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Why Marketing Automation Software is the Rule, Not the Exception [Infographic]

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Automation can help marketers in a range of ways - check out this new infographic from Salesforce on the benefits of automation tools

How To Build a Business Proposal That Wins Clients

You can have the best ideas in the world, but they will go to waste if you don’t present them the right way. Even if you worked for months to close a deal, the business proposal is still the most important stage of the process. It’s the finishing touch of a long journey.

20 Subject Line Do's and Don'ts to Improve Your Email Open Rates [Infographic]

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An effective subject line can have a huge impact on your open rates. Here are some tips

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Plan Like the Pros: How to Create a Storyboard for Instagram Stories (+ Free Template!)


Ready to create Instagram Stories like the pros? With over 500 million active users , Instagram Stories is a great way for businesses to connect with new audiences, boost engagement, and even drive more sales!

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

How Social Media Listening Tools Are a Trend Forecaster’s Best Friend


The greatest difference between trend spotting and forecasting is what the latter can do for your bottom line. If you were a restaurant owner ten years ago, wouldn’t you want… Read More >>>.

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Weather Basics - What Does Air Temperature Of 70 Degrees Actually Mean?

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You check the air temperature daily, but what does it actually mean


Twitter Sees Democracy Through The Lens Of 'Fake News' And That's Troubling

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Twitter’s view of content moderation is both fascinating in how it reveals the company’s view of free speech in 2019 and its own role in the democratic process and frightening for how it sees the impact of censorship narrowly through the lens of “fake news” and “shadow banning

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As The Government And Emergency Agencies Shift To Twitter What Happens To Those Left Behind?

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It shouldn’t be up to a private for-profit company to decide who has the right to call for help as 911 increasingly moves online