Sat.May 23, 2020

Why You Shouldn’t Have More Than One Facebook Profile

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Wondering why you shouldn’t have more than one Facebook profile? We break down all the reasons and offer solutions in this post. You should only have one Facebook profile. Trust me, I get the allure of having multiple profiles for your personal use. You can have one that’s family-approved, where your mom and Aunt Cindy can comment how much they love you all day every day. And another that is coworker- and boss-appropriate.

How To Use Skype On Android- A Guide For Beginners


We all have been hearing of Skype since so long and especially during this quarantine time, this name is constantly revolving in our minds. For instance, sharing the link of your doc on Skype, quick meetings on Skype Meet and other such instances. Using Skype has now become quite simple for all the pro users but what about the novice Skype users?


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25 Million Students On COVID-19: ‘Depression, Anxiety And Loneliness’ Hitting Peak Levels

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When the world is unpredictable and bad things happen, learned helplessness sets in. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Social Media /social-media Editors' Pick editors-pick Innovation Consumertech

How To Fix A Microphone Not Working On Windows 10


There are many reasons why your windows microphone is not working. In addition to this this is a quite common glitch that could be seen on our system. However, just like you I too encountered this situation when my mic is not working on Windows 10. There are various troubleshooting methods that can help you to get rid of such glitches. Although Windows 10 is quite a common operating system you can also check out some best software for your system. Must Have Software For Windows 10.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Is Your FaceTime Not Working On iPhone/iPad? Apply These Quick Fixes!


Needless to say, FaceTime is the ultimate medium to connect with your friends & family. Initially allowing users to make one-to-one video & audio calls over the Internet with other Apple users, the company later introduced Group FaceTime Calls as well. You can read more about making Group FaceTime Calls here in this guide with iPhone & iPad! It’s an incredible video calling application , but at times it can actually frustrate users by not responding well.

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