Wed.May 15, 2019

Facebook Implements New Restrictions on Who Can Go Live to Stop the Spread of Disturbing Content

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced a new process which will see access to Facebook Live removed for those who violate platform policies

Influencer Marketing: 10 Top Mistakes Brands Make and How to Fix Them

Pam Moore

Influencer marketing is expected to be a $6.5 billion dollar industry in 2019. This is up from $1.7 billion in 2016. Influence marketing is helping brands of all sizes big and small engage their dream customers, ignite communities, increase brand awareness and nurture powerful relationships.

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LinkedIn Updates Job Search Tools, Releases New Usage Stats

Social Media Today

With LinkedIn members now applying to 25 million jobs every week, the company is upgrading its jobs tools to cater to increasing demand

Social Media Influencers: How to Find, Evaluate and Work with Social Media Influencers

Razor Social

If you are building out an influencer program, or already have one in place, and you are working (or intend to) work with social media influencers, you need to read this guide. There’s a very good reason why Google trends shows massive growth in search traffic for influencer marketing.

YouTube's Adding New Still Image Ads

Social Media Today

YouTube is adding a new option for non-video advertisers on the platform

Content Strategy: When Less is More


High-quality content goes a lot further than large quantities of content in your content strategy. Chances are that you have clicked onto a site and immediately left because the content was marred by spelling mistakes, factual inconsistencies, or an awkward tone.

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Facebook's Developing New Link and Mention Stickers for Facebook Stories

Social Media Today

Facebook looks to be developing a couple of new Stories options which could be of significant interest to social media marketers

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Facebook Outlines Coming Changes to Data Tracking Capacity

Social Media Today

As Facebook moves closer to launching its tool to enable users to opt-out of off-platform tracking, it's released an outline of potential outcomes which may impact marketers

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Will Facebook Make Crypto Relevant For The Underserved?

Forbes Social Media

Facebook is reportedly working on its own cryptocurrency and it could have big benefits for the world's financially excluded. But if the company wants to address this massive market, it will need to learn lessons from the startups that are already serving them and focus on inclusive use cases

Facebook Re-Enables Option to View Profile as a Non-Connection

Social Media Today

Facebook is bringing back the option to view your profile as a non-connection would see it, while its also making it easier to edit your publicly available information

Imagine a Facebook Without Facebook: How A.I. Will Soon Disrupt Social Media

Forbes Social Media

Social media’s revenue model has been largely predicated on surveillance capitalism and developing platforms to keep our attention by leveraging negative emotions; however, advances in A.I., coupled with blockchain, could disrupt this trend, returning data sovereignty to users

Twitter Adds New Warnings on 'Anti-Vax' Related Searches

Social Media Today

Twitter has added a new warning tag on searches related to vaccines and their related concerns

10 LinkedIn Tips (You've Probably Never Heard Of) From 10 Different Experts

Forbes Social Media

Ten uncommon LinkedIn tips from ten different experts

Here's What You Need to Know About WhatsApp's Major Security Flaw

Social Media Today

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has discovered a major security flaw in its system, which some have incorrectly pinned on the perceived failure of end-to-end encryption

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Counting Down to the End: The Best Game of Thrones Content on YouTube

Forbes Social Media

As Game of Thrones comes to an end, here's the best of GoT YouTube to watch before it does

How to Run Your Own Instagram Audit: 8 Steps to Building a Better Profile


Whether you’ve been using Instagram for a few months or several years, it’s never a bad time to run an Instagram audit! .