Wed.Mar 16, 2011

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Not a Full-Length Book? Write a Kindle Single Instead

Debbie Weil

I’ve been wrestling with whether the topic of Friending Over 50 (aka baby boomers and social media) is a book idea - or just a fascinating phenomenon (links to Pew Internet report on Older Adults and Social Media ) as well as a great subject for a five-minute Ignite talk. I’ve pretty much decided that it’s not the right idea for a full-length book. At least for me. Old and gray.

How to Optimize your Paid Search with Social Media

Buzz Marketing for Technology

We used to learn about who our audience was by putting cookies on our website and waiting for traffic to come so we could learn more about our visitors. For example, before people visited our site, perhaps they visited So we potentially have a large sports audience as a segment of our brand, right? But how do I find those keywords (see “ Why Topic Discovery Beats Search ”)? Technology.

Is Social CRM the key to growing membership?


This is the first of a series of blog posts we’re writing for the Avectra blog , to be reposted here for you. We’ve also written a white paper on Social CRM for Associations, which is out very soon. Sign up here to be notified when the white paper is available ! Social CRM is a term fraught with some confusion. Not to mention public and shareable. Translation, please. on Quora.

Learning through Visual Note-Taking

Spin Sucks

I spoke last night at the Lake County Social Networking event that’s put on every month by Tim McDonald. If you live in the Chicago area and don’t already know about these events, check them out. Tim does a phenomenal job of making it fun and relaxed, but also informative and valuable. Not my point. First, enter Len Kendall. He still takes notes.&#. He is super, super talented. THEN.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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Announcing Google For Nonprofits!


We’re frantically digging out from Great Ideas (one word – awesomesauce) and heading over to NTC for the next three days, so I’ll just drop this completely unedited little list of informational links from Google, who have just launched Google for Nonprofits. I headed straight from the airport to their offices in DC today to hear the announcement, so here is the scoop. We’ll blog some more in depth analysis of what this all actually means in a few days, when our heads stop spinning… in the meantime, check it out. More links and resources.

How To Create A Foursquare Special

Saying It Social

Late last week, foursquare launched an entirely revamped platform for businesses. It opens up lots of new options for creating specials and makes the process of creating specials easier to manage, especially for companies with multiple locations. It also brings new tools for analyzing the performance of different specials when compared to each other. Read more at [link].

Facebook For Business Tip #8: Wildfire Contests


Contests can be a great way to generate buzz, interest and excitement around your brand. Hosting a contest on your Facebook page is also an effective way to build awareness of your page and boost fan numbers. Many pages run contests that violate Facebook Promotions Guidelines , however. An easy way to ensure your contest won’t violate Facebook’s TOS? What type of contest should you run?

Tips 51

The Social Influence Surge—Are You Prepared?

Harp Interactive

The New Rules of Social Engagement. With social media now mainstream, we’re experiencing a surge of consumer influence from “social shopping”, consumer reviews and online word-of mouth-marketing. 53% of those on Twitter have recommended companies and/or products in their tweets and almost as many voice an intent to buy those products or services. See more! Reviews? What have you done that works?

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Disconnected in a Hyper-Connected World

Almost Savvy

It had been nagging me for months, though I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was. Things with my work have been going well and keeping me busy, but something didn’t feel quite right. I know a lot of people, more than I’ve ever known at any other time in my life. I spend much of my day connecting with them in one way or another. Why hadn’t we talked? Disconnected.

Death finds me on foursquare


Foursquare brought me closer to death today. Around 8:15 a.m. I checked in at the Apple Store in Los Gatos, California, and then walked a few doors down and checked in at Great Bear Cafe, where I ordered a mocha. From across the cafe I heard "Is there a Joel Postman

The Social Influence Surge—Are You Prepared?

Harp Interactive

With social media now mainstream, we’re experiencing a surge of consumer influence from “social shopping”, consumer reviews and online word-of mouth-marketing. 53% of those on Twitter have recommended companies and/or products in their tweets and almost as many voice an intent to buy those products or services. Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted—nearly 12 times more—than descriptions that come from manufacturers, according to a survey of US mom Internet users.

Fandango Making Good Use of Group Buying


You might have heard of the deal on Livingsocial and the Gap deal on Groupon. Both of these deals made the big headlines and with good reason. Back in August 19 , 2010, by day’s end, 441,000 Groupons were sold, bringing in a little more than $11 million. Groupon usually splits the revenue with partners, but declined to disclose its share. Here’s how Fandango does it. Tweet This!

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Interview with Ed Garsten: Chrysler's Twitter Storm Back-story

Diva Marketing Blog

It seems that every five years or so Chyrsler gets caught in a bit of a social media firestorm. Not bad when you think of the volitility of the social web. For those people who might have been out of the country or unplugged from social media during the past week there were two events that occurred within a day of each other that had the social pundits buzzing and tweeting up a virtual storm. .

iPad 29

The Winners From This Year’s SXSW Interactive Awards


Tweet SXWS Interactive 2011 is about to close down for this year. And last night on the 15 th of March, the winners of 15 different categories of the annual SXSW Web Awards Ceremony were announced. Personally, I was looking forward for a few different categories – and amongst these “Devoted to the promotional needs, functions and services of for-profit businesses&#. Amusement. Business.

Socially empowering your employees-What’s taking so long?

Direct Marketing Observations

. . We talk and write about the ways to grow a business using social ALOT. Companies are obsessing over it. Even the really really big companies want to harness the promise of the prospect, the power of the existing customer and the potential of repeat business-All using social media. Yesterday, I was talking to a manager of one of those really really big companies. Two thoughts came to mind.

Secrets to Becoming a Photo Editor

Spin Sucks

A while ago we had a contest on Facebook that involved photo manipulation. Turned out, we had a lot of people amazed by some of the basic submissions. It’s no secret that I love to play around with images, whether it’s creating logos, editing and color correcting photos, or just pretending I’m a graphic designer. I also purchased an actual application for my Mac called CameraBag.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

7 Social Media Lessons From Phil Collins

Convince & Convert

Guest post by Marjorie Clayman , resident blogger at She works at Clayman Advertising, Inc., her family-owned full-service marketing firm. Recently, Phil Collins, drummer for Genesis and soft rock superstar, announced that he was retiring from the rock music industry after an illustrious 40-year career. Whether this will be like Michael Jordan’s 2-3 retirement announcements has yet to be seen, though Phil Collins certainly added a “milk it for all it’s worth” touch by noting that he will not be missed and that everyone hates him. Here they are. That’s a given.

Case Study: US Navy in Hawaii Uses Social Media During #hitsunami

Bare Feet Studios

As a direct result of the U.S. Navy’s outreach to bloggers here in Hawaii, I have been fortunate to both participate in some outstanding programs (like an overnight embark on the USS Nimitz ) and also developed enormous respect for their adoption of social media (video interview) and their orderly and standardized approach. Judi Clark live-blogged this event; you can read her summary here.

RT/Share to Win Wednesday | A $500 Value

Saying It Social

[link]. Today we are running a contest and giving away a FREE PASS for Social Media Boot Camp! For each RT, Share, or Forward, you will receive one entry – the amount of entries you can earn is LIMITLESS! There are 3 ways to enter! Post to Twitter! Copy and paste the following tweet: RT @akstout18 For ea. RT of this post u will receive 1 entry for a free ticket to Social Media Boot Camp, a $500 value. link]. Don’t know how to tag a page? Then you need Social Media Boot Camp!). Forward this email! You will receive one entry for each forward! That’s it! Good luck:-).

How Q&A Sites Can Boost Your SEO | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

Some tips on how you can use Q&A websites to boost your SEO and link building efforts

Tips 11

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

What Is Your Blog’s URL Structure?


Earlier today I had conversations with two bloggers about URL structures on their WordPress blogs, and I thought it might make an interesting community discussion. What is your blog’s URL structure? Here on ProBlogger, I use one that has a combination of the date and post title by default: [link]. While on my photography blog I’ve chosen to use just the post title (without dates): [link]. My reasoning for these choices was pretty simple. Also: ProBlogger information does date reasonably quickly. So what about you? What’s your URL structure? Post from: ProBlogger Blog Tips.

Don't compromise it, hybrid it!

Engaging Brand

When you succeed in finding a hybrid of competing ideas - that can be innovation. When you weaken two competing ideas you compromise. Too often we compromise instead of taking that little extra step, those extra strides, that slightly extra create! When we do that, we create value. When we do that, people value you. . . Creativity creativity compromise hybrid innovation

Why Your Newsletter Incentive is Repelling People


This guest post is by Amy of We’ve seen recently how you can help pay the rent using your email list , so making sure that as many people as possible sign up is critical to increase your earning potential. Most bloggers know that one way to encourage people to sign up to their blog is to offer an incentive. Some kind of free report, or ebook or other gift that is a tempting reward for a visitor to transform into a newsletter subscriber. But having a gift isn’t enough. And what’s more, all free gifts are not created equal. Don’t give them what they need. Sounds great.

To Post or Not to Post? A Very Loaded Question…

The Social Media Incubator

Earlier this week the Star Tribune released an article that online users and bloggers should take into careful consideration. The article titled “In social media, why let the facts get in the way?” points out the fact that many people

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.