Sat.Oct 13, 2018

The Only Secure Facebook Account Is The One You Delete

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Prior to this my personal motivations for deleting Facebook have centered around the platform's toxicity, addictive nature or the bias present in our newsfeeds. But now Facebook feels like a genuine risk to my privacy; perhaps even my personal safety

Instagram Image Size & Dimensions for 2018 (+ Free Infographic!)


Optimizing your Instagram image size and dimensions used to be very simple. Since Instagram only allowed one orientation for photos and videos, all you had to do was pop your content into Instagram, add a couple hashtags, and click publish.

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What Facebook's Russian Data Leak Shows About Government Surveillance And Facial Recognition

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Facebook has become a critical surveillance tool for governments, from tracking dissidents to building facial recognition systems, reinforced by its latest Russian data leak. Other web companies may know us better, but only Facebook makes its observations available to the world

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