Fri.Jul 10, 2020

Pinterest Updates Feed Algorithm to Boost Specific Content Types, in Addition to Usage-Defined Trends

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Pinterest has made a change to its algorithm which will enable it to amplify certain content types of its choosing, in addition to usage-defined recommendations

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How Will Brands Invest Social Ad Budgets Pulled from the Facebook Boycott?

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Facebook is in the midst of a boycott by some large advertisers during this month of July 2020. While Facebook’s stock price hit an all-time high on July 7 th , one of the key boycott dates, all is not sunny in Menlo Park.

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Google Adds New Predicted Audience Action Tools into Google Analytics

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Google has added some new predictive tools into Google Analytics to help marketers target audience segments based on their likely actions

Online Businesses Using.CLUB and other Domain Name Extensions to Benefit from Supreme Court “” Ruling

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Online Businesses Using.CLUB and other. Domain Name Extensions to Benefit from. Supreme Court “” Ruling. On 30th June 2020, in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office v.

Facebook Weighs Ban on Political Ads in the Days Leading into the US Presidential Election

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Facebook is considering a total ban on election ads in the days leading into the US presidential election, according to new reports

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Windows 10 Sleep Mode Not Working. What to do?


For various reasons, your Windows 10 PC can face silly issues like the system isn’t powering up or shutting down. Sometimes we know what to do & other times, what we could do is powering the PC off (this always works).

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Ads


Pinterest Ads are a fast-pass ticket to increasing your reach on Pinterest. And since Pinterest is a discovery platform, it’s filled with users who have intent to purchase.

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How To Fix Safari Not Working On Mac


Safari is the default browser that comes with Mac and this is the reason that Mac users prefer it over all the other browsers. But regardless, users still face issues like Safari not working.

Instagram Bans All Content Promoting LGBT Conversion Therapy

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The decision comes as concerns about parent company Facebook’s handling of hate speech, misinformation and civil rights continue to gain momentum. Business /business Business /business Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media Policy /policy Breaking breaking-news Billionaires Billionaires

Don’t Like Windows Defender? Here Are Best (Free/Paid) Antivirus For Windows 10


Microsoft Defender Antivirus, earlier known as Windows Defender is an inbuilt antivirus program for Windows 10 or it can be said that it is an anti-malware component of Microsoft Windows.

7 Epic LinkedIn Social Selling Examples for Ultimate Victory

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Social selling. It’s a current buzzword, and one that gets a significant amount of traffic due to the demand that successful social selling on LinkedIn has across the web. Social Media Marketing Social Selling Social Selling Assistant

Viral Lowkey F—k 2020 Song From Avenue Beat Now Streaming Despite TikTok’s Initial Removal

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Like most human beings, Savana Santos was fed up with 2020 and wrote a song with a chorus of "lowkey f—k 2020.”. Social Media /social-media Innovation /innovation Social Media /social-media Innovation