Fri.Oct 26, 2018

Microsoft Reports that LinkedIn is Seeing 'Record Levels of Engagement'

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LinkedIn has reported that engagement on the platform is at record levels as a result of feed improvements

Business Growth in a Digital World Conference | Oct 30 | 8:30-5:30


Join me at the Biggest Business. Conference in New Jersey . on Tuesday Oct. 30th, at the beautiful. Sheraton Hotel , Mahwah, NJ. To those of you in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Philadelphia: Do. Conference. M ake the time to work ON your business, and not IN it. This will be the best day investment in your business! After two years of organizing New Jersey’s premier social media event, we’re giving it a whole new spin!

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Google Adds New 'Follow' Feature for Businesses in Google Maps

Social Media Today

Google has added a new option which enables users to follow businesses on Google Maps and get updates for coming events

The New Marseille: From Peering Point to International Content Hub

The Realtime Report

The New Marseille: From Peering Point to International Content Hub. By Fabrice Coquio. As the largest port city in France, Marseille is easy to picture as a transportation hub. For centuries, Marseille has enjoyed success in the transport of goods, linking Europe to the rest of the world; now, the city’s geographic proximity to not only the Middle East and Africa, but also China, India and Southeast Asia is playing a strategic role in the transportation of the world’s data.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Why Lead Time is Essential for Effective Social Media Campaign Management

Social Media Today

Having the right amount of lead time will ensure you're able to optimize all opportunities for your digital marketing campaigns

'Evil Womxn': The Silencing Of Biological Reality And The Technology Of Obfuscation

Forbes Social Media

The term, gender, has been weaponized to such a degree that most people don’t understand the distinction between the two. This article highlights much of the misinformation behind this political tactic and the technological shifts driving this current trend

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Storytelling Startup Hooked Debuts A Snapchat-Hosted Multimedia Thriller Today

Forbes Social Media

Mobile storytelling startup Hooked has just announced a feature-length multimedia fiction thriller series. It will be available globally within the Hooked Publisher Story on Snapchat’s Discover Page, with the first of five daily chapters arriving on Friday, October 26

50+ Email Marketing Stats to Guide Your 2019 Strategy [Infographic]

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Looking to maximize your email marketing performance? Check out this huge collection of stats and insights

The State of Lead Gen 2018 [Infographic]

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This infographic outlines a collection of lead generation tips which will help boost your digital marketing process