Sun.Jan 24, 2021

Do Antiviruses offer protection from RANSOMWARE?


Ransomware attacks are pretty prevalent. Though the Ransomware attacks are generally encountered towards business entities and non-profit organizations, anyone can be a victim of Ransomware attack.

3 Reasons Scientists Are Optimistic Under President Biden

Forbes Social Media

Why scientists feel a renewed sense of optimism after Inauguration Day. Science /science Innovation /innovation Science /science Social Media /social-media innovation science


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How to Enable the Aero Glass Theme Again on Windows 10


When it comes to giving your device a whole new makeover, nothing comes closer as those mind-blowing & rich graphic themes. From macOS to Windows PC & your precious smartphones, anything can become literally unrecognizable, thanks to never-ending themes.

How To Cc In Gmail On Desktop & Using Gmail App For Android, iPhone


In the days before emails and the online world was introduced to the population, letters were duplicated using carbon paper while writing the letter. In Gmail or any other email format, Cc is short for ‘ Carbon copy ’. In this blog, we will learn how to Cc in Gmail. Why Do We Do Cc in Gmail?

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

20+ Best And Helpful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts To Look For In 2021


Keyboard shortcuts are as important as sipping a cup of coffee for fresh brains. It lets you quickly take an action be it copy, paste or cut anything on your Mac. Keyboard shortcuts are helpful and tend to increase productivity.