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Community Management is Essential to an Effective Social Media Marketing Approach

Social Media Today

Getting attention through standout visuals is important, but its how you maintain connection with the community that you build which will set your business apart

How a Leader in Tiny Houses Saves Time Every Day in Creating Social Media Content and Sharing It

agora pulse

Tiny homes are a big thing right now—and have been for a while. Each house is only between 320 and 400 square feet in size and ideal for anyone striving for a more minimalist life.

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Google Adds More Social-Like Options to Google My Business Listings

Social Media Today

Google has announced a new set of features for Google My Business profiles, which will provide additional opportunities for business listings across Google's offerings

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28 Qualities of Amazing Content Marketing

Pam Moore

Content marketing is the new yet not new buzzword. The truth is content marketing has been around for decades, since conversations and business has existed. Content marketing is not a new shiny object invented via social media. Yet, content is at the core of everything brands and people do online.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Instagram Will Now Keep All Content Captured in the Stories Camera for Seven Days

Social Media Today

Instagram will now give you more time to decide on what you want to post to your Stories, with all content captured in the Stories Camera to remain available for a week

Is Your Business Using All 4 of These Core Customer Experience Metrics?

The Realtime Report

Is Your Business Using All 4 of These Core Customer Experience Metrics? Just how important is it to “wow” customers these days? Behold these eye-opening statistics: 87% of customers share positive experiences. 86% of customers gladly pay more for a better brand experience.

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How to Maximize the Benefits of Using Social Media Management Tools

Razor Social

Social media management tools are dead useful. That much is clear. Plenty of different software on the market offer social media content scheduling, publishing, and response management, and most have something great to offer brands and marketers looking to streamline their social media marketing.

The Content Marketing 'K.I.S.S.' Principle in 4 Steps

Social Media Today

In many different industries, professionals sometimes overcomplicate things when it’s not necessary. Content marketing is no different

Is It Time To Regulate Biased And Harmful Stereotypes In Social Media Ads?

Forbes Social Media

Based on narrow slices of our lives and faulty data that can be upwards of three-quarters wrong, the ads that ceaselessly bombard us online tend to reinforce outdated stereotypes about the kinds of interests and careers that different demographics should have. Is it time for government regulation

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Facebook Highlights Evolving Topics of Conversation in Latest 'Topics to Watch' Report

Social Media Today

Facebook has released its latest 'Topics to Watch' report, highlighting all the key subjects seeing significant increases in mention volume across The Social Network

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

How Micro-influencers Help Boost Omnichannel Sales


Creating an omnichannel campaign requires greater alignment than isolated advertisement efforts on your digital channels. But as consumers require added-value across every touchpoint, brands are having to get creative while maintaining brand alignment.

8 Graphic Design Tips That All Social Media Marketers Should Know [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Understanding the fundamentals of graphic design can help improve your visual efforts - check out these tips

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Targeted Ads Reinforce Bias By Seeing Only A Slice Of Our Lives

Forbes Social Media

Can targeted advertising ever be minimally biased or does its very existence reinforce the harmful stereotypes that damage society