Sat.May 04, 2019

F8: Facebook says the future is private

Sherrilynne Starkie

This week, more than 5,000 developers, creators and entrepreneurs from around the world came together for F8 , Facebook’s annual conference about the future of technology.

Facebook Will Shutdown its Group Video Chat App Bonfire

Social Media Today

Facebook has announced that its group video chat app Bonfire, which it launched in selected regions, will be shuttered

Groups 152

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Are Facebook's Disaster Maps The Ultimate Government Surveillance Tool In Disguise?

Forbes Social Media

As governments become accustomed to turning to Facebook to map their citizens and understand their spatial patterns of life, troubling questions are raised about whether Facebook may become ever more the ultimate surveillance platform for governments across the world

Facebook's Cryptocurrency Project Could Change the eCommerce Landscape

Social Media Today

New details have emerged about Facebook's cryptocurrency exchange project, which could become a major consideration in the near future

Lake Outburst Floods And Future Cyclones - A Looming Threat For The Himalayas

Forbes Social Media

With future storms like Cyclone Fani, glacial lake outburst floods are a looming threat in the Himalayas


YouTube Announces Changes to 'Preferred' Ad Offering, Makes YouTube Originals Free to View

Social Media Today

YouTube has announced some updates to its ad offerings and premium video at its eighth annual Brandcast event

The Marketing Proof Gap: What It Is And Why Marketers Should Care

Forbes Social Media

A common attack levied at marketers is the failure to demonstrate value. This article discusses the “proof gap,” what it is, and how it impacts marketers