Mon.Mar 04, 2019

7 Ways to Generate More Social Media Traffic in 2019

Social Media Today

Looking for ways to generate more traffic from social media? Contributor Larry Kim shares his tips in this post

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7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Retargeting Ad Campaigns

Buffer Social

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a powerful form of digital advertising in which audiences (potential customers) are targeted with specific ads based on their behavior online. In other words, retargeting campaigns turn internet “ window shoppers ” into real paying customers for your business. While we as marketers would love to live in a world in which a majority of online visitors became customers, the truth is the buying process is extremely complicated.

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51 Tips for Effective and Free Content Promotion

Social Media Today

Your content goes further faster when you increase its reach with smart content sharing tactics. This post presents a range of tips to increase your content's reach with free promotional tactics

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Reddit Inspires Man With Rare Disease To Paint The Only Way He Can, With His Mouth

Forbes Social Media

Artist Alex Biagi has not let a rare autoimmune neuromuscular disease stifle his artistic ambitions despite having almost no use of his arms

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Google Adds New 'Offers' Section to Google Business Profiles

Social Media Today

Google is adding a new option to Google My Business listings which will enable brands to showcase offers within search results

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Why You Should Create A Peak End Experience For Your Clients

Forbes Social Media

Just like a decadent dessert at the end of a fabulous meal, or the massage at the end of your pedicure - the peak of the experience should be at the conclusion of service. Because that’s what will make your customers not only remember you, but return to you and recommend you


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Software engineering personalities: the Teslas and the Edisons

Sprout Social

In the history of inventions, the rivalry between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison is one of the most famous. Their competition in the field of electricity is sometimes referred to as the “war of currents.” Live Science describes Tesla as having the ability to “accurately visualize intricate 3D objects” and “really work out his inventions in his imagination.” In contrast, Edison was a “tinkerer,” who arrived at many of his inventions via trial and error.

3 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Agency in a Crowded Market

Social Media Today

There are thousands of social media agencies out there - so how can you grow yours and ensure your brand stands out

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Visualizing Seven Years Of Twitter's Evolution: 2012-2018

Forbes Social Media

Looking back over seven years of the Twitter 1% stream, what can we learn about how one of the world’s most influential social networks has evolved

Which Types of Headlines Drive the Most Content Engagement Post-Click? [New Data]

Social Media Today

Your headlines will play a key role in your content performance - check out this new report on the most effective headlines formats

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The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Tech Workers Are Still Willing To Work For Scandal-Ridden Companies

Forbes Social Media

A new survey asked tech workers how scandals such as data breaches, sexual harassment, and deceitful privacy practices influenced their decisions about the field and their employers, and the results were surprising. For example, 34% said scandals actually make them more interested in the field

How to Use LinkedIn's Page Analytics Tools [Infographic]

Social Media Today

LinkedIn has published a new guide to making best use of your LinkedIn company page analytics tools

Innovating from the outside in

Forbes Social Media

Starting from one idea, one piece of code and just one user, a tech company’s growth can snowball into a major multinational organisation with millions of users and a valuation of billions of dollars