Wed.Dec 19, 2012

Non-Facebook Users: Please Comment Here

Ari Herzog

Anil Dash is insightful about the differences between the old web and the new web. Scroll below his post to add a comment — and be forced to comment through Facebook.

Social Commerce IQ 2012 [Report]


The most recent report from 8th Bridge provides an overview and trend evaluation of the most recent state of Social Commerce.

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Why Serial Complainers Lose Credibility

Geoff Livingston

Image by Rain. So why do serial complainers lose credibility on and offline? We all know these people, the kvetch or worse, the troll, the person that always brings a storm cloud whenever they discuss an issue.

Personalizing With Purpose

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in CRM eCommerce Personalization. Most e-commerce sites still struggle to leverage the growing wealth of customer data to which they have access.

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Facebook Contest: Truvia Asks Fans To Drive Business Development

The Realtime Report

Truvia – a sugar alternative – is seeing solid results from a social media campaign asking fans to help direct the company’s expansion efforts.

25 Inspired Marketing Predictions for 2013

Convince & Convert

As December comes to a close (and the end of the world is looming upon us), we’re thinking about the whirlwind that 2012 has been, and more importantly, what road has been paved for 2013.

Finger-Pointing, Self-Righteousness And Middle Fingers

Twist Image

A moment of silence, please. While we held that moment of silence, what was happening around you? Did people respect it? Did they go about their daily lives? What about Twitter and Facebook ? Did those feeds come to sudden halt? Did the feeds continue with the hashtag #momentofsilence describing the scene? Did everyone in restaurants and sporting events stop in silence? There are more tragedies and atrocities happening in the world at any given moment than our stomachs can bear.

4 Top Facebook Mistakes by Companies in 2012

Atom Thought

Treat Facebook to push Press Releases: More often than not companies push their press releases intended for newspapers and magazines on Facebook. We have seen this become as bad as publishing scanned images of the press releases.

Dollar General Coupon Matchups – Week Of 01/07- 01/13

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Community Management Program Registration is up!


Calling all community managers…! We know you’ve been sitting waiting by your email for this very moment… Registration is up for our Private Community Management Certificate Program !

Improving Marketing ROI – 3 Top Tips

Bill Hartzer

An online marketing strategy should never stop evolving and improving if it is to remain cost effective and successful. To get you started, here are 3 tips for you to consider when looking to improve your online marketing activity. Tip 1: forecast alternative solutions. You may have a decent marketing strategy at the moment but if you don’t at least consider alternative strategies, you may be missing a good little trick to further improving your online campaign.

Can Brands Help Us Filter Our Memories?

Engaging Brand

The holiday season seems to make us all more reflective. We live in a busy world with data coming through our screens at an unprecedented rate, it is good that we take time to reflect on our life, our family and society as a whole.

Students and technology [INFOGRAPHIC]


Another interesting infographic from BachelorsDegreeOnline , using data from Educause’s ECAR Annual Study of Students and IT. Are you ready for when these undergrads become grads… and postgrads… and coming to you for professional development ?

Data 10

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How to Find an SEO Goldmine for Your Blog


This guest post is by Elena Vakhromova of We all know that search engines are a big piece of blog traffic cake.

The History of Google Panda & Penguin, Abridged


This is a guest post by Matt Beswick. Every year, Google quietly releases hundreds of refinements to their search engine algorithms. Most of these updates are small, incremental changes that go largely unnoticed.


Make Money From a Low-traffic Blog [Case Study]


This guest post is by Nathan Barry of Designing Web Applications. It seems like every day you read a story about a blogger who released a product to their audience and made a ton of money overnight. But then after you read more details about their story, you learn that they already had a popular blog with a huge audience. That’s the point in the process where I always used to feel disappointed. While I wanted to replicate their success, I didn’t have an audience. My story is different.

Is Your Marketing Plan Integrated?

The Social Media Incubator

It is used to be that companies that invested in a marketing plan at all only had to craft their marketing plan for a brick and mortar world. Even after the advent of the Internet, many companies didn’t integrate an online marketing plan.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Exact Match Domain Hysteria: Is It Worth It?

Small Business Mavericks

Not all domain names are equal. When you decide to purchase a new domain name for your business you’ll have to decide on a few things. You really have only three options: Exact match domain name. Partial match domain name. Branded domain name. The “exact match” and “partial match” are a reference to keywords in the domain name. Are they necessary? You do have one other option for your domain name. You can do none of the above, but that’s not really an option.