Mon.Jul 30, 2018

15 Undeniable Benefits of Having a Website for Your Small Business [Infographic]

Social Media Today

Every business needs to have a website - here are some key benefits of having a dedicated brand presence on the web

Top 7 Social Media Management Tools of 2018

In today’s fast-paced, technologically advancing world, it’s a no-brainer that the social media sector is growing faster than the Internet itself.

5 Film Festivals Using Social Media the Right Way


Film Festivals Using Social MediaWhile there is a breadth of marketing channels available for businesses and brands to promote events, social media remains one of the very best. Film festivals are… Read More >>>.

Film 105

6 Old School Marketing Tactics That Still Work on Social Media

Buffer Social

It seems like everywhere we look there’s some new social media or marketing tactics being touted as the next big thing.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

How to Create a Social Media Calendar (and What You Need in It)

Rebekah Radice

Do you scramble to find content to post on social media? Rush to share something because you feel the pressure to post? If you struggle to organize, plan, and post content to social media… there’s a better way!

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Storytelling on Social Media: How to Do It Better

Sprout Social

The most common problem that brands have marketing themselves on social isn’t rooted in product strength or the quality and structure of marketing plans. It’s that we’re failing at the social media storytelling game.

How Should Your Company Be Monitoring Regulatory Changes?


What does your company do to stay ahead of new and changing regulations? Is it consistently finding new methods and sources of monitoring? Every organisation should be able to answer these questions to ensure they keep up with today’s legislative landscape.

How to Use Social Media Listening to Identify Likely Buyers

Sprout Social

As social marketers, we’re always looking for new approaches to identify and reach likely buyers. Which social networks do our likely buyers use most? What kind of messaging and CTAs will resonate with them?

Amazon Rules, Facebook Struggles And More On This Week's CTRL ALT Delete Segment On CHOM 97.7 FM

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Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio out of Montreal (home base). It's not a long segment - about 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. The good folks at CHOM 97.7 FM are posting these segments weekly on i Heart Radio , if you're interested in hearing more of me blathering away about what's going on in the digital world.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

8 Competitive Benchmark Tactics to Measure Your Brand

Sprout Social

Quick question: how does your brand’s social presence stack up against your competition? Because if you’re looking at little more than followers and Likes as a measuring stick, you might be in the dark. The reality? While these surface-level metrics can be valuable, they don’t tell the full story of your social presence. Think about it. Comparing the Instagram activity of a small, local retailer to the likes of H&M or Old Navy would be apples and oranges.

The Complete Pinterest Advertising Guide to More Valuable Ads

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Pinterest, in a nutshell, is a social media network where users create boards and “pin” items of interest to their created boards. Since its launch in 2010, it’s grown to over 100 million monthly active users. Pinterest users are unique from other social media platforms. The majority of its users are women, and the majority of those users earn an income of over $50k per year.

4 Fresh Ways to Think About Targeting on Social

Sprout Social

One of our most popular Data & Drinks events brought together a panel of social media experts from a wide variety of industries—eCommerce, SaaS, and emerging tech—to teach attendees fresh ways of thinking about engaging and targeting audiences on social. The experts opened the night by explaining what their main focuses are. Katrina Mentor, Program Specialist at REI, manages REI’s Local social program, marketing REI events, classes, and experiences.