Sat.Apr 27, 2019

Facebook Publishes New Guide for Instagram Creators

Social Media Today

Facebook has put together a new listing of key tips to help creators maximize their use of Instagram

How To Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account for Results

Socially Sorted

Not sure how to set up your Pinterest Business Account? Stay tuned, because we’ve updated this post to show you how! You’ll be all set to create your Pinterest Business Account for more traffic, shares and results. Macaroons by B. Sonjachnyj, Shutterstock BY. // Read More.

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Facebook is Testing New, More Animated, Reactions

Social Media Today

Facebook is working on some new animation styles for its Reactions

From Savior To Suppressor: Can Democracy Survive Social Media?

Forbes Social Media

Social media has gone from being the great savoir of democracy to its ultimate suppressor, deciding who has a voice in democratic societies and what they are permitted to say, even to their elected officials. Can democracy survive social media

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Facebook's Working on a New Creator Studio Dashboard for Instagram

Social Media Today

Facebook's working on a new Instagram Creator Studio dashboard, which would be part of the existing Facebook Creator Studio app

The Digital Surveillance And Blacklisting Of Women

Forbes Social Media

Tech giants, Apple and Google, have come under fire in recent months for hosting apps which survey women. How does new tech serve to continue the cultural and draconian practices which allow men to survey and blacklist females

Stopping Disinformation Requires Measuring And Understanding It Not Just Monitoring And Debunking It

Forbes Social Media

Mitigating misinformation requires measuring and understanding it, not merely monitoring and debunking it