her call for action comes amidst disturbing news that online abuse of disabled people increased during lockdown.

Price 83

How Hootsuite Integrates Our Paid and Organic Social Strategy


Organic and paid social—they’re the peanut butter and jelly of marketing. Together, they’re an unstoppable duo—a classic combination that can win over any crowd. Unfortunately, these two worlds often work in silos as separate teams or even separate departments.

Fine Art And Sports Worlds Unite Virtually With Arcis Golf, TOROSIETE Museum

Forbes Social Media

A top operator of public and private golf clubs in the U.S., Arcis Golf runs 61 properties in 13 states. Meanwhile, the TOROSIETE Museum of Contemporary Art is an online, virtual museum celebrating emerging contemporary artists worldwide.

5 Key Benefits to Hosting Virtual Events


Business events have been a long-time staple in company calendars since who knows when. A few times a year, employees get to travel to places like Boston, New York, London, and Singapore to hear keynotes from world-renowned speakers, meet other like-minded professionals, and enjoy entertainment.


Social Media with Romona

Read to stay up-to-date on the best practices of social media marketing, email marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, and personal branding. If you are using the Google My Business App, hopefully, you are also receiving reviews.

Essentials for Starting an Online Business

Amy Porterfield

I want to talk to you for a second about courage. You know, the feeling that drives you to do something you’re afraid of and motivates you to chase after your dreams. If that sounds familiar and it’s brought you here, I’m thrilled for you. You’ve taken the first step to creating the online […].

Instagram Marketing Tips to Capture Attention and Stop That Constant Scrolling

agora pulse

As a social media manager, you may know a lot about Instagram’s end-user features. But have you focused on Instagram marketing? We’ve got tips and tricks about it to help you make the most of this platform. With more than 25 million businesses on Instagram, competition is fierce.

How to Integrate Stock Into Your Social Feeds (Without Anyone Noticing!)


Are you looking to learn how to use stock on social media? Stock assets can help elevate your content strategy while saving you time and money.

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How to Pre-Launch on Instagram: The Inside Story of Jot Coffee’s Social Media Strategy

Buffer Social

Launched in April 2020, Jot Coffee, a newly launched DTC (direct-to-consumer) coffee brand, has quickly picked up steam as the new at-home coffee brand that delivers an exceptionally delicious experience, both in-person and digitally.

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Best Battery Saver Apps For Android 2020


Be it the latest and smartest smartphone, it still requires a battery saver app to save Android battery. Like every side of a coin, latest smartphones though are technologically advanced, are subjected to substantial battery drainage.