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Make Your Business Stand Out Online

With more and more businesses working on creating a stellar online presence, the discussion has shifted from whether or not to have one, to how to stand out in the crowded online space. Standing above your peers is challenging, but possible. These tips will get you started. Get on Social Media .

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How to Use Video Content to Raise Brand Awareness and Sell Your Product

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Video content is one of the most popular mediums for businesses today, and for good reason. Video is more engaging, more memorable, and more popular among consumers than any other type of content. And there’s data to back that up, too!

Everything Marketers Need To Know About The Latest Instagram Changes

The Social Media Hat

December 11th is D-Day for some apps and their Instagram functionality. What's really going on

How To Lead A Successful Marketing Team

Rebekah Radice

Leading a high-performance marketing team is harder than ever. Between systems, processes, and proving ROI, teams and their leaders struggle to meet expectations, hit objectives, and stay focused in an ever-changing online world.

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Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Google Plus To Shut Down Early After Bug Potentially Exposes 52 Million Users' Data

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Ahead of CEO Sundar Pichai's testimony to congress, the company says it will end Google Plus early after finding a bug that exposed some data for nearly a week

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The Startling Thing Hurricanes Are Doing To Puerto Rico Watersheds

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What hurricanes like Maria and Irma are doing to Puerto Rico watersheds and why it worries scientists


How to set SMART goals for social

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What are SMART goals? SMART goals are S pecific, M easurable, A ttainable, R ealistic, and T ime-bound. Building SMART goals, and measuring progress towards them quarter over quarter, helps marketers of all kinds support professional growth and development, while improving brand performance. The process helps you laser focus, prioritize, boil it down to the one strategy, if you had to choose only one, to place your bet on.

Linking The OSINT To The Employees

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Social Media is one of the main sources of open source intelligence. In this article, LinkedIn is assessed as a source of OSINT about both employees and companies in addition to mitigating controls and employee training

Proud Boys Founder Banned For Copyright Infringement

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It would have been better if Gavin McInnes was banned on YouTube for something other than copyright infringement

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Creating an Authentic Brand Experience: 3 Key Takeaways from the 2018 Unbound Miami Festival

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I moderated a panel on creating authentic brand experiences at the 2018 Unbound Miami Festival. Though the discussion was focused in a Latin American context, I felt strongly that the lessons learned were universal. Here are three of my key takeaways I wanted to share with you

Youtube Rewind 2018 Is More About Image And Less About Community

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YouTube's focus on ad-friendly content is missing what makes YouTube special

European Commission Calls Out Worst-Offending Pirate Sites

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The European Commission has published its first-ever 'watch list', naming and shaming the non-EU websites it says are engaging in, facilitating or benefiting from piracy