Sat.Aug 24, 2019

Facebook Adds More Page Badges to Encourage Engagement

Social Media Today

Facebook has added some new Page badges as it seeks to encourage greater participation and engagement

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Data Scientist Qualifications: How and Why You Should Become One

The Realtime Report

Data Scientist Qualifications: How and Why You Should Become One. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Every free app, website or profile created is paid with a currency we now know is our personal data.

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Will Instagram Business Profile Reach Follow the Same Path as Facebook Pages?

Social Media Today

New reports suggest that Instagram is being pushed to increase ad exposure, which could have implications for ad performance and user satisfaction

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What If Social Media Platforms Were More Like Libraries?

Forbes Social Media

Rather than accepting today’s social platforms as the inevitable form of global communication, it is worth thinking what might happen if they were a little more like libraries

Facebook Brings 3D Photos to Android Devices

Social Media Today

Facebook is finally expanding its 3D photos feature to Android users

Social Media Platforms Will Increasingly Define 'Truth'

Forbes Social Media

As private companies increasingly define “truth” we are heading towards a frighteningly Orwellian world in which a handful of unelected digital dictators will construct our reality. Even Orwell could not have imagined a more dangerous dystopia

The Challenges Of The Digital World Are Not New

Forbes Social Media

The challenges we see today as uniquely digital are in fact merely reincarnations of the challenges societies have long faced through the years. In the end, we are reminded that to understand our future it is frequently instructive to look to our past


Deep Fakes Are Merely Today's Photoshopped Scientific Images

Forbes Social Media

Far from a hopeless world of undetectable falsification, the rise of deep fakes is likely to mirror the rise of Photoshopped scientific imagery: troublesome, but with an ecosystem of automated and human approaches rising to counter it