Sat.Apr 20, 2019

Instagram Tests Hiding Like Counts to Reduce Focus on Vanity Metrics

Social Media Today

Instagram is experimenting with a new option that would hide total like counts on posts from all but the post creator

Anora: The Smart Glove Helping The Blind

Forbes Social Media

Nikola Krstic, a graduate from the Electrical Engineering School in Belgrade, has created a smart glove prototype called Anora- that helps the blind and visually impaired move unaided without a service dog or white cane

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Snapchat's New Creator Profiles are Now Appearing in the App

Social Media Today

After previewing their Creator Profiles at the recent Snap Partner Summit, some users have now reported seeing them in the app

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Next Year’s 4/20 Celebrations In California Will Look A Lot More Legal

Forbes Social Media

One of the main objectives of the new law to give attendees access to legal lab tested cannabis in an effort to steer business away from illicit dealers


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Web Design Checklist: 10 Tips for a More Effective Business Website [Infographic]

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Is your business website ticking all the boxes? Check out this handy checklist

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Facebook's Privacy Seems To Be Traveling Away

Forbes Social Media

The traveling friends feature in Facebook has not been heavily publicized and it is allowing user's travel patterns and schedules be passed to their friends list. This could create less than ideal situations and potentially endanger the user

Cameras Construct Reality Rather Than Capture Truth

Forbes Social Media

With more cameras than citizens, why do governments still find themselves unable to catch criminals and why do we as a society still struggle to define the “truth” about what really happened in major societal events

Once Upon A Time We Had To Convince People To Share Their Thoughts

Forbes Social Media

Looking back to the rise of personal tape recorders half a century ago, it is interesting to contemplate a world in which we had to be taught to want to have our voices heard


4 Tech Stocks Not Keeping Up With The NASDAQ Composite -- and 1 That Is

Forbes Social Media

As the NASDAQ Composite is within striking distance of new highs, these 4 well-known tech brand names aren't quite keeping up

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