Registering Domain Names with Google Domains

Bill Hartzer

For a few months now, I have had the opportunity to have access to the Google Domains program, where you can buy (and transfer in) domain names. I thought that I’d tell you about my experience with Google Domains so far, and how it’s been going.

What is the Value of a Domain Name?

Bill Hartzer

Do domain names make good investments? Domain names are the real estate of the internet. In fact, with millions of people getting online, the value of a domain name can only go up. more focused on educating the visitors about the value of a good domain name.

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Google To Make Not Provided Keywords Exclusively Available to.Google Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

According to an unnamed Google source, this is one of the marketing tactics that Google is using to encourage website owners to move their websites from a.COM,NET, or.Org TLD to the new.Google Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD). Domain Names

Prove You’re Rich with a Dot Rich Domain Name

Bill Hartzer

I’ve been writing a lot about the new gTLD domain names , and many of them I really like as an alternative to the dot com domain TLD. the registry for gTLD, has decided to price domain names at $3,0000 US dollars each. dedicated service team.

Will New Domain Name TLDs Carry Extra Weight in the Search Engine Rankings?

Bill Hartzer

The new generic TLDs (top level domains) are coming soon. You’ll be able to buy a domain name other than they ‘typical’ com,net,org,info,biz domains. Frankly, the new top-level domains (TLDs) really have no chance of ranking anytime soon.

The Importance of Securing Your Domain Name


On February 19, 2013, TV personality and restarenteur Guy Fieri became the poster child of the importance of securing your domain name. Does Fieri really have a dish named “Guy’s Big Balls”?

Rogue Snapnames Employee Bids on Domain Name Auctions, Drives Up Prices

Bill Hartzer

Snapnames, an aftermarket domain name auction service, has reportedly discovered that a rogue employee set up an account and bid against other bidders. Specific domain name registration policies for employees. Domain Gang has their say as well.

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is Now Called Globe Life Park in Arlington

Bill Hartzer

The Texas Rangers baseball team has reached a naming-rights deal for the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Back in 2004, the Texas Rangers sold the naming rights to a company called Ameriquest Mortgage Co. Registry Domain ID: 1844606830_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN. Domain Names and Hacked, Hosting Malware on Site

Bill Hartzer

It looks like and , the search engine for domain names, has been hacked, and apparently is hosting malware on their web site. Typically, when users begin seeing messages about a domain name hosting malware notices, it’s from Google. Domain Names

Blake Irving Appointed CEO of Godaddy

Bill Hartzer

11, 2012) — Go Daddy, the world’s largest provider of Web hosting, domain name registrations and new SSL Certificates, today announced Blake Irving, formerly a long time Microsoft executive and Chief Product Officer of Yahoo! Domain Names

Google to Retire Hosted Domains Product within AdSense

Bill Hartzer

Google has decided to retire the “hosted domains” product that they have through the Google AdSense program. According to an email directly from the Google AdSense team, they have evaluated the benefits of their partner network and decided to retire the Hosted Domains program with Google AdSense. In the future, undeveloped domain names will only be served through their existing Google AdSense for Domains distribution network. Domain Names

Does This SEO Firm Claim UDRP Domain Panelists Can Be Bought?

Bill Hartzer

SEO Firm Ayima , based in the United Kingdom, claims that panelists that are a part of the UDRP domain name dispute process, can be bought. And, buying domain names can get you better search engine rankings, as well.

5 Tips For A Successful eCommerce Business

The Realtime Report

If you’re planning to start an eCommerce business, here are 5 tips to help you to start your online store : Focus On The Domain Name And The Design. Once you’ve decided what products and services you’re going to sell, the next focus is to choose the domain name.

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Kimberly-Clark uses social quiz to woo talent

Kimberly-Clark is looking for bright, talented thinkers who are eager to explore ideas, solve problems, and be part of collaborative teams and a performance-based culture that is focused on being number one in its markets. A re you an original thinker?

Top Cloud Solutions for Small Businesses

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As an added bonus, you can use your own domain name when using Gsuite. Kanban is even more valuable when you factor in the need for efficient team management. The name of the service says it all. Top Cloud Solutions for Small Businesses.

Linked from These Directories? Be Prepared To Pay for Removal

Bill Hartzer

Turns out that it was really convenient that the site owner had put their email address, link-removal-request@ their domain dot com in the whois record. Sincerely, The Web Directory Link Removal Team.

Marketing Lessons From The Toxic Avenger With Jeffrey Sass - This Week's Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast

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It started back when I was speaking at an event in South Florida and stumbled into a domain name convention and auction. I watched the domain go for a ridiculous amount of money. Jeffrey Sass didn't but that domain, but he's been a part of that scene for a long time. Currently, he's the CMO for.CLUB - now a global brand, and one of the top and most used new domain extensions. domain extension. domain name. domain name convention.

The Complete Solo Build It! Review - An Insider’s Perspective

The Social Media Hat

If you knew that your idea for a business was going to be a success, then by all means, grab a domain and start building that beautiful website. You can't get to their sitebuilder or any of the other tools until you have worked the process and developed a domain name that ticks all the boxes.

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About.Me: A Good Starting Place On The Web? | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

I’ve always been a proponent of your own domain name. domain names don’t typically do well in the search engines. About Us What’s a Maverick?

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog


So, my team and I began to plan a course that would go deeper than anything we’ve previously created (or seen elsewhere) – while still keeping it free. 4 factors to consider when choosing a domain name. Start your blog – register your domain name, set-up hosting and install WordPress. Is starting a new blog on your goals list for 2018?

“You Have To Love People”: The Shashi Bellamkonda Interview


domain offer with the right link. It stemmed of a conversation from a office holiday party and then I am amazed at how quickly the team which included several areas of Network Solutions and agencies (CRT-Tanaka and Firebelly) and the community.A Twitter, Trains & Tandoori Chicken.

There's Hearing, Then There's Listening

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We still need to transition domains on June 7, 2011. Best Regards, The Cinch Team What did they do that was so remarkable? First, they let their audience know what they were trying to do, namely simplify the domain name to make it easier for the customer.

Pirate Bay Proxy Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps


Back in 2017, the original Nyaa torrent site named for cat’s meow in Japanese shut down. In the wake of the shutdown, various forks of the site popped up, all using the Nyaa domain name. Do not be fooled by the English-sounding name.

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25 Google Analytics Admin Settings Explained

Razor Social

The Basic settings include your account ID and name. If you want your team members to have access to certain areas of analytics, you’ll send them an email invite from here. This level of access allows your team member to add new users, remove existing users, as well as set permissions.

Rainierland Alternatives


Rainierland was immediately taken over by another team and is still functional today with almost daily updates of the movie database. When it comes to the dark arts of free online movie streaming, few names are as pervasive and resilient as Putlocker.

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The Evolution of SEO in New Zealand

Bill Hartzer

Another SEO strategy worth mentioning is the use of exact match domains or EMDs. These are domains that contain the main keyword phrase of the website. These type of domains are widely used in local SEO, as in

SEO 90

70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog


First a list of sites where you can create a blog online, on another company’s site (even if you use your own domain): (hosted WordPress; in contrast, we will be discussing installing your own WordPress); ; (discussed a bit, above); and.

A Social Media Budget Breakdown for Every Size of Business


Some of these hosting providers include domain names, but if not, that will need to be purchased, too. There are lots of free social media training resources out there, but it’s always worthwhile to invest in training for your team.

More Updates Means More Traffic | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

My conjecture is that small business owners who own their own domain names update their sites more often than those who don’t. About Us What’s a Maverick?

Google Issues Search Engine Optimization Report Card

Bill Hartzer

Google has issued what they are calling an SEO Report Card , an effort to provide Google’s product teams with ideas on how they can improve their products’ pages using simple and accepted optimizations.

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Black Friday Blogging Deals – Believe the Hype!


The ProBlogger Team has curated a Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping list of the best deals from the top suppliers on the products and services you may need. domain name registration up to 97% off none Friday 28 Nov - Monday 2 Dec.

One Site Fits All or Better Having Microsites?


Your brand name is not doing very well and you would like a part of the business to be re-branded and market it separately. Subdomain vs Separate Domain. Generate microsites in a new separate domain, something like

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How I Became the Person Most Mentioned by Digital Marketers on Twitter

Convince & Convert

In the latter rankings, I bested Mr. Fallon, Mr. Happy, and some guy named Barack Obama. I remember bringing to the C&C team my former client Daniel Lemin , an ex-Googler who is a senior strategist here and is a brilliant and amazing guy.

How to Start a Blog in 5 Steps


Secure a domain name and get hosting in place. Keep in mind that WordPress offer two tools: – where they host your blog, look after the back end, and give you access to have it on their own domain. Step 2: Secure a Domain Name and Get Hosting in Place.

A Step by Step Guide to Fixing Any Google Penalty


Our team got in contact with the concerned websites to remove these redundant back links. Fortunately, the team of experts resolved the issue efficiently without any conflict. Our teams of expert professionals who over the years of hard work have examined all the minute details help an organization rank among the top in search engine results without getting penalized. You can detect if you are a part of any link network if you share the same IP address on multiple domains.

Does Your Social Media Agency Need as Real Identity?

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If your new, or revised, brand identity requires a new website then you’ll have the added task of registering the domain name and considering whether you need to protect the corresponding business name too.

The Social Media Monitoring Lighthouse – A Guide on What and How to Monitor

Razor Social

Tag Lines/Campaign names – There may be specific words that you can track that are used quite a lot with the campaign. ” Sentiment analysis has a bad name because it’s never 100% accurate. You can set up multiple alerts for your brand name, keywords etc.

How (and When) to Register a Trademark Without Hiccups


This is a guest contribution from Jeanette Jifkins of Onyx Online Law , The best brand name in the world isn’t worth anything unless it helps you make money. So why would you trade mark your name before you even know if you have a business?

The Pros and Cons of Having Multiple Blogs


That being said, you should definitely grab the domain names and social media accounts as soon as possible.). It will allow you to focus on each one as you build the systems, procedures and perhaps even teams you need to get it running relatively independently.

Search Engine Optimization Guide for Better Business Online


Permanent redirects on multiple domain names. Do you know how many websites are published each day? Any ideas? Well, it is over a million. That means 46 people have pressed ‘publish’ by the time you read these four sentences. This makes it tough to stand out.

What to Expect When Moving WordPress to New Hosting


You can monitor once website and get these monthly reports plus email notifications of when your site has gone down and additional details about outages that you can share with your host’s support team to troubleshoot any problems.

PB126: How to Create a Blogging Will (and Why You Should)


Names and contact emails of people I trust and work with. Team members. General business structure and overview of blogs, eBooks, courses, sister sites, job boards, teams, and income streams. Please include your name and blog name (if you have a blog).

Income Blogging Guide Course Review


He has created several products, including a book on becoming a first class manager , and offers blog setup and maintenance services for as little as $100 (plus domain and hosting costs).

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