Sat.Sep 22, 2018

Facebook Launches Updated Education Courses for Instagram Marketers

Social Media Today

Looking to get a better understanding of how Instagram can help your business? Check out these new education courses from Facebook

How to Add Blur Background Effect to Smartphone Photos and Videos

Socially Sorted

Want to know how to add a blur background effect to your smartphone photos without using a fancy camera? You can do it with any smartphone as long as you know a few tricks. In this post I share how to achieve professional photo blurring in the background of your photos without. // Read More.

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Facebook Looks Set to Launch its Smart Speaker, Called 'Portal', Next Week

Social Media Today

Could Facebook be set to play an even bigger part in our everyday lives? Reports suggest that a new Facebook home speaker is coming soon

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Chronicles Of A 50+ Entrepreneur: I Got This

Forbes Social Media

When you’re moving fast and riffing it’s great to have a foundation of scenarios and past outcomes as guidance for what’s on your plate today


Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Twitter Says a Now Corrected API Bug May Have Shared Users' Private Message Info

Social Media Today

Twitter has revealed a now resolved security flaw in its API which may have given third-parties access to user data, including direct messages sent

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Western Myths Of Technological Birth Control

Forbes Social Media

Is it the marketing of contraception which is the problem or the frustrating issues that women face in not being able to control their fertility