Sun.May 12, 2019

Why You Need a Crisis Communications Plan Before Crisis Strikes—and What to Include in It


“Always expect the unexpected” should be every communications professional’s mantra, yet more often than not companies appear blindsided by issues they should have seen coming (hint: using a crisis communications… Read More >>>.

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Your Logo is Not Your Brand – Why You Need a Brand Architecture and Strategy

Pam Moore

Many business and marketing leaders think a brand starts and ends with a logo, colors and design.

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9 Reasons Why People Misunderstand You - And What To Do About It

Forbes Social Media

It's not enough to take responsibility for what you say or how you say it, you also need to make sure you've been understood, says life-coach Remy Blumenfeld who explores the distinction of speaking into someone else's listening


Tips for measuring marketing impact to prove ROI

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, data is almost everywhere. It is found from ordinary site visitors to the most peculiar netizens. Management sometimes mixed up their plans and leads to confusion as to how overwhelming marketing analytics affects the Return on Investment (ROI). Planning for short-term or long-term goals is just the first step when it comes to improving your profits and the proper distribution of resources. Executing a trial and error method sometimes does not merit a single attempt.

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Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

People Over 50 Are Avid Tech Users - So Why Are They Ignored?

Forbes Social Media

91% of American adults aged 50+ report having a computer and over 80% between the ages of 50 and 64 have smartphones. While the majority of older adults use technology to keep in touch with friends and family, here are some unexpected ways in which this growing demographic engages with tech