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Social Media’s Shocking Statistics

Harp Interactive

With 500 Billion + people on Facebook and an estimated 280,000,000 Twitter accounts, there is no doubt that social media is eye opening.shockingly so. The significance of social media for businesses is equally big. Expanding your brand's potential reach via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more has become the holy grail of marketing. Blog Facebook Metrics Twitter blogging blogging stats facebook fans facebook marketing facebook stats social media statistics social media twitter social media's shocking statistics twitter stats

Accepting Standard LinkedIn Invites

Spin Sucks

Many months ago, Arik Hanson and I were having a Twitter conversation about LinkedIn. His question? How do you feel about getting “I’d like to add you to my professional network&# requests without any mention of how the person knows you? That drives me nuts. I do a ton of speaking and I “meet&# a lot of people through that, as well as online. I disagreed a little bit, at the time.

How To Get Results From Your Blogger Outreach Campaign


Bloggers are a unique breed. They are hard working, have extremely high ethics and can sniff out BS better than Columbo. This is precisely why conducting a blogger outreach campaign can be the most difficult type of social media campaign. CTK Techknowledge , a nonprofit software company, contacted me to develop and execute a strategy to promote their Heart & Soul Grant to potential applicants.

Consolidate and Coordinate your Media

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Forrester has observed that advertising/PR agencies are battling each other for dominance in the digital media space. In reality, the agencies that are actively engaged in this battle are not the ones you want to represent you. Instead, you want truly integrated agencies like the ones Kirk Cheyfitz alludes to in a recent Huffington Post article.

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Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

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Behavioral Targeting Doubles Ad Effectiveness


While behaviorally targeted ads have been heavily criticized by privacy advocates, the data from a 2009 Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) study suggest that they will continue to be used by marketers and publishers. Here are the 2 main highlights from that 2009 NAI study. Behaviorally targeted ads have higher conversion rates than regular ads. converted. That compared with only 2.8% Takeaway.

CPM 44

Lanyrd: Social Media Conferences & More

Jason Yormark

It seems like almost every day more and more cool sites are popping up taking advantage of the social web. A few weeks ago I stumbled across another gem, Lanyrd and it’s officially my go to site for all things conferences. I’m always a fan of great UI and simplicity in execution, and Lanyrd nails both. Lanyrd uses your Twitter account to effectively crowdsource conference information and it’s working. In addition to simply listing conference details, you can get information on speakers, sessions & content. Also Facebook integration would be a plus. Social Media

Join the Party in Desperados’ New Interactive YouTube Campaign


Tweet Desperados Tequila-Flavored Beer has earlier this month launched a new campaign called “ The Desperados Experience ”. Personally, I think it’s a great interactive video – and like previous YouTube takeover campaigns from for example Tipp-Ex and Sly Stallone , Desperados takes over the YouTube interface, smashing it up and making it their own. > Watch the video by clicking here.

Is Article Marketing the Way to Build Traffic to Your Blog?

Janet Fouts

Maybe not anymore. In February Google rolled out an update to their algorithms likely directed at sites that duplicate content for article marketing as well as those that “spin&# articles (replacing phrases and words so they aren’t exact duplicates and then posting to article hosting sites). They’ve just rolled it out globally to English speaking countries as well.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

B2B Social Media Gets Intimate

Social Media Marketing

The following is a guest post by @ericschwartzman. Up to now, one the biggest challenges that social media posed was forcing organizations to decide just how open they should be. The belief was that information that could be public should be transitioned to social media, but proprietary information should remain under wraps in email, on the phone and in meetings. B2C marketers may have some luck.

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Is Amateur Hour Over?

Geoff Livingston

Image by Graymalkn. Cluetrain Manifesto Co-Author Doc Searls recently observed that the Web has moved from personalized postings and unique micro-publications to an over-commercialized web. Perhaps Searls point is indicative of a larger trend of amateurs losing power online. In the professional Internet communications market, we see a similar movement away from amateurs, too. What happens?

When Should Brands Establish Credibility in Social?

Direct Marketing Observations

The answer to the title of this post is now, but how are they supposed to do that? What does social credibility look like on the brand side? Is it a Facebook and Twitter presence? A Blog? An internal social media strategy ? A go to market strategy? Hiring a social media director? What should credibility look like for a brand in the not so new social space? What does that look like?

Why I’ve Been Quiet Here: The Shortest Blog Post I’ll Ever Write

Viper Chill

After working away for weeks on a new product, I’m delighted (and relieved) to say that it is finally finished. I worked with one of my best friends who many of you here know – Diggy – to bring you what is the most definitive guide to building a popular and profitable blog. I strongly believe that there is no better guide to successful blogging available online. Questions?

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A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

Police and Social Media News site – SA Police

Laurel Papworth

How do services like the Police engage in Social Media and online communities? Well the South Australian Police force have released a social media news site. In some respects the Police site usurps crime beat reporting in newspapers by using only “if it bleeds it leads&# articles, as all the news is about crimes such as handbag snatchings. You can subscribe to their feed, the community is distributed (meaning: not “on&# their site but on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) but doesn’t include a social media press room. link].

Did you notice the rules of marketing have changed?

PWB Marketing Blog

Three Forces Driving Social Customer Support

Dave Fleet

We’ve discussed, many times, the importance of the ongoing trend towards the integration of various communications forms in social media – the fact that you can’t just put “social&# in a bubble and expect it to perform without support from other media. Awareness of this is slowly growing as social media activities mature within organizations. Do you agree?

Did you notice the rules of marketing have changed? | PWB.

PWB Marketing Blog

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

New Search Engine For Vets | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

How a new search engine for veterinarians can increase the search rankings for local veterinary clinics

B2B Social Media: 4 Ways to Sell the Value to Management

Convince & Convert

Guest post by Eric Schwartzman , coauthor of S ocial Marketing to the Business Customer , the first book devoted exclusively to B2B social media communications. He has been conducting monthly social media training programs since 2006 and works as an independent online communications consultant to businesses, the US Military, government agencies and nonprofits. And how do you measure success?

Blogosphere Trends + Effective Calls to Action


You might be saying, “I’m a blogger, not a sales person. I create content. Why would I need to worry about calls to action?” But if you are, I’d encourage you to adjust your thinking. Making money from your blog, growing your business, and getting readers to interact will be next to impossible if you can’t effectively motivate your audience to take action. Still skeptical? Take a look at Darren Rowse. Certainly these revenue streams would not have existed if he’d never asked anyone to buy his ebooks or join these sites. These things all grow your blog and your community. Be clear. Cleopatra’?

Interruption Marketing vs. Permission Marketing

The Social Media Incubator

When is the last time that an advertisement or marketer interrupted what you were doing? Think about your initial reaction – did you immediately brush off the message or person, or did you wait to see if it would be worth your time to

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Thank You Economy, a Video Review

Jeff Esposito

This post includes a video, if you can’t view, please click here. Book Review Gary Vaynercuck thank you economy

Report Finds Social Media Engagement Drives Revenue

PWB Marketing Blog

The more deeply a company engages with social media, the more likely the company is to increase revenue, says a research study conducted by Altimeter and Wetpaint. Titled “The World’s Most Valuable Brands: Who’s Most Engaged‚” the report ranks the Top 100 global brands in terms of their social media participation. The report claims to show a statistically significant correlation between higher social media engagement yielding higher company revenue. We found the researchers methodology illuminating. The resulting metric is called “engagement.” social media

Cartoon of the day

Jeff Esposito

Cartoon of the Day


Are You Protecting Your Blog’s Most Valuable Asset?


This guest post was written by Neil Matthews of WPDude. Are you protecting one of the most valuable assets of your blog—your email list? The majority of us rigorously backup the content of our blog, but do we give the same thought to our email lists? Why back up your email list? “The money is in the list.&# is a mantra we often hear in Internet marketing circles, and we hear it so often because it is so true. An email list is still the best way to communicate with your tribe and to make offers to them. Our attention is the most valuable thing we can give to a marketing message. Mailchimp.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.