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Actionable Social Analytics: From Social Media Metrics to Business Insights [White Paper]


Tweet Recently, Awareness released a new white paper on social analytics and suggestions on how marketers process and assimilate seemingly endless social data. This white paper called ‘Actionable Social Analytics: From Social Media Metrics to Business Insights’ presents comprehensive definition of social analytics to increase marketing and sales effectiveness.

2012 Social Marketing & New Media Predictions [White Paper]


These predictions have been compiled and released in form of a white paper called “2012 Social Marketing and New Media Predictions” The report covers some predictions about new approaches to marketing, new ways of organizing resources, and flexible, scalable technology to get customers’ attention and ensure their engagement. For this reason, Awareness Inc.

ROI and the Impact of Social CRM [NEW WHITE PAPER]


Our latest white paper is out! This paper is the second in our Social CRM series. The first paper in the series, Social CRM for Associations , has had close to 2000 downloads to date)! The first paper defined the concept of social CRM and the key technologies and basic work involved in building a social CRM practice inside your association. Download now!

White paper on Social CRM for associations


We’ve just published our latest white paper, Social CRM for Associations: What association executives should know about applying social media to membership management. The white paper deconstructs Social CRM into its basic parts and applies the concept to association management. Special thanks to Avectra for sharing the costs of producing the paper, so you can download it for free. SocialFishFood White PaperWho owns Social CRM? Making member management social takes teamwork. For example, are you doing any of this work?

9 Indispensable B2B Social Media White Papers

White papers and eBooks can be helpful resources when they’re well-prepared and provide usable information. Below are a list of 9 B2B white papers that have useful information for B2B social media marketers. Only one of the white papers requires registration and all were published within the past year. Social Media White Paper – Learn and Earn.

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Free white paper: key trends of 2013

Sherrilynne Starkie

Click here to download your copy now to get the hard numbers behind the eight key trends of 2013: Powering events through social media. Featured Headline Social Media 2013 trends Marketing and Advertising White paper year in review How do you make something like business communications, which is seemingly intangible, become more verifiable and concrete? Mobile! User focus.

[NEW ICF WHITE PAPER] The Three “E’s” of Healthcare Consumerism


Download this ICF white paper to learn how successful healthcare companies are adopting new approaches to consumer interaction. This white paper delves into these critical success factors and gives providers, insurers, and life sciences companies a framework for evaluating and adjusting to an increasingly consumer-centric business model. DOWNLOAD LINK.

How to Create White Papers From Your Blog Posts and Use Them Effectively


This guest post is by Mitt Ray of The White Paper Blog. With the rise in inbound marketing, more and more blogs are using white papers to promote themselves effectively. Blogs can use white papers as part of their marketing campaigns to spread expertise, generate leads, get more subscribers, and to take advantage of many other benefits. If you’re keen on learning how to write effective white papers and then use them to promote your blog, then you have to read this post! What is a white paper? How can blogs use white papers?

Get Your Social Media Budget Approved with These 22 Tips, White Paper and Podcast

Pam Moore

Download this free white paper and then take a listen to this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast and learn how you can setup a 6 month plan for budget approval. In addition the bottom of this blog posts is loaded with helpful resources, templates and white papers for you to leverage in your planning and execution. Would you like answers to these questions?

Identifying, Understanding and Influencing Social Media Users [Infographic]


To gain more details about the different social media personas and further insights into the entire report, please download it here. Similar Posts: Global Social Media Adoption In 2011 [White Paper]. Tweet In my last blog post , I wrote about a recent report focusing on how social marketing is more than just ranking up a bunch of likes! But who is this social customer?

How to Kick-Start Your Content Marketing [Report]


A few days ago, the content production platform Skyword released a white paper on how to kick-start your content marketing. According to the paper, the formula for success is fairly simple: Provide people the information they want, when they want it and where they want it – but this may not be as easy as it sounds. The seven-step approach to delivering success.

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Boost Your Innovation Efforts with Lean Startup


Download your free copy of Innovate the Lean Way: Applying Lean Startup Methodology in the Association Environment. Case Study White PaperGuest post by Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate, Director of Information Systems, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) and Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE, CEO & Chief Strategist, Spark Consulting LLC. What went wrong?

Tips for Creating a Profitable Trade Show Experience

Spin Sucks

Create a QR code at your booth that visitors can use to download a white paper. Write a white paper about the event with the highlights and industry trends you observed and make it available to attendees. Take the content from the white paper and turn it into a PowerPoint presentation that you can upload to Slideshare. Or do we? It’s human nature.

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The Two Core Elements of B2B Social Media Marketing Success

Webbiquity SMM

Content can be produced in a wide variety of formats: • White papers. Compelling: to be shareworthy from your standpoint, the content should compel the reader to take some sort of next step—download a white paper, register for a webinar, subscribe to your newsletter, contact your sales team—some type of action that makes the effort of developing the content worthwhile. Content is like singing a song. Amplification (done well) is like singing that song into a microphone. On American Idol. Late in the season. Case studies. Video. Podcasts. Presentations.

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Social Marketers, CMO’s Are Most Worried About These Things

Simply Measured

How Your Social Data Can Benefit Every Department Download. This post delves into three common worries that CMO’s are dealing with now (scroll to the bottom of this post to download the whole guide, with all six worries). The Role of Social Analytics in Optimizing a Social Plan Download. Download the full Guide below! How You Can Help. How You Can Help. How You Can Help.

The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm


Guest post from Shelly Alcorn, Principal, Alcorn Associates – Download her excellent paper with Elizabeth Engel here. ————– I am very pleased to announce the publication of the white paper I co-authored with Elizabeth Weaver Engel, MA, CAE, “ The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm.” White PaperNo Feeds Found.

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Attribution

Simply Measured

Conversations to Conversions: How to Measure Anything on Social Using Simply Measured Download. Download it now by clicking below. Education & Analysis Social Media White Papers, Guides, & eBooksSocial doesn’t work that way. You post to Facebook, your audience interacts with it, and you hope that your actions equate to lift for your business. Main Challenges.

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Perfecting the Product Page


This paper will help you optimize your product page strategy, guiding you on numerous tactics, including: Maximizing imagery to sell your products. Download Perfecting the Product Page [PDF]. Web Analytics adobe white papers perfecting the product pageFrom minimalist to information-rich product pages, deciding which approach is right for you.

Two important SocialFish announcements…


Our brand-spanking new free SocialFish white paper on Social CRM for Associations is here! Download it today and let us know what you think. Featured SocialFish News White Paper Think TankTwo important SocialFish announcements for ya: 1. We want to hear your input on this important topic. We are looking for beta testers for a cool new SocialFish project.

[NEW ICF Whitepaper] Are You Game? The Future of Consumer Engagement in Healthcare


Download this new ICF International whitepaper —and put your gamification knowledge to the test. Featured SocialFish News Useful Data White Paper Examine examples of healthcare gaming, explore key market drivers, and predict gaming trends in achieving healthier populations. What does all of this mean for healthcare insurers?

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How to Grow Your Base of Support Online


Read this white paper to discover how to engage nonprofit supporters in a committed, lasting online relationship. The white paper includes a checklist of best practices for developing online supporter relationships. Download the white paper to learn: The benefits of moving offline supporters online. FREE RESOURCE for ya! Brought to you by Salsa Labs.

7 Simple Secrets to B2B Lead Generation Titles that Convert like Crazy


Many content marketers seem to miss out on a key aspect of success – the title of your white paper, eBook, guide, webinar, etc. I’d better download the white paper to find out. Creating great content and not spending time coming up with a title that will convert to clicks and leads is all too common. 1 Be Accurate but Sexy. However, I’m a techie (Ph.D. Curation

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30 Remarkable Content Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)

Webbiquity SMM

The three content marketing tactics that deliver the highest ROI are featured articles (cited by 62% of marketers), video (52%) and white papers (46%). Nearly two-thirds of North American B2B vendors use white papers to generate leads; 79% of enterprises and 62% of SMB firms.( Content marketing has become ubiquitous, with 93% of B2B marketers now using it. eMarketer ).

Measuring Your Content Marketing Success [Infographic]


Keyword-optimized blog posts, white papers, press releases, articles, and social media content create brand awareness, inspire audience engagement, and move customers through the sales funnel from initial consideration to purchase. Consideration: Inspiring potential customers to engage, read, download, comment, and share. How do you measure content marketing? Lower bounce rate.

Four Content Ideas for Driving Inbound Leads

Spin Sucks

Blog about it or create a white paper that says, “You may hear this about us. But your content can be newsletters, email campaigns, white papers, podcasts, video series, and more. You really should download and watch Marcus’s webinar. I’ll be honest. It’s not the speakers; it’s me. He was entertaining and really knowledgeable.

Content Strategy Lessons from Lego: Everything is Awesome, Especially your Content


Create a significant piece of content around it such as a white-paper or research report. It works for Everything is Awesome… For more ways to improve your website, download Vanguard’s latest eBook – 5 Website Improvements to Make in 5 Minutes (or Less). This post originally appeared here on the Vanguard Technology blog. And go build something wonderful.

7 Top Personal Branding Goals To Develop Your Social Brand Strategy

Pam Moore

Download our 105 Factors Impacting Your Digital Brand white paper. Supporting Resources: Digital Body Language: 105 Factors Impacting Your Brand (white paper). 10 Reasons Personal Branding is a Requirement Not an Option (white paper). They aren’t thinking “should I do business with this person or brand.” If not, you should. iTunes.

Marketing is Dead?

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It took the following technologies to reach 50 million users : Radio – 38 years; TV – 13 years; The Internet – four years; iPod – three years; Facebook added 100 million users in just nine months; and iPod app downloads hit one billion in nine months. We live in really interesting times. Technology is coming at us more quickly than ever before. SEO is Dead! Public Relations is Dead!

How to Make Money from Your Social Media Influence

Bill Hartzer

You spend time creating a website or creating some sort of ebook (which ends up being a downloadable PDF file), and you do something magical to get all sorts of visitors (thousands of visitors, of course) who want to download it, try out the unique “method” of making money online. You can “pay with a tweet” by tweeting about this white paper. So, what gives?

How to Create a Call-to-Action for All of Your Content

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He then tracks whether or not the person has downloaded the book. If they don’t download it, he knows they’re not a qualified lead for him so he doesn’t waste his time. Did they download a white paper? This could be social share buttons, a subscription, or the requirement of an email address for download. It’s not easy work, but it’s effective.

33 Phenomenal Content Marketing and Copywriting Guides and Tips

Webbiquity SMM

This doesn’t have to be obvious and it doesn’t have to be smothered all over the thing, but it should be there somewhere,” such as links to white papers or other related assets at the end of a blog post or report. Buyers “who are working in IT were more likely to have downloaded whitepapers (36%) or read blogs (28%)” than those in other industries. ”).

33 Thought-Provoking B2B Social Media and Marketing Stats

Webbiquity SMM

White paper and eBook downloads are the top producers of B2B leads, cited by 59% of marketers. As noted in the 2016 B2B Marketing Trends report , B2B marketing strategies and practices are in the midst of significant change, driven by new technologies and evolving buyer expectations for more “consumer-like” experiences. Lead generation is still a challenge.

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Q & A With Michael Stelzner on the “Launch” of Social Media Examiner

Debbie Weil

In December 2005 I published the annual Best Free Downloads issue of my e-newsletter, WordBiz Report. When they saw the link to a FREE download of Mike’s original White Paper Writer Industry Report , they grabbed it. Mike asked me to tell you that you can download a FREE sample chapter of Launch Full disclosure: he mentions me in the book. The secret?

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Q & A With Michael Stelzner on the “Launch” of Social Media Examiner

Debbie Weil

In December 2005 I published the annual Best Free Downloads issue of my e-newsletter, WordBiz Report. When they saw the link to a FREE download of Mike’s original White Paper Writer Industry Report , they grabbed it. Mike asked me to tell you that you can download a FREE sample chapter of Launch Full disclosure: he mentions me in the book. " The secret?

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When content calendars are not the answer

Janet Fouts

The calendar may include links to existing resources like e-books and white-papers, videos and other downloads. Content calendars can be an excellent tool to plot out your social outreach strategy for creating and sharing content over time. All good right? Yes and no. It may be tempting to fill in the calendar with all the marketing info you possibly can and call it a day.

You Ruined the Internet for the Rest of Us. Thank You.


It meant the end of sentences like “To learn more about the antioxidant effects of grape juice, download this white paper about the antioxidant effects of grape juice, entitled The Antioxidant Effects of Grape Juice.” With the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, content marketing just got harder for everyone else. Thank you very much.

PR ROI Means You Have to Do Real Math

Spin Sucks

How many people download the webinars, white papers, and case studies (and same metrics as bullet above). Everyone will remember that you got the White House on board.”) Everyone will remember you got the White House on board during your communications campaign and they’ll remember you had a 250 percent PR ROI when it comes time to budget for next year.

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Bloggers important in PR

Sherrilynne Starkie

Bloggers are increasingly important in public relations, according to a white paper published today by DWPub. Download the whitepaper here. Eighty-two per cent of PR professionals work with bloggers to provide coverage for clients, while 98% find bloggers useful or invaluable. Daryl Willcox. Our survey results show an overwhelmingly positive response. VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE.

The State of Social Media Marketing– Annual Survey Report


Click here to download the PDF. Similar Posts: 2012 Social Marketing & New Media Predictions [White Paper]. How to Drive Business Value with Social Marketing Funnel [white paper]. The It compares the state of social media in 2011 and expectations from 2012, based on this survey. Here I will attempt to bring out some key highlights from the report. Platforms.

20 Ways to Cultivate Brand Unawareness in Social Media

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Example: Offering a free white paper download to someone likes you on Facebook, and the download consists of 200 words of common knowledge. This is a guest post by Brad Shorr. Many businesses use social media to promote brand awareness, and it can be quite effective. Alert: This list is not exhaustive. Your additions are welcome! Overfeeding. Underfeeding. No engagement.

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