Sat.Jun 22, 2019

Facebook Comes Under Pressure to Crack Down on the Sale of Fake Reviews

Social Media Today

The UK Competition and Markets Authority has called on Facebook to do more to combat the sale of fake reviews on its platform, which could prompt expanded action

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Looking at Facts for Product Claims

The kinds of claims marketers can make, especially when it comes to products that can be used on or in the human body, are tightly regulated by various agencies. A lot of the claims cannot be used freely – they have to receive prior approval from the Federal Trade Commission.

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Libra Could Make Or Break Bitcoin

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Bitcoin price zooms past $10,000, driven by the Libra buzz

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YouTube's Running a New Test Which Hides Comments on All Videos

Social Media Today

As it continues its efforts to counter misuse and the spread of offensive content, YouTube is testing a new option which hides comments on all videos

Social Media Killed Our Offline Privacy Too

Forbes Social Media

Social media has led to the loss of privacy in the offline world, as historical norms around privacy and respect have been replaced with a paparazzi-like expectation of privilege to film anyone anywhere for any reason and broadcast it to the world

Combatting Digital Falsehoods Through Coverage Maps

Forbes Social Media

An intriguing approach to combating digital falsehoods is the creation of coverage maps that capture where a claim first appeared, its spread through the informational ecosystem and the places that are covering it the most