Mon.Apr 01, 2019

Facebook Will Now Provide Detail as to Why You're Seeing Each Post in Your News Feed

Social Media Today

Facebook is adding a new option which will explain the various factors which determine what you see in your News Feed

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How To Get Travel Influencers To Visit Your City


It’s warming up and influencers are making travel plans for the spring and summer. Use these tips to entice travel influencers to visit your city for more exposure.

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How to Visually Plan Your Instagram Feed


If you’re looking to convert your viewers into followers, putting time aside to plan your Instagram feed in advance is a worthwhile investment! Some of the best brands on Instagram have gorgeous, curated aesthetics that show off their unique style — and that isn’t by accident.

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Ready, Set, Activate Your Digital Audience to Fall in LOVE with your Brand

Pam Moore

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Creating Software and Applications For Your Business

The Realtime Report

Creating Software and Applications For Your Business. Businesses are more advanced and more technical than ever before. You would be hard pressed to find a company that doesn’t use some form of technology in some way. Even older brick and mortar locations are creating websites and using social media.

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Ready, Set, Action! How to Activate Your Social Media Audience and Communities

Pam Moore

Luxury Marketing Strategies for Managing Brand Reputation on Social Media


Brand reputation is critical to success and sales, and this could not be more true for luxury brands. But as the world of luxury retail is no stranger to controversies and challenges, how can the industry’s leading players stay aspirational and desirable to consumers?

The Executive's Guide to Emerging Business Technologies

Forbes Social Media

Executives need to understand the range of emerging business technologies most likely to impact their cost, profitability and competitiveness. There are five steps to optimizing RPA, cloud computing, virtual and augmented reality, IOT, AI/ML, augmented analytics and blockchain -- among others

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Luxury Marketing Strategies for Managing Brand Reputation on Social Media


Luxury marketing has long revolved around sustaining a brand’s status as an icon of wealth and success. However, recent developments around the world pose significant obstacles to sustaining sales and driving growth.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Thuy Le Reveals What It Takes To Become A Full-Time Influencer

Forbes Social Media

Exposing mistakes and vulnerabilities has helped Thuy build over 1.4 million Instagram

Solving 'The Britney Spears Problem': Why Finding Trends In Data Is Such A Challenge

Forbes Social Media

Estimating the frequency of searches for Britney Spears, for example, compared to other terms might seem a simple task for AI, but this has presented a significant challenge for researchers since the early days of the internet. MIT CSAIL might have come up with a solution, called LearnedSketch

Amazon Marketplace - A Chaotic Bazaar Unvetted Sellers to Fake Reviews - Where is The Oversight?

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Amazon Marketplace - Wild-Wild-West; A chaotic e-commerce platform. Amazon needs to step up and vet its sellers and clean up posting of fake product reviews