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How I do it : Bulk URL shortening for #socialmedia updates

Koka Sexton

What I want to focus on is a way that you can take all of the collected and curated content you have and generate customized shortened URLS for them so you can easily have the updates scheduled for social marketing activities across platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Bulk URL Shortening Tool for Social Marketing. Get a copy of this URL shortening Google spreadsheet. yourlink.

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Join the @SocialEmployee Revolution! Start by Downloading Chapter 3 Now! #IBM #Cisco #SouthwestAir

Blue Focus Marketing

URL: Branding from the Inside Out! Join the Revolution Now! We are excited to share Chapter 3, “Brands Under Pressure” from our new book, The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work , out August 23 through McGraw-Hill ! JOIN THE SOCIAL EMPLOYEE REVOLUTION! Follow @ SocialEmployee on Twitter! David A.

Why Facebook Is Loading Faster on Chrome, Firefox

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Maurer and Schloss defined revalidation as when browsers repeatedly request the same content, such as logos or JavaScript code that are reused across multiple pages, and they discussed how they tweaked the browsers’ expiration times and validators for that content so that unnecessary time and bandwidth was not devoted to downloading the same content over and over. This has benefits over downloading the whole resource again, as much less data needs to be transferred, but it doesn’t eliminate the latency of the browser talking to the server.

Ask Bill Hartzer: We redesigned our website, pushed it live but did not catalogue our old URLs. What do we do?

Bill Hartzer

Someone recently asked me about redirecting their old web pages (their old URLs) to the new URLs because they redesigned their website. However, we forgot to catalogue all of the old URLs on the old website, and therefore we have no way of knowing what the old URLs were on the site, so we can redirect them to the new URLs. Whenever you redesign your website, it’s important to set up 301 Permanent Redirects from the old URLs to the new URLs so that website visitors and the search engine bots know that the page has moved its location to a new URL. Makes A Better URL Shortener

Koka Sexton

Makes A Better URL Shortener is a URL shortner for use with services like Twitter where every letter counts. There are many URL Shorteners available online like TinyUrl but Besides having just the URL Shortener, you can also sign in and get detailed stats of all the URLs you have linked to. Why shoud I use URL shorteners like a try.

12 Ways to Use Instagram for Small Business

Sprout Social

With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram is the fourth-most downloaded app in the US. By default you can only have one clickable URL in your profile. But what you can do to get around that is include URLs in your bio. Pro tip: Shorten any URLs you use in your bio using a service like Bitly. We all know the power of Instagram. But here’s the problem.

Duplicate Content: Two Ways to Avoid SEO Problems

Spin Sucks

It’s exactly what it sounds like: A portion of text that exists on multiple URLs, making it difficult for search engines to determine how to rank them in order of importance. Google will ultimately choose one URL to show in the results page – but it may not be the page you want to be exposed. The only difference between the two URLs is one word is capitalized. Not exactly.

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How to Build Landing Pages for PR Pros

Spin Sucks

Now that you have gorgeous landing pages where you can set up a webinar, a course, a book sales page, an opt-in page, a content download, or any other call-to-action, you can gather email addresses. Using the URL of the landing page (not the URL of the webinar software registration), create a different link for each of the tactics using the Google URL Builder.

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How to Use Twitter Cards in Social Media Marketing


Validate Twitter card code Run the URL through Twitters’ card validator tool to receive approval from Twitter: 4. Twitter Cards enable publishers to attach media experiences to tweets — beyond the 140-character limit. They can help you drive website traffic, introduce new products and services, share rich content such as videos, and improve engagement.

The Single Most Important Social Media Marketing Metric

Convince & Convert

Rather than concluding that the interview kit download didn’t close a sale, they can follow the customer along the sales journey and optimize at each conversion point. Google Analytics can track any URL that you can edit by appending some tags into the URL string. All you have to do is start building campaign URLs via Google’s URL Builder Tool. Likes!

Resources for Small Staff Associations


XML is free but only generates a list of your site’s urls. Also has a downloadable version. Gimp and are downloads that are both widely recommended as free Photoshop alternatives. Campaign Monitor template builder is a free tool that lets you create and download html email templates. This post originally appeared on Mizz Information. Here it is.

7 Brilliant Sales and Marketing Slack Integrations to Improve Your Efficiency

Simply Measured

2017 Digital Marketing Predictions From the Experts Download. You can access Trello on Slack by downloading the app and typing in the command /trello help. You have to download the MailChimp Slack integration and authenticate your account to begin. The screenshots can then be annotated and sent to any Slack channel, with the URL of the page you’re sharing. DrumUp.

10 Tips to Build Better Converting Twitter Traffic

Sprout Social

However you can export the stats to an Excel file and from there, play with the data: Sort the spreadsheet to see Tweets with most clicked URLs on top. Twitter cards ensure that your URL gets special treatment when it’s Tweeted. Twitter is an integral part of social media marketing these days. Almost every business, big and small, is on Twitter. Keep an Eye on Your Stats.

The Spin Sucks Scavenger Hunt

Spin Sucks

Just like any normal scavenger hunt, we have created a downloadable card for you to keep tabs on the hunt through March 3. On the card, you will find a blogger’s name, the URL to their site, a date, and the phrase, “Secret Word is.” Download the card now so you’re ready to start tomorrow. Download the scavenger hunt card. By Gini Dietrich.

How to Align Social Media and SEO Strategy

Simply Measured

How to Perform Your Own Social Media Audit Download. You will have to update your page code with a relevant title, description, image tag, and URL. How to Create a Conversion-Based Social Campaign Download. Download. Social Network Stat Sheets: What You Need to Know Download. Are your social media efforts aligned with your SEO strategy? Increase Your Following.

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QR Code In Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

When your customer / client scans this from their smartphone they can be provided information and are swiftly linked to your Page / Site / blog and any other online address that has its own url. Basically your url is the clue here. So in other words a long url need not be typed out, instead the QR Code gets scanned and the online site gets linked and can be surfed. For instance one of the reasons being: in the online world you would use url shortener like the Google url shortener called you would not go about placing a very long url everywhere.

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Ultimate Guide to Measuring Social Media ROI

Sprout Social

Downloads of a whitepaper or ebook. You can set these links up through Google’s URL builder , so the information will be included in your Google Analytics reporting. For this part, you’re going to enter the actual destination URL that you want to trigger a conversion. Google URL builder : To assign trackable links for your campaigns. 38% said poor tools.

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Build Your Email List with These Growth Hacks

Spin Sucks

This email list can be downloaded from Twitter and imported into an email provider software, such as Mailchimp or Infusionsoft. If you have a relevant free resource (such as a landing page with a PDF download) put the link in the ‘Card Details (Fallback) URL.’ Step 6 : Thank them and include the card URL that encourages them to get the free bonus content. Never fear!

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10 Content Marketing Lessons I Learned From Seeing How Our Content Is Shared

Simply Measured

2017 Digital Marketing Predictions From the Experts Download. Traffic from both channels has value–we want to be driving a lot of eyes to our content, regardless of whether those visitors are downloading content or requesting a demo. But, we also need to be driving content downloads and demo requests to fuel our demand gen machine. Probably. It’s not amateur hour.

9 Ways Agencies Can Convert Instagram Followers into Clients

Simply Measured

2017 Digital Marketing Predictions From the Experts Download. 2017 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download. The URL in your bio should ideally lead to a landing page on your website that focuses on having visitors complete a single desired action, such as showing off the breadth of your work or products, signing up for an email list, or downloading a piece of content.

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QR Codes 101

Social Media Marketing

Before employing a QR code in any campaign, make sure you have covered all the basics: Not all users already have a code reader downloaded on their phone. Any time you place a QR code, provide a website URL like so they can download a reader to scan the code. The following is a guest post from Nick Jerome. QR codes, a.k.a. guest post mobile QR codes

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Marketing: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket


You can incorporate the website URL into a radio jingle or a skit. Include several opportunities on your landing pages and your website to collect emails, such as through free download offers, email newsletter subscriptions, or inquiry forms. The proliferation of electronics and personal devices has opened up a whole new world for marketing. Drive Website Traffic. Generate Leads.

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How Brands Can Overcome the Biggest Influencer Marketing Challenges

Simply Measured

Measuring Your Digital Brand Impact Download. Create Custom URLs for Each Influencer. These custom URLs can help you track the conversions resulting from your influencer marketing campaign. The Dollar Shave Club creates custom URLs for each of the influencers they work with. You can also track the individual performance of each influencer, just like with the custom URLs.

The Chicken and Egg Problem of Nonprofit Social Media Measurement


Oh, wait…except that with Twitter analytics you can’t view activity for just a specific time period, unless you download it in the dreaded spreadsheet form, which, if you’re not a data whiz, looks like a great big secret code and your brain short-circuits when you view it in that form. So if you want that, you’ll need to use a url shrinker and then pull those stats separately.

How to Make Your WordPress Site Google AMP Compatible

Bill Hartzer

First, you’ll need to go on over to this page here and download the plugin file. If you would like to make sure that it’s working properly, go to a page on your site (it’s going to be a blog post, and not a page right now, as that’s only what’s supported now by this plugin) and add /amp/ to the end of the URL. Next, log into WordPress.

Why Dark Social Data Matters to the Content Marketer

Simply Measured

How to Increase Social Conversions Download. It occurs as a result of consumers sharing URLs with one another through private social channels like Slack, email, FB message, and text. . Owned, Earned, Paid, and Dark Social: Definitions, and Where to Begin Download. Are you a social marketer, or a content marketer, or both? Who is taking orders from who? And vice versa!–a

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Four Ways to Fight Content Thieves

Spin Sucks

For those of you reading this, I wrote this for my blog, YOUR URL. To figure out who the offender’s we host is, go to Who Is and look up their website by typing in the URL of the site where your stolen content resides. Just write down the secret word in Jeremy’s box on your scavenger hunt card (if you don’t have a card, download it here ). Every day. Sorry.”

Getting to Know the Ghost: The Complete Beginners Guide to Snapchat

Buffer Social

If you share this link with someone, they can then add you on Snapchat (this works really smoothly on mobile, on desktop your URL will link to a Snapchat download page). If you’re delivering an important message on Snapchat, for example, sharing a URL you’d like your followers to visit, asking them to screenshot it can be an excellent way to drive action. Ready?

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The 20 Best New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017 (And How to Use Them)

Buffer Social

How to use it: To start creating a GIF, you can copy and paste the URL, upload it as a file or even search for one on Description: Rebrandly is a custom URL shortener for sharing branded links. You can turn long, complex URL into branded and memorable ones. Download the browser extension to quickly rebrand any links. Download, log in and you are ready to roll!

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3 Facebook Tips For Restaurants & Coffee Shops


Include your Facebook page URL so they know exactly where to find you. Go download the Facebook Pages Manager app. Here are three tips for restaurants or coffee shops struggling to manage their Facebook pages. 1) Promote your page. You’ve got a Facebook page, but what you really want is fans—right? Surely you have many happy customers who’d love to like your page.

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The Complete, Always-Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising

Buffer Social

What’s involved: After you click to create a new ad and choose “Boost your posts,” the next steps are: Choose one of your Facebook Pages or enter its URL. What’s involved: After you click to create a new ad and choose “Promote your Page,” the next steps are: Choose one of your Facebook Pages or enter its URL. Download. Download. State.

5 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Social Strategy (And How to Answer Them)

Simply Measured

How to Increase Social Conversions Download. When is the last time you’ve been able to follow social activity down a funnel for a specific domain or URL? Beyond Engagement: Why Brands Must Use Outcomes to Prove, and Improve, Social Success Download. I can’t lie. Right now it’s pretty good to be me. How Does Social Impact Our Business Goals? Probably never.

Top 10 Apps for Windows Phones


Download Lyrics by musiXmatch. You could even call it ‘educational’ Download Reflections Free. Download Handyscan. Download ScanSearch. Download Krashlander. Download Egg Timer Pro. The card remains editable, so you can control exactly what information you send each time, and your number, email and URL are sent as usable hyperlinks.

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6 Chrome Extensions That Are Perfect for Content Marketers


Sniply also shortens the URL, so you can keep track of analytics to see how your links are performing. Once downloaded, the extension automatically recognizes when you’re writing emails, online essays or social media updates and checks them instantly. Content marketers usually have a lot on their hands. They make life as a content marketer, easier and less stressful. Pocket.

Hootbar – Use Hootsuite In Your Browser


Twitterbar almost got 2 million downloads, so some people are already familiar with how it works, and Hootbar looks a lot like Twitterbar. The Hootlet is a pop-up window that will open up from where you can select the different accounts and profiles, url-shortener or the option of scheduling the update. Tweet Hootsuite has recently acquired Twitterbar, and now calls it Hootbar.

3 Tips to Use QR Codes For Information, Not Destination

Convince & Convert

Download a QR reader app (or other format like Microsoft TAG). This is the case with the increasingly popular use of QR codes in place of Web URLs. It hasn’t been all that long since URLs began to appear on advertisements and other communication components. I’m not so sure people are ready to abandon written URLs. QR codes ask a lot of prospective users.

The Complete Guide to Instagram Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Instagram

Buffer Social

You’ll get to enter the destination URL when you are creating the ad itself. With this objective, you can send people to the app store where they can download your app. Fill in the destination URL ( This is the URL behind your call-to-action button ). Ignore the See More URL and See More Display URL fields ( They are for Facebook carousel ads which have an end card.).

HOW TO: Link Your Correct Facebook Page on Your Personal Profile

Saying It Social

This was a great place to put the URL to your Facebook Business Page so that all of your personal friends could see the link and potentially click on it when they were engaging with your personal profile. Click here to download the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar. Click here to download the Chrome Web Developer Toolbar. Before you create a custom URL for your Page, this ID will display as part of the Facebook given Page URL. If the Page already has a custom URL, you’ll have to be a bit more investigative to grab it. But, not all is lost. Wrong.

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How to Balance Creation and Curation in Your Social Strategy

Simply Measured

2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download. 24 Ways to Test Your Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook Content Download. Follow your social media audit checklist, which should include: Profile information (name and URL). A little digging will reveal templates for download. How to Create a Weekly Social Media Report Download. 3 should be content from you.

How to Promote Your Blog in 8 Seriously Easy Steps

agora pulse

Because I alternate the titles on Twitter, I can download a report from Twitter analytics and see which headline generates the most clicks. Are you missing opportunities to promote your blog? When I first started blogging I’d spend hours writing the perfect post, share it out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and then move on to the next one. Step 1: Write three blog headlines. Seasonal.