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The Anatomy of the Perfect Pitch

Waxing UnLyrical

That’s a teaser, of course. Because there is no such thing as the “perfect pitch.” ” There are terrible pitches, there are so-so pitches, and there are very good pitches. But to me, a perfect pitch would be one that secured every single story it was aiming for.

The Future of Facebook 2012-2025


What will happen with Facebook between now and 2025? This infographic makes some pretty interesting assumptions. Could they really reach world domination in just 13 moves? Click the image to view full size.

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MUST READ info on the recent Facebook changes


Lots of good stuff out there analyzing the continuing Facebook changes. Here are two MUST READ posts which will help you make sense of it all. Unraveling the Mystery of Edgerank on Facebook by Kami Huyse at Communication Overtones.

Time Management: 5 Tips You Need To Know


This is a guest post by Eric Siu. There’s one constant in life that is common to all of us: decreasing time. Some of the most popular entrepreneurs have stated that one of their biggest daily struggles is not having enough time to finish projects.

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Does SOPA Have a Point? [Infographic]


December 2011 was a month full of drama. It was the month that our government made a final decision to enact the proposed bills, SOPA and PROTECT IP.

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The Paradox Of Choice And Advertising

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You can't have it both ways. Someone is going to have to break the bad news to the consumers. You can't have it both (and every) way. Sorry. Yesterday, I Blogged about the "do not track" button that would stop media companies from tracking an individual's online usage (you can read more about it here: The Do Not Track Button ). Consumers are up in arms about having their every online move tracked and monitored, so that more relevant advertising can be thrust upon them.

Editorial Planning for Facebook Marketing


Tweet. We have all heard that “Content is King” According to a 2011 study by the Content Marketing Institute , content marketing is one of the top growing fields with an increasing number of marketers relying on content strategy for overall success.

The Do Not Track Button

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What kind of experience do you want? Marketers have abused the anonymity of IP addresses for too long and now consumers (and journalists) are fighting back. and they're fighting mad. Everything you say and do online can and is being used against you in the online world. Think that Gmail is free? No, it is not. And, while Google is not "reading" your email, it is scanning the content and delivering relevant advertising to you based on that. Don't like it? Gmail is free.

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Orange Different Business – win investment for your new idea (Sponsored Post)

The Way of the Web

I don’t often write about competitions and promotions, but the fact that Orange is offering up to £200,000 of investment capital for a new business idea was worth sharing, particularly as it also comes with legal and business planning advice, plus mentoring and marketing consultancy.

The Business Case for Social Media

Engaging Brand

Social media for business appeals to both sides of the brain - and in a sense that is what I love! Here is a summary I shared today.generalised yes, but hopefully a good summary for people thinking about their business case for social marketing. For the left brain - the rational, logical media makes sense for website analytics. It helps deliver the relevance, freshness and the ability to link from Google - helping you to rise in the Google rankings.

5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Company Blog Updated

Bill Hartzer

Guest Post by Brendan Egan. Everyone is busy these days, and unfortunately blogging is one of those things that always seems to get pushed to the back of our to-do list. It’s probably because most of us don’t see the value in blogging, and we simply think it’s handing out free information without seeing any sort of return.

Beyond Blogging: Facing Up to Your Long-term Future


This is a guest post by Tyler Tervooren of Advanced Riskology. What happened to all the railroads? Have you ever pondered that question? In the 1800s, the railroad industry in the U.S. was booming. New businesses were sprouting up every year, and inventors were creating newer and more efficient locomotives. First it was steam, then it was petrol, then it was diesel. Times were good, and America had a bright, rail-based future. So what happened?

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