Sat.May 18, 2019

Facebook Groups Targeted by Spammers in New Wave of Misuse

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Facebook groups have been subject by a new attack from sabotage gangs who join, post offensive content, then report the group

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How to Craft an Authentic Brand Voice & Maintain It Across Social Media Platforms Successfully

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Businesses and social media managers alike have all seen social media accounts that are lively, with engaged followers and distinct, well-formed brands. As much as we’ve admired those accounts, we’ve also hated them (at least a little) and been a tiny bit jealous of how amazing they are.

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Twitter's Testing a New Carousel Ad Format for App Install Campaigns

Social Media Today

Twitter is testing out a new format of carousel ads for app install campaigns

10 Ways to Optimize a Paid Search Campaign


Facebook 0. Twitter 0. LinkedIn 0. Pinterest 0. 0 Shares. Do you have ever do digital marketing? If yes then you must know about the Paid Search campaign. People are preferring the search engine optimization , Paid search optimization is equally important. .

SEO vs PPC: Which One Works Better? [Infographic]

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In order to improve your exposure in search engines, you can turn to SEO and/or PPC - but which is a better choice for your business

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